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Purple Overdose - The Salmon's Trip…Live (Vinyl Box Set Edition) 2001

Ήξερα ότι είχα αφήσει ακόμα μία εκκρεμότητα με τους Purple Overdose, την οποία και πρέπει να εκπληρώσω.
Ο αγαπητός Stefanos Panagiotakis (manager των Purple Overdose ενώ απλά υπενθυμίζω πως έχει και το management των Electric Prunes στην Ελλάδα), τον οποίο δυστυχώς δεν έχω ακόμα συναντήσει ποτέ μου (ελπίζω αρχές Ιουλίου στο μαγαζί του Νίκου Κοντογούρη), σε εκείνο το απίστευτης χαράς δέμα που μου έστειλε πέρυσι, είχε συμπεριλάβει και αυτό.
Μία βυνιλιακή έκδοση του live των Purple Overdose, το οποίο περιλαμβάνει εντελώς διαφορετικά κομμάτια.
Δεν το έχω δει πουθενά στο νετ, συνεπώς η χαρά είναι μεγάλη που το ανεβάζω κατόπιν βέβαια άδειας και έγκρισης. Στέφανε σε ευχαριστώ πολύ.
Εκτιμώ πως θα πρέπει να ακούσουν οι πάντες για να θαυμάσουν αλλά και αν απολαύσουν το μεγαλείο αυτής της μπάντας σε όλη της, τη μεγαλοπρέπεια.

PURPLE OVERDOSE - Live at Rockwave'99

During September the band spent time remixing the recorded material and the album released February 7th on CD and June 7th 2001 on a limited edition vinyl containing different songs from the CD. The title of the album ,''THE SALMON'S TRIP LIVE! ,was an idea of their manager Steven Panagiotakis trying to describe the 13 hard years of the band's history in the rock scene of Greece, identical to the counter-current voyage of salmon trying to fulfill its destiny in life, against all odds…
The band throughout the years deserves an unexpected publicity in Greece and abroad.Many radio stations,especially European and American ones include tracks from the "Salmon's Trip Live" in their playlist.
By the June of 2004 a small but devoted new record company from Salonica,"ON STAGE Records" interested to release a tape with early but unreleased recordings and a demo of "Indigo" which recorded in 1989 with alternates.
Band agreed and on August 12th a brand new quality vinyl album was available.Soon after a new circle of interviews started in magazines, tracks from this album entered the playlists mostly in USA and Europe (as usually). After all these 19 years, PURPLE OVERDOSE, remains an underground band devoted completely to its dream: The evolution of the futuristic and visionary psychedelic music of the 60's.

1. Orange Journey 12:37
2. (It’s a) Fortune Teller (unplugged) 11:52
3. Fading Sound Of Lost Thoughts 13.33
4. Golden Eyes 8:36
5. Chase The Color 13:55
6. Rooby Go Round 10:39
7. Solemn Visions 14:24

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Chocolate Watchband

Είναι προφανές ότι όφειλα σε αυτό το blog να συμπεριλάβω και τους Chocolate Watchband. Δεν γίνεται εξάλλου με τέτοια θεματογραφία που ανεβάζω να λείπουν αυτοί. Είναι απόλυτα βέβαιο ότι οι λάτρεις της μουσικής που ακούμε τους έχουν σε υψηλή θέση στην προτίμησή τους.
Υπάρχει πλέον πρόσβαση σε χιλιάδες πληροφορίες για το γκρουπ οπότε είναι μάταιο να αναφέρω τίποτα παραπέρα από τις πληροφορίες του κλασικού βιβλίου.
Η επαφή μου με τους Chocolate Watchband έγινε πολύ παλιά, την περίοδο δηλαδή της εφηβείας στο σχολείο, τότε που την είχα ψωνίσει άγρια με τους Rolling Stones (ακόμα την έχω), οπότε σε κάποια εκπομπή είχα ακούσει για ένα γκρουπ που έπαιζε μερικά κομμάτια σαν τους Stones.
Τα υπόλοιπα όπως ήταν φυσικό ήρθαν μόνα τους λίγα χρόνια αργότερα.
DANNY PHAY vcls (AB) gtr (GH) A B G H

ALBUMS:(up to 1972)
1(C) NO WAY OUT (Tower 5096) Sept. 1967
2(D) THE INNER MYSTIQUE (Tower 5106) Feb. 1968
3(E) ONE STEP BEYOND (Tower 5153) 1969
4 GET AWAY (Orchard 3716) 2000
5 AT THE LOVE-IN LIVE! (Roir 8272) 2001

NB: (1) reissued on CD (Sundazed SC 6023) 1994 with three bonus tracks: In The Midnight Hour (previously unreleased), Psychedelic Trip (previously unreleased) and Milk Cow Blues. (2) reissued on CD (Sundazed SC 6024) 1994 with the 45 version of She Weaves A Tender Trap as a bonus cut. (3) reissued on CD (Sundazed SC 6025) 1994 with two bonus tracks from the "Riot On Sunset Strip" soundtrack: Don't Need Your Lovin' and Sitting There Standing. (1) has also been reissued as No Way Out..., Plus (Big Beat/Ace CDWIKD 118) 1993, which includes eight bonus tracks (including 45 cuts like She Weaves A Tender Trap and Sweet Young Thing, an alternate take of Misty Lane and two tracks by line-up 'B' Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying and Since You Broke My Heart). (1) and (2) have also been reissued on one CD by Eva (with inferior sound quality) and (1) and (2) have also been reissued on vinyl, with one additional track in the case of (1). There have also been a number of compilations, including Forty Four (Big Beat) 198? which includes all of the material, which the band actually played on; The Best Of The Chocolate Watch Band (Rhino) 198?; and Are You Gonna Be There? (Eva 12048) 198?.

1 Sweet Young Thing/Come On/I'm Aware/Milk Cow Blues (Eva 2004) 198?
2 SITTING THERE STANDING (Sundazed SEP 109) 1996
NB: (1) is a bootleg. (2) Contains Sitting There Standing, 'Till The End Of The Day, Sweet Young Thing and Are You Gonna Be There. 'Till The End Of The Day and Are You Gonna Be There are previously unreleased instrumental backing tracks.

1 Sweet Young Thing/Baby Blue (Uptown 740) Dec. 1966
2 Blues Theme/Loose Lip Sync Ship (HBR 511) Dec. 1966
3 Misty Lane/She Weaves A Tender Trap (Uptown 749) Feb. 1967
4 Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In)/No Way Out (Tower 373) 1967
NB: (2) as The Hogs. In the late eighties, the bootleg label Eva also issued a promo 45, Let's Talk About Girls/In The Past (EVA JBR 4) 198?

This San Jose band formed in the Summer of 1965 at Foothills College in Los Altos and were discovered late the following year by Ed Cobb. Their original line-up included Pete Curry on drums, who went on to become guitarist / songwriter with The Halibuts. His time in the band was severely limited however, and after their first gig was replaced by Gary Andrijasevich. Although nothing was released by the first couple of line-ups (*), they were reputedly on par with the "classic" The Chocolate Watchband, with Dan Phay being a particularly charismatic front-man.
The band were also friends with another act called The Topsiders who for a short while included Skip Spence, prior to his joining Jefferson Airplane. In 1965, both bands underwent a number of changes, with Phay, Torney and Kemling all leaving to join The Topsiders (who then became The Other Side), whilst Sean Tolby, moved from The Topsiders to The Chocolate Watchband. Indeed Mark Loomis (ex-Shandels) also had a brief spell with The Other Side after Rich Young was drafted, before he decided to reform the 'Watchband with Gary Andrijasevich and Jo Kemling. The latter opted to stay with The Other Side however, and bassist, Bill Flores (ex-Shandels) and, a vocalist, biology student Dave Aguilar, were drafted in to complete The Chocolate Watch Band's new line-up. Heavily influenced by British R&B outfits like The Stones and The Yardbirds, the band gigged regularly around the Bay Area supporting bands like The Doors, Big Brother and The Holding Co. and The Mothers of Invention.
They were signed to Tower and recorded a debut single in 1966. The 'A' side, written by Cobb, was a fine Stones' influenced number, but with an uniquely Californian interpretation. Inexplicably, Tower issued the single on its black R&B subsidiary label, Uptown, which did not, as a white group on this label, attract the airplay it deserved.
On Cobbs insistence, The Chocolate Watch Band returned to the studio to record a cover version of Blues Theme, originally performed by Davie Allan and the Arrows, on the soundtrack to The Wild Angels. However, Tower were not convinced of its commerciality, and Cobb leased the finished master to Hanna-Barbera records. It was released, under the pseudonym, The Hogs, as HBR 511, with Loose Lip Sync Ship, which culminates into a strange psychedelic piece of dementia, on the flip side. It was quite successful locally and Davie Allan's version of Blues Theme became a Top 40 hit.
The 'A' side of their next single Misty Lane was more commercial and not as powerful as Sweet Young Thing. The flip was an uncharacteristically reflective, quieter number with a stringed and woodwind section.
1967 saw the band record two tracks Don't Need Your Lovin' and Sitting Here Standing, on the soundtrack to Riot On Sunset Strip. September 1967 saw the release of their debut album No Way Out. Essentially a collection of psychedelic punk, containing the impressive Let's Talk About Girls, punk versions of Come On and In The Midnight Hour as well as drug-influenced songs like Expo 2000, The Dark Side Of The Mushroom, Gossamer Wings and the title track. Many of the songs have an Eastern influence. It has later been revealed that the band did not play on the spacier tracks on this album, for which Cobb used session musicians. It is now known, too, that arranger Don Bennett and not Dave Aguilar sang the vocals on Let's Talk About Girls. However, the full band did play on Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In)/No Way Out their next single lifted from the album. Aguilar's explanation for the mixed-up nature of the studio recordings is that the band considered themselves primarily live performers who "loved to challenge big-name groups and blow 'em off the stage. That's where we got our excitement and our kicks". The studio stuff was considered a mere sidelight which they left mainly in Cobb's hands.
The Eastern influence was developed further on their excellent second album, The Inner Mystique, which appeared in February 1968 and was actually comprised of outtakes from the first album plus new recordings that didn't feature the band. Aguilar, Loomis and Andrijasevich had all quit before the release of the first album leaving Flores and Tolby to fill their spaces with other musicians from the San Francisco Bay Blues Band. The band did not appear at all on the 'A' side, which was the work of Ed Cobb's session musicians. There was a mystical/Eastern element to instrumentals Voyage Of The Trieste and Inner Mystique, (both written by Cobb) and in their cover version of We The People's In The Past. The band itself did play on Side Two, which included a remix of Dylan's Baby Blue taken from their first single, an excellent version of Ray Davies' I'm Not Like Everybody Else and The Brogues' I Ain't No Miracle Worker. Flores and Tolby also quit in late '67, prior to the albums release, although this was because of the problems in maintaining a stable line-up rather than any frustration with Cobb's influence over the bands recordings.
With no band to promote the release, a year passed before Ed Cobb persuaded some members to reform the band and have another go. Guitarist Danny Phay (from The Other Side) came back in as a replacement for Dave Aguilar, who decided not to get involved again. The band wrote all the material for the resultant One Step Beyond album, but aside from I Don't Need No Doctor, it's comparatively disappointing. They split again after this album was released in 1969 and an attempted reformation in 1970 lasted just one month.
Also of note was a short lived act known as The Tingle Guild, who included Mark Lomis, Dan Phay, Gary Andrijasevich plus his cousin Chris Ramey. Original drummer, Pete Curry, also returned to the fold for a while, but presumably the band fizzled out...
Dave Aguilar was reported, in 1983, to be Professor of Astronomy at Colorado University and he then moved into doing research for the aerospace industry. Rich Young now gigs in the bay area with Jerry Miller of Moby Grape fame. Sean Tolby is now dead.
Later revelations that the band did not play on some of their album tracks perhaps diminish a little of their reputation, but they remain one of the most interesting West Coast bands and they made some fine music.
In 1999, the band reformed for a gig at the 3-day "66-99" event in San Diego on 12th June and later at the New York 'Cavestomp '99!' on Nov 5-7th alongside The Standells, Monks et al.
Compilation appearances has included: Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)? on Sundazed Sampler, Vol. 2 (CD), Excerpts From Nuggets (CD), Nuggets, Vol. 2 (LP); Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)? and Sweet Young Thing on More Nuggets (CD); Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In), Let's Talk About Girls, Sweet Young Thing on Nuggets Box (4-CD); Let's Talk About Girls on Nuggets - Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 (Dble LP), Nuggets (CD); Sweet Young Thing on Pebbles, Vol. 7 (LP), Nuggets, Vol. 6 (LP); No Way Out on Psychedelic Perceptions (CD); Don't Need Your Lovin' and Sitting There Standing on Riot On Sunset Strip (LP); and Don't Need Your Lovin' on Garage Music For Psych Heads.
For more information on the band, check their website:
(Vernon Joynson / Chuck Kemling / Stephane Rebeschini / Alec Palao / Lloyd Peasley)

Chocolate Watchband - No Way Out (1967)

Το πρώτο δείγμα γραφής αυτής της εξαιρετικής από κάθε άποψη μπάντας. Εξαιρετικός δίσκος στον οποίο τολμώ να πω καθώς έτσι πιστεύω, πως οι Rolling Stones έχουν αφήσει τα σημάδια τους κυρίως στα φωνητικά. Δείγμα του ισχυρισμού που αναφέρω μπορεί να διακρίνει κάποιος στο καταπληκτικό Gone And Passes By αλλά και στο No Way Out. Τουλάχιστον εγώ όταν ήμουν πιτσιρικάς και άκουσα το κομμάτι χωρίς να ξέρω ποιοι είναι έβαζα στοίχημα ότι τραγουδάει ο Jagger. Προς Θεού δεν λέω ότι έχουμε να κάνουμε με ένα copy group, αλλά ότι υπάρχουν επηρεασμοί το θεωρώ δεδομένο.
Βέβαια σε αυτό το δίσκο βλέπουμε και άλλα πράγματα όπως π.χ. το Expo 2000 η αυτό το ανεπανάληπτο (για μένα μέσα στα τρία καλύτερα κομμάτια τους) Gossamer Wings, το οποίο φυσικά ακούγεται κάθε Δευτέρα.
Έχουμε επίσης το κλασικό κομμάτι "In the Midnight Hour" του Wilson Pickett, το "Come On" του Chuck Berry το οποίο βεβαίως είπαν και οι Stones.

1. Let's Talk About Girls 2:43
2. In the Midnight Hour 4:26
3. Come On 1:48
4. Dark Side of the Mushroom 2:37
5. Hot Dusty Roads 2:23
6. Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In) 2:23
7. Gone a Passes By 3:12
8. No Way Out 2:21
9. Expo 2000 2:39
10. Gossamer Wings 3:29

Chocolate Watchband – The Ineer Mystique (1968)

Βάζεις το δίσκο στο πικ απ και η βελόνα δεν πάει στο παρακάτω κομμάτι με τίποτα. Δεν πάει κατά πρώτον διότι δεν χορταίνεις να ακούς αυτό το «Ταξίδι» και κατά δεύτερον διότι φοβάσαι πως ο δίσκος δεν θα έχει κάτι αντίστοιχο παρακάτω. Πάς όμως και ξαναγυρίζεις στο «Παρελθόν»….but that’s no reason, to go and living in the past.

1 Voyage of the Trieste
2 In the Past
3 Inner Mystique
4 I'm Not Like Everybody Else
5 Medication
6 Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
7 It's All Over Now Baby Blue
8 I Ain't No Miracle Worker
Bonus Tracks
9 Don’t Need Your Lovin’
10 Sitting There Standing

Chocolate Watchband - Οne Step Beyond (1969)

Εδώ η κατάσταση αλλάζει άρδην. Διαφορετικός ήχος και γενικά μάλλον ένα άλλο συγκρότημα σε διαφορετικούς δρόμους από αυτούς που μας συνήθισε στα προηγούμενα Lp’s

1. Uncle Morris
2. How Ya Been
3. Devil's Motorcycle
4. I Don't Need No Doctor
5. Flowers
6. Fireface
7. And She's Lonely
8. Don't Need Your Lovin' [+]
9. Sitting There Standing [+]
10. Blues' Theme [*]
11. Loose Lip Sync Ship [*]

+ from the ‘Riot on Sunset Strip’ soundtrack
* originally released as The Hogs, HRB single #511

Chocolate Watchband – Forty Four (1984)

Εδώ έχουμε την ανθολογία των Chocolate Watchband που κυκλοφόρησε το 1984 από την Big Beat (Wika 25) με διπλό εξώφυλλο και χρησιμότατες πληροφορίες για το γκρουπ. Η συλλογή των σινγκλς που έβγαλαν περιλαμβάνει και αυτό υπό το όνομα Hogs που μνημονεύω παρακάτω.

Βάζω τους στίχους σε ένα από τα αγαπημένα κομμάτια των CWB.

Misty Lane, lyrics

Down, Down, Misty Lane
Willow weep in the summer rain
Down, Down, Misty Lane
I wish that we were there again

The gentle grass that rests beneath us
As we lay where no one saw us
On and on our lips together
Each one hoping that the other felt the same

Though now you're gone and summer's passed
The echoes of our love will last
Seasons change and time erases
Other people, other places, you remain

Our days were days of love and laughter
Keeping joyful memories after
You had gone and laughed no longer
Love was strong but time was stronger, so it seems

The secret places that we discovered
Now when winter's rains have covered
Still I find my heart will free you
As I lay to sleep I see you in my dreams

They'll come a day when dreams come true
And I will be embracing you
The love that time has torn apart
Will stay alive inside my heart

1. Don't Need Your Lovin'
2. No Way Out
3. It's All over Now, Baby Blue
4. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
5. Misty Lane
6. Loose Lip Sync Ship
7. Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)
8. Gone and Passes By
9. Sitting There Standing
10. She Weaves a Tender Trap
11. Sweet Young Thing
12. I Ain't No Miracle Worker
13. Blues' Theme

Chocolate Watchband – Are You Gonna Be There (1982)

Περιλαμβάνω και την φωτό από ένα δίσκο της EVA (12048) κυκλοφορίας του 1982 που έχω και δεν βλέπω στο νετ.
Πρόκειται για μία εξαιρετική συλλογή την οποία όμως δεν κρίνω σκόπιμο να ανεβάσω γιατί περιλαμβάνει κομμάτια από τους άλλους δίσκους.
Label: EVA 12048. All songs are in the above Lp,s

A1 Are You Gonna Be There 2:21
A2 It's All Over Now Baby Blue 3:10
A3 Hot Dusty Road 2:23
A4 Fire Face 2:52
A5 Voyage of the Trieste 3:37
A6 How Ya been 3:12
A7 No Way Out 2:21
A8 I'm Not Like Everybody Else 3:39
B1 Come On 1:46
B2 In the Past 2:57
B3 Gossamer Wings 3:20
B4 I Don't Need No Doctor 4:03
B5 Expo 2000 2:34
B6 Devil's Motorcycle 3:00
B7 Inner Mystique 5:32

Chocolate Watchband - At The Love-In Live (2001)

Ως γνωστόν δίνουν και πάλι συναυλίες αποσπάσματα των οποίων μπορείτε να δείτε στο youtube.

1. Blues Theme
2. Gone And Passes By
3. Don't Need Your Lovin'
4. Are You Gonna' Be There?
5. It's All Over Now Baby Blue
6. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
7. Sittin' There Standin'
8. She Weaves A Tender Trap
9. Misty Lane
10. Sweet Young Thing
11. Let's Talk About Girls
12. I Just Want To Make Love To You
13. I'm Movin' On
14. An Inspiration Message

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The Wind In The Willows - The Wind In The Willows (1968)

Το ξεχωριστό, ας πούμε με αυτό το δίσκο είναι ότι εδώ έχουμε την πρώτη συμμετοχή στην δισκογραφία, της γνωστής μας από τους Blondie, Deborah Harry. Η πραγματικά πανεμορφη φωτογραφία που έβαλα είναι έργο του αξεπέραστου Andy Warhol.

IDA ANDREWS flute, vcls A
WAYNE KIRBY vcls, bs, keyb'ds A
PAUL KLEIN gtr, vcls A

1(A) THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (Capitol SKAO-2956) 1968 195
NB: (1) reissued on CD by Dropout.

1 Moments Spent/Uptown Girl (Capitol 2274) 1968

This New York group is most notable for the inclusion of Debbie Harry, who was later in Blondie. A dreamy album, it has its moments.
Aside from two cover versions of Don Everly and Roger Miller songs, the album's hippie flower-pop songs were written by the band members.
The outstanding track being the hypnotic narration/chant There Is But One Truth, Daddy, which has a musical backing slightly reminiscent of Pink Floyd.
The band took their name from the children's book by Kenneth Graham.

The album was produced was Artie Kornfeld, who contributed to the Woodstock '69 Festival. He also produced another interesting album, A Time To Remember!,
which was credited to The Artie Kornfeld Tree.

01 Moments Spent 2:58
02 Uptown Girl 2:58
03 So Sad 3:15
04 My Uncle Used to Love Me But She Died 2:18
05 There Is But One Truth, Daddy 8:20
06 The Friendly Lion 3:20
07 Park Avenue Blues 2:39
08 Djini Judy 2:41
09 Little People 4:06
10 She's Fantastic and She's Yours 3:44
11 Wheel of Changes 4:05

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Iraklis and Lernaia Hydra - Se Allous Kosmous (1981)

Αυτό μάλλον δεν το είχα ανεβασει την προηγούμενη φορά

Iraklis and Lernaia Hydra - Paizeis Me Tis Mixanes (1981)

Iraklis and Lernaia Hydra - I Stigmi (1984)

Πριν απο καιρό ένας φίλος του blog ζήτησε να ανεβασω ξανα τους δισκους του Ηρακλη Τριανταφυλλίδη. Δεν τον ξεχασα και μόλις βρήκα λίγο χρόνο τα ανέβασα ξανά.

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Sir Winston and The Commons - Not The Spirit Of India/One Last Chance (1966)


1 SIR WINSTON AND THE COMMONS (PS) (Sundazed SEP 144) 1999


1 Come Back Again/We're Gonna Love (Soma 1454) 1965
2 Not The Spirit Of India/One Last Chance (Nauseating Butterfly 2207) 1966

This Indianapolis band developed a large local following - indeed they once opened for The Byrds at the Indianapolis Coliseum in July 1966. Their stage shows were wild! We're Gonna Love is a real grungy garage number with lots of fuzz. One Last Chance is a slow melodic folk-rock ballad, whilst Not The Spirit Of India is an Eastern-style piece of psychedelia.
The band had evolved out of an outfit called The Pickups back in 1963 and Ron Matelic and John Medvescek later went on to Anonymous.
Compilation coverage has included: We're Gonna Love on Back From The Grave, Vol. 3 (LP), Back From The Grave, Vol. 2 (CD), The Big Hits Of Mid-America (Dble CD) and Soma Records Story, Vol. 1 (LP); One Last Chance on Hoosier Hotshots (LP); Not The Spirit Of India on Sixties Rebellion, Vol. 15 (LP & CD); and Come Back Again on Soma Records Story, Vol. 2 (LP). The Sundazed EP couples their two 45s with notes from Jud Cost and quotes from Ron Matelic.
(Max Waller / Vernon Joynson)

1. Not The Spirit Of India
2. One Last Chance

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Cherry Smash - Singles (1967-1969)

Και πάμε στους ας μου επιτραπεί να πω original. Αν το προηγούμενο γκρουπάκι, εννοώ τους Whazoos, μου έμοιαζε για Βρετανικό αυτό εδώ είναι και με τη βούλα. Τους Cherry Smash τους άκουσα για πρώτη φορά στο ίσως κλασικό Green Plant. Το ψάξιμο έβγαλε στην επιφάνεια τα «άπαντα» του γκρουπ. Μου αρέσει ιδιαίτερα η εκτέλεση για το φιλμ των Manfred Mann αν και μικρότερη σε διάρκεια.


1 Sing Songs Of Love/Movie Star (Track 604 017) 1967
2 Goodtime Sunshine/Little Old Country Home Town (Decca F 12838) 1968
3 Fade Away Maureen/Green Plant (Decca F 12884) 1969

Formed in Gosport, Hampshire, Cherry Smash are best remembered for Sing Songs Of Love, which was written by Mike Hugg (who was Sebastian's brother) and Mick Gill. The pretty slushy pop song was taken to a wider audience by virtue of its inclusion on Manfred Mann's 'Up The Junction' soundtrack and later on Track's Backtrack, 2 compilation. Gill left after this and wasn't replaced. The follow-up, Goodtime Sunshine, was a Mike Hugg composition as was their final effort, Fade Away Maureen. This had commercial potential with quite a memorable guitar riff but sounds distinctly wimpy now. The flip side, a song about an office plant, is for me their best composition but they aren't essential listening.
Compilation appearances have included:- Fade Away Maureen on Rubble, Vol. 11 - Adventures In The Mist (LP), Rubble, Vol. 6 (CD), British Psychedelic Trip, Vol. 4 (LP), Broken Dreams, Vol. 5 (LP) and Great British Psychedelic Trip, Vol. 2 (CD); Green Plant on British Psychedelic Trip, Vol. 3 (LP).

01. Sing Songs Of Love
02. Movie Star
03. Goodtime Sunshine
04. Little Old Country Home
05. Fade Away Maureen
06. Green Plant
07. Sing Songs Of Love (film)
08. Fade Away Maureen (st)

Cherry Smash – Burn Me Out

Σκαλίζοντας και ψάχνωντας πληροφορίες για τους Cherry Smash έπεσα σε αυτό το γκρουπ το οποίο διατείνεται ότι παίζει Garage / Psychedelic / R&B επηρεασμένο από τους παλαιότερους. Δίσκος τους αν κατάλαβα καλά δεν υπάρχει. Υπάρχει όμως αυτό το βιντεάκι, (Burn Me Out , Live at the Empress of India, July 2007) στο οποίο παίζουν ένα κομμάτι που μου άρεσε. Τα παιδιά είναι άσημα και ίσως κάποτε που τα τωρινά παιδιά γεράσουν και μπλογκάρουν και αυτοί, θα ξεθάβουν τους «παλιούς». Μου φάνηκαν αγνοί με κίνητρο μόνο τη μουσική. Είναι Αυστραλοί από την Βικτόρια. Ακούστε, δείτε και μάλλον θα συμφωνήσετε.
Περισσότερα εδώ

About Cherry Smash (from their own myspace)
Well time rolls on and the noise keeps happening.....Look out for a new site for The Cherry Swamp featuring members of the leftovers of an obscure mess of The Shindiggers, Gas Babies, LSD to name a few. Look forward to their scorching sounds of own original froopy material. Rock Opera in the wings "Get That Finger Outta Your Brain Cosmonaut." Steve "The Doc" Agar, Jeff "The Shadow of Bighton" and Rod the Boss have now decided to get together and arm themselves with some ripsnorter ditties and hit the scene blazing a trail with their fuzzed/distortion/feedback/flipped-out wall of noise like you wanna bend your mind. Catch them now.......

Member Since 8/7/2007
Band Members
Steve Agar - Vocals/Bass,
Jeff - 'The Butcher of Brighton" Guitars/Warped noises,
Rod "The Boss" McMurrich - Drums/Bagpipes.
Colin Rivenall - Guitars 2000- 2007

Influences: Pretty Things, Yardbirds, Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Creation, The Who, Beatles, Nuggets, Pebbles, Rhino Records, Captain Beefheart, Dr Who, Thunderbirds, Mini Minors, Link Wray and a host of others.....

Whazoos - Inside Of Me (1967)

Άκουσα πριν καιρό αυτό το κομμάτι μου άρεσε και άρχισα να ψάχνω διότι και το όνομα ήταν κάπως περίεργο. Δυστυχώς όμως πληροφορίες δεν υπάρχουν. Ο ήχος του κομματιού με έστελνε προς Βρετανία μεριά, με έκπληξη όμως είδα ότι το γκρουπ ήταν εξ Αμερικής. Εκτιμώ ότι είναι ένα διαμαντάκι του παρελθόντος με εξαιρετική κιθάρα που μάλλον πέρασε απαρατήρητο.
Στο κλασικό βιβλίο Fuzz Acid and Flowers τόλμησα να κάνω μία συμπλήρωση που αφορά τα μέλη του γκρουπ που βρήκα μετά κόπων και βασάνων. Με τη σειρά που έγραψα τα ονόματα είναι και τα μέλη στη φωτο από αριστερά προς δεξιά.

Personnel incl:

1 Inside Of Me / The Rain Came (PS) (National N 611/2) 1967

A quintet from Wilkes-Barre, Pa.. They included bassist Bob Gryziec from Thee Avantis, who released one 45 in 1966 - I Want To Understand / Nancy (SAMRON 103). He also spent time with pop outfit The Buoys. The Whazoos evolved into Great Bear. For more details on these and other cool Pa. sixties bands, look no further than Mike Kuzmin's book 'Sounds From The Woods'.
Inside Of Me is featured on Psychedelic Crown Jewels Vol. 3 (CD) - a stately and subdued opus, with piano and mannered vocals, it warrants repeated plays for full appreciation of some fine fuzz-work.
(Max Waller/Mike Kuzmin)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gandalf – Gandalf (1968)

Προφανέστατα τον δίσκο έχουν άπαντες για τον απλό λόγο ότι τέτοια διαμάντια δεν ξεφεύγουν από την προσοχή των μουσικόφιλων. Ο δίσκος υπάρχει επίσης στο νετ σε πληθώρα από μπλογκς για αυτό και δεν τον ανέβαζα. Όμως ο καλός φίλος KvD μου έδωσε το ερέθισμα για να ανεβάσω ουσιαστικά τις φωτογραφίες από το βινύλιο πόστερ που κυκλοφόρησε από την radioactive. Βέβαια η αγάπη για τον δίσκο, όπως βλέπετε μου στοίχησε κάτι ακριβότερα καθώς τον προμηθεύτηκα σε κάθε μορφή του. Οι «ψωνάρες» σαν τη παρτη μου είναι καμία φορά υπερβολικοί δεν νομίζετε? Ενοχλούμε κανένα όμως?
Χαίρομαι πάντως που υπάρχουν παιδιά που ακούν και ψάχνονται και απευθύνομαι σε σένα KvD. Εσείς ευτυχώς είστε τυχεροί διότι τώρα βρίσκεται τα πάντα…εμείς ήμασταν οι καντέμηδες που γεράσαμε κιόλας.
Όσο για το δισκάκι των Wizards From Kansas, θα σου ανεβάσω την φωτό ξεχωριστά μαζί με το αρχείο σε λίγες μέρες.


1(A) GANDALF (Capitol ST 121) 1968
NB: (1) has been counterfeited at least twice on vinyl as well as being reissued officially on CD (See For Miles SEE CD 326) in 1991. More recently it has been reissued by Sundazed on CD with new photos and liner notes by Mike Stax.

1 Golden Earrings/Never Too Far (Capitol P-2400) 1968

The above-mentioned album is excellent, but unfortunately originals are rare. The opening cut Golden Earrings (a 1948 hit for Bing Crosby!) is a beautiful relaxing number which culminates in a spacey climax. The album also contains sensitive covers of Tim Hardin compositions including Hang On To A Dream, a lovely version of Nature Boy and some strange instrumentation in Can You Travel In The Dark Alone, which is easily the best of Peter Sando's two originals on the album. There's also an ethereal and delicate cover of Harry Belafonte's 1957 recording Scarlet Ribbons. The album is a superb piece of laid back pop psychedelia with some progressive influences as one might expect given the year of its release. It was produced by Koppelman and Rubin, who are best known for their production work for The Lovin' Spoonful and The Sopwith Camel.
Until recently next to nothing was known about the group apart from their line-up, but as the Gandalf album was originally issued on the "Rainbow" Capitol label, this dates it as 1968 because Capitol didn't switch to the "Light Green" label until 1969.
In fact Pete Sando tells us that Gandalf had their roots in Thunderbirds, an outfit formed by Bob Muller, which were based in Greenwood Lake, New York. They soon transformed into The Rahgoos and went on to play the bar circuit in Greenwood Lake, N.Y., the Jersey Shore, and various New York City clubs and coffee houses, such as The Phone Booth, Murray The K's World, Electric Circus and legendary Night Owl Cafe, in Greenwich Village.
They met songwriters Gary Bonner and Alan Gordon (of Magicians fame), one night at The Night Owl, who in turn introduced them to Koppelman and Rubin. Suitably impressed by The Rahgoos, and their rather unique approach, they arranged for the Columbia deal, under the new moniker Gandalf and ushered them in to Brooks Aurthur's Century Sound studios in New York.
Shortly after the album's release Gandalf guitarist Pete Sando sang on The Barracuda 45 The Dance At St. Francis, which was written and produced by Gary Bonner/Alan Gordon and charted, when it was originally released in 1969.
In the seventies and eighties, Sando played with various New York and L.A. bands, recording an unreleased album in 1981 entitled Sandcastles. He's recently finished a new singer-songwriter CD, Creatures Of Habit and co-written three tunes for a movie called "Time Served".
A CD of rare and unreleased Gandalf material is currently being thought about.....
Compilation appearances have included: Golden Earrings on Psychedelic Frequencies (CD); and Can You Travel In The Dark Alone on Rock A Delics (LP).
For more information, check Pete Sando's website:
The See For Miles' Gandalf reissue on CD is highly recommended to fans of U.S. psych.

1. Golden Earrings
2. Hang On To A Dream
3. Never Too Far
4. Scarlet Ribbons
5. You Upset The Grace Of Living
6. Can You Travel In The Dark Alone
7. Nature Boy
8. Tiffany Rings
9. Me About You
10. I Watch The Moon

Gandalf – Gandalf II

Η Sundazed to 2007 έκανε την έκπληξη εμφανίζοντας μία σειρά ηχογραφήσεων των Gandalf μεταξύ 1968-71. Όσοι δεν έτυχε να το ακούσουν ας κάνουν τον κόπο, αν και θα το έχουν καθώς είναι δημοφιλές στο νετ. Το ανέβασα λόγω του πρώτου τους δίσκου ώστε να τους έχουμε ολοκληρωμένα τα "άπαντα" των Gandalf.

1. Bird in the Hand
2. Days Are Only Here and Gone
3. Smokey Topaz
4. Ladyfingers
5. No Earth Can Be Won
6. Bad Dream
7. I Won't Cry No More
8. The Dance at St. Francis
9. Julie (The Song I Sing Is You)
10. Over This Table
11. Golden Earrings
12. Tears of Ages
13. Downbound Train