Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Matt Kanelos and The Smooth Maria

Στιγμή ίσως για κάτι διαφορετικό. Η προσοχή μου από καιρό έπεσε σε αυτόν τον Ελληνο – Αμερικάνο, ονόματι Ματ Κανέλος. Η μουσική του με άγγιξε εκεί που πρέπει για να τον εκτιμήσω κυρίως ως τραγουδοποιό  αλλά και ερμηνευτή. Ειλικρινά δεν βρίσκω κάτι άλλο να γράψω για αυτόν τον άνθρωπο που προσωπικά, αν και δεν τον ξέρω,  τον ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ για τα συναισθήματα που μου δημιούργησε.

Εδώ μπορείτε να τον γνωρίσετε http://mattkanelos.com/about/ Περισσότερη ακουστική γεύση για τις δύο πρώτες του κυκλοφορίες μπορείτε να πάρετε εδώ http://thesmoothmaria.bandcamp.com/album/silent-show . Μία πεντακάθαρη και ήσυχη φωνή.

Aνέβασα στο youtube το αγαπημένο μου τραγούδι από το Silent Show που λέγετε When you walk it makes no sound αλλά και ένα από το Lp του που κυκλοφόρησε πριν ελάχιστες μέρες (νομίζω στις 2 Απριλίου και δίνει δωρεάν σε όλο το κόσμο), το Where the Seed Grows.

Matt Kanelos

The Greek-American, Matt Kanelos started playing piano when he was seven, studied jazz in high school, went to music conservatory for classical piano, moved to New York to play jazz piano, started singing and writing songs a few years later, picked up the guitar, developed a sense for recording and music production, started gathering found sound and messing around with noise, and then started playing the drums.

He developed his songwriting concept while studying creative writing at the City College of New York. Matt's lyrical stylings and minimalist musical aesthetic bring to mind influences such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Will Oldham, Cat Power, Miles Davis, and Keith Jarrett. Performing regularly in New York, as well as Chicago, Boston, and Seattle, he has collaborated with Noam Weinstein, Rose Polenzani, Jenifer Jackson, Jodi Shaw, Serena Jost, Sam Kenny, Roland Satterwhite, and Jason Liebman as well as members of Califone and Elysian Fields.

In 2007, Matt formed the band The Smooth Maria with Joe Adamik, Ben Gallina, Conor Meehan, and Kyle Sanna. The Smooth Maria have attracted a dedicated audience in New York City with their unique balance of refined musicianship and vivid poetry.

They perform frequently at acclaimed New York music venues like the Living Room, the Rockwood Music Hall, and Barbès. Τheir first full-length CD, “Silent Show,” release 20 September 2010. On October   2010 they released the  EP “Paper Thin”.  The second full-length CD “Love Hello,” released just few days ago.

Matt Kanelos - When You Walk It Makes No Sound (2010)

Waiting with you at the railway station
Moonlight filling the gaps in our conversation
Wondering when the next train comes
Late night on the platform we were the only ones

You said this place has had enough of you
That we should get on the next train and ride the whole night through
You wrote a letter to your lover
Left it on the fireplace for her to discover

And as you told me this I looked at you
And I could see I’d better stay with you
So I’ll stay with you

When you walk it makes no sound
But I traced your footsteps on the ground
Out to a cabin by the trees
You let me in and we shot the breeze

You said you still don’t have your head on straight
That we should get out of here if it’s not too late
You lit a burner on the stove
You left it burning and off we drove

And as I watched you drive I thought to myself
That I should give you what I bought for myself
So I’ll give it to you
Yeah, I’ll give it to you

You stood still in the desert wind
You held a hand out for a friend
And then the sun slipped away
I saw you smile and try to say

That you won’t always need me by your side
That when the night comes there’ll be no need to hide
I knew just what you planned to do
So I took one last look at you

You know your image it still stands on my shelf
You know I always loved you more than myself
Though I couldn’t show it
No, I never knew how to show it
I guess it’s a little too late to show it
When you walk it makes no sound

Matt Kanelos -Where the Seed Grows (2014)

Matt Kanelos - River song 


A foghorn blows
And the kitchen light flickers
It’s like a disease
We pray on our knees

The silver coins
Are ringing in her pockets
When I found you
They were all around you

The river’s dark
There’s a castle at the bottom
The boat is sinking
And I’ve been thinking

That she’s the one
That keeps us in the shadows
Under the gallows
In the shadows

Αυτό θα ήταν ΤΕΡΑΣΤΙΑ παράλειψη αν δεν το έβαζα.Είναι απο το ΕP, "Paper Thin" και θα μου πειτρέψει αν του πω πως αυτή η εκτέλεση είναι ανώτερη από το EP. Μου θύμησε κάτι από Appaloosa....