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ESB - Mushroom People/Let Me Touch You (1967)

Και τέλος για απόψε.

1 Mushroom People/Let Me Touch You (In Arts IA 102) 1967

The above fivesome are credited on both sides of this 45, so it seems fair to assume they comprised the band. The 'A' side is weird and strangely fragmented and has surfaced on An Overdose Of Heavy Psych (CD) and High All The Time, Vol. 2 (LP). Let Me Touch You is a stately Eastern-infused psychedelic ballad. In Arts was a Californian label.
Burke, Lagana and Fortunato went on to form Fields, a late sixties power-trio with slightly less chemical influences. Fields were Los Angeles based.
Richard Fortunato had earlier made some recordings with post-Vejtables personnel in 1966 and was also with The Preachers of Who Do You Love fame.
It appears that ESB was formerly W.C. Fields Electric String Band which latterly included George Caldwell of The Bees.
(Max Waller)

1. Mushroom People
2. Let Me Touch You

The Dark Horsemen - You Lied/Girl, Stand By Me (1966)

Και ένα τελευταίο και άντε να δούμε πως θα ξυπνήσουμε για σχολείο. Αξίζει να ακούσετε και αυτούς. Μόνο αυτό έβγαλαν. Και τα δυο κομματια νομίζω ότι τα έχω δει στην συλλογή Psychedelic States – Florida in the 60’s.

The Dark Horsemen truly started in the garage, and the living room, D.W. Roof opened 'The Stable' south of L.C. where they played on weekends when they weren't on the road. When they were on the road 'The Allman Joys' and a few other bands from Fl. and Ga. would fill in. Dave continued with the band while attending F.S.U., I for one believe they may have influencent Jim Morrison, since he was also attending F.S.U during this period.
Sadly this was the only record for them. Mack Lane was killed in a tragic auto accident. Mack Bently died of hepititis from a blood tranfusion, Tom joined the Navy in 1968 during the Vietnam War, played some back up while living near Atlanta in the 70's and 80's, Dave played with The Jades, Seth, and Let's Honk. Dave Roof and Tom Roof now reside in Boiling Springs N.C.
Writen and sang by Mack Lane, Mack Bently (guitar), Tom Roof (keyboards), Dave Roof (drummer and founder) from their 1966 record, flipside 'Girl Stand by Me'; From Lake City, Florida

1. You Lied
2. Girl, Stand By Me

The Crabs - Chase Yourself/Bye Bye My Little Girl (1967)

Αντε άλλο ένα γκρουπακι πριν παμε για ύπνο. Αυτό το πολύ συμπαθητικό 45αρι έβγαλαν τα παλικάρια, με το Chase Yourself να είναι διαχρονικό. Εκείνο που δεν νομίζω ότι κυκλοφορεί σε συλλογές είναι το Bye Bye My Little Girl που κάποιοι ίσως θέλουν να ακούσουν.

ROBBIE LEFF rhythm gtr, vcls A

1 Chase Yourself/Bye Bye My Little Girl (Universal 30495) 1967

Formed in 1966 by childhood friends Alec Smith and Robbie Leff, The Crabs were managed by prominent Houston agent and big-band leader, Buddy Brock, who produced their only record, Chase Yourself b/w Bye Bye My Little Girl on Brock's own Universal label. Both songs were written by Leff.
Chase Yourself met with no success on Houston radio (many thought that the 'B' side should've been the A-side) but it did chart in Beaumont, Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana where The Crabs also made their one and only TV appearance on a local morning show. There they lip-synched their single and promoted that night's appearance at the opening of a Lake Charles nightclub, The Cave. One embarrassing moment of the live TV show: Someone in the booth mistakenly played the opening 20 seconds of the 45 at 33rpm... no doubt the longest 20 seconds in the brief career of The Crabs.
Typical songs from the group's set list included those of the Yardbirds, The Beatles, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Johnny Rivers, Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs, Paul Revere and The Raiders, Wilson Pickett and Roy Head and The Traits.
After playing steadily for almost two years the group broke up when drummer Smith went off to college in El Paso and Leff moved to Los Angeles to pursue songwriting. Although Leff's music never enjoyed great success, his songs were recorded by a diverse group of artists including Nancy Sinatra, Johnny Winter and Alice Cooper.
Leff moved back to Houston in 1982 where he currently performs in the sixties music duet, Speedy Mancini with singer/drummer Dale Marks. Alec Smith is married with two grown children and is in the insurance business. Jerry DeJong was last heard of teaching guitar and Ed Rudnick's whereabouts are currently unknown.
Compilation appearances include: Chase Yourself on Highs In The Mid Sixties, Vol. 12 (LP) and Acid Visions - The Complete Collection Vol. 1 (3-CD).
1. Chase Yourself
2. Bye Bye My Little Girl

The Assortment - First I Look At The Purse/Bless Our Hippy Home (1967)

Αξίζει να θυμηθούμε και αυτό το άγνωστο γκρουπ που έβγαλε ένα μόνο σιγκλακι με ένα πολύ καλό κομμάτι. Το Bless Our Hippy Home. Και εδώ νομίζω ότι αυτό που γενικά δεν υπάρχει είναι το First I Look At The Purse. Κυκλοφορεί πάντως μία συλλογή (διπλό cd) το Sream Loud!!! – The Fenton Story που περιέχει και τα δύο. Δυστυχώς κάποια φωτό ή κάτι άλλο δεν μπόρεσα να βρω.

1 First I Look At The Purse/Bless Our Hippy Home (Sound Spot 2224) 1967

This lot hailed from the Lansing area, around Central Southern Michigan. The 'A' side is a pretty good cover of a Contours song, the flip's rather an unusual Farfisa-laden song with classic lyrics and effective folk-punk vocals. It's resurfaced on Highs In The Mid Sixties, Vol. 19 (LP).

1. First I Look At The Purse
2. Bless Our Hippy Home

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The Noblemen - Satisfied/She Thinks I Still Love Her (1965)

Από αυτό το γκρουπάκι το κομμάτι που υπάρχει σχετικά εύκολα για να ακούσει κανείς είναι το She Thinks I Still Love Her. Η δυσκολία είναι στο Satisfied και για αυτό το λόγο το ανεβάζω.


LARRY BURCH ld vcls, organ, gtr A B

1(A) Satisfied/She Thinks I Still Love Her (Prism 1930) 1965

Formed in 1965 these Noblemen came from Indianapolis, Indiana. Rick Wilhelm and Brian Crouch co-wrote the 'A' side of their record, Satisfied. Larry Burch recalls: "I was the oldest (20) and Chuck the youngest (17), was still a senior in high school. The band was managed by Chucks' Dad Ramon and his brother Gene. We worked all over Indy and most of the state.... playing at a lot of small town armorys and teen dances, etc. We sold our 45 and 8"x 10" glossys for a buck each and developed a pretty good local following. One gig that stands out was playing for a Summer stock cast party of which Edie Adams was the main star. It was our only association with a major star at that time and I can remember we thought it was a pretty deal at the time. After about a year or so we cooled off somewhat and Rick left the group first and was replaced by Mickey Smith."
"After a few more weeks Mickey and I moved on to play in house bands in nightclubs playing in a group called Melting Pot. I left that group and went to the West Coast and the Melting Pot gravitated toward Florida. They did one album, Burn Fire, Cauldron Bubble (Capricorn Records ) before they disbanded. The drummer of that group (Jerry Thompson) went on to work some with Dickey Betts, but I don't know what they're doing now. After I discovered that The Noblemen were on a compilation record, I did locate Rick Wilhelm and he's still in the Indy area into real estate.
"As far as I know I'm the only one of the original group who has stayed in music all their life. I stayed in the San Francisco bay area for about five years working with a trio (The Company) and we worked from Portland, Ore. down past San Bernandino, Ca. and most points in between with a few trips to Reno and Tahoe. (Those gigs always payed well, and still do I guess) However this was the late sixties and in to the early seventies and I (plus the band and everyone else) were very much into "hippiedom" so a lot of the gigs remain kind of 'purple hazy' if you know what I mean. One thing that was constant until about 15 years ago was being on the road. I had met Woody Herman at a gig in Ohio and he was such a gentlemen and complimentary towards me that it gave me enough confidence to move to Nashville. It was there that I joined a R&B group called Pure Pleasure. We were managed by Ed Leffler from L.A. who was also at the time managing Sammy Hagar and a couple of lesser known groups. He went on to manage Van Halen until he passed away in '93 I believe. But he got us a deal with A&M Records and we did shows mostly around the South with acts like Cameo and The Commodores. etc."
"I've been in the Columbus area since '88 and have found it to be a good home base for gigs. One days drive in any direction has hundreds of places for musicians to work. I've had a band called Larry B and The Real Deal for the last ten years. We're fairly well known in the area and have done shows with the likes of Tower Of Power, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown and most every one in between in that musical genre."
Compilation appearances have included: She Still Thinks I Love Her on Fuzz, Flaykes, And Shakes, Vol. 5 (LP & CD).
(George Gell/Max Waller w/thanks to Larry Burch)

1. Satisfied
2. She Thinks I Still Love Her

Help Yourself

Our friend Guy Stevens wrote a useful comment about Help Yourself

Richard Treece from Help Yourself was not the same person in the Healey Treece band. This misinformation has been repeated all over the net. Ricky has played in the US psych band, Donovan's Brain along with Ken Whaley and Malcolm Morley. R Sanchez from Donovan's Brain has worked with Richard and Ken's band Green Ray and performed with them at the London Terrastock. Richard returned the favor and played with Donovan's Brain at the Seattle Terrastock. go to for more information and some live recordings and out takes. - guy stevens

All five Helps albums are simply amazing. Two more live recordings can be found on the Christmas At The Patti, Man Christmas lp and some BBC session material can be found on a Terrascope cd.

Crystal Chandelier - Singles (68-69)

For Anonymous friend

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Every Mother's Son - Every Mother's Son (1967)

Formed in New York City, USA in 1967, where each of its members was born, Every Mother's Son is best remembered for that year's Top 10 single "Come On Down To My Boat", on MGM Records. The group consisted of guitar-playing brothers Dennis (b. 22 November 1948) and Larry Larden (b. 10 August 1945) who began their career as a folk duo. They were joined by pianist Bruce Milner (b. 9 May 1943), drummer Christopher Augustine (b. 25 August 1941) and bassist Schuyler Larsen (b. 19 February 1947). The group recorded the Wes Farrell-Jerry Goldstein song "Come On Down To My Boat', a pop-rock confection, and signed with MGM, who released the single and the group's self-titled album quickly, perhaps seeing their clean-cut image as an antidote to the summer of 1967’s hippie influx. Although the debut single made the Top 10, and three later singles and the debut album reached the charts, the group could not sustain its initial success and folded in 1969. Dennis Larden later joined Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band.
Come on down to my boat baby lyrics
She sits on the dock a fishin' in the water uh, huh
I don't know her name she's the fisherman's daughter uh, huh
Come on down to my boat baby
Come on down where we can play
Come on down to my boat baby
Come on down we'll sail away.
She smiled so nice like she wants to come with me uh, huh
But she's tied to the dock and she can't get free
Come on down to my boat baby...
Fish all day sleep all night
Father never lets her out of his sight
Soon I'm gonna have to get my knife and cut that rope, cut that rope
Then we can go fishin' in my little red boat
Make you happy in my little red boatso come on down to my boat baby...
Come On Down To My Boat
I Won't
For Brandy
Didn't She Lie
What Became Of Mary
Ain't It A Drag
Allison Dozer
I Believe In You
Ain't No Use
Sittin' Here (Peter's Tune)
Come On Queenie

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The Paupers - Ellis Island

It’s ready doctor.

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Help Yourself - Help Yourself (1971)

DAVE CHARLES drms, vcls A B C

1(A) HELP YOURSELF (Liberty LBS 83484) 1971 R1
2(B) STRANGE AFFAIR (United Artists UAS 29287) 1972 SC
3(B) BEWARE OF THE SHADOW (United Artists UAS 29413) 1972 SC
4(C) RETURN OF KEN WHALEY (United Artists UAS 29487) 1973
5(C) HAPPY DAYS (United Artists UA FREE 1) 1973
6(C) RETURN OF KEN WHALEY/HAPPY DAYS (United Artists UDG 4001) 1973
NB: (1) Reissued on Beat Goes On (BGOLP 52) 1990. (4) and (5) available separately and as a double album, (6).

1 Running Down Deep/Paper Leaves (Liberty LBF 15459) 1971
2 Heaven Row/Brown Lady (United Artists UP 35355) 1972
3 Mommy Won't Be Home For Christmas/Johnny B. Goode (United Artists UP 35466) 1972

A progressive outfit, formed in 1969 and who also have one track, Street Songs, on the All Good Clean Fun compilation and two live tracks, Eddie Waring and Mona, on Christmas At The Patti.
Their first album is rather mainstream progressive rock meets pub rock, despite some excellent songs written by Malcolm Morley including the excellent Deborah. Most of the musicianship on the album is raw and derivative (with exception of Richard Treece's guitar) and consequently the punters weren't at all interested. After its release, Whaley departed for Ducks Deluxe and was replaced by Paul Burton.
Strange Affair exhibited a strong US West Coast influence with greater musical improvisation and some fine moments like American Woman. Beware Of The Shadow continued in much the same vein. Listen out for their magnum opus, Reaffirmation, on this one.
Ken Whaley rejoined the band in 1973, hence the title of their final album.
After their demise, Malcolm Morley had a spell with Man (and Ken Whaley later joined him there). The rest of the band joined Deke Leonard's Iceberg, and Treece was later in The Flying Aces.
(Vernon Joynson / Max Waller / Dennis A. Riley)
1.I Must See Jesus For Myself
2.To Katherine They Fell
3.Your Eyes Are Looking Down
4.Old Man
5.Look At The View
6.Paper Leaves
7.Running Down Deep
9.Street Songs

Help Yourself - Strange Affair (1972)

HELP YOURSELF were formed in 1970 near London, and initially consisted of guitarist Richard Treece, drummer Dave Charles, bassist Ken Whaley and guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Malcolm Morley. The band recorded their first studio album in 1971 and would release three others before disbanding in late 1973, their career marked by financial and personal issues. Bassist Whaley briefly left the band to help form DUCKS DELUXE and was replaced by guitarist Ernie Graham.
For a time in the early seventies the band roomed at the Grange (home of Led Zeppelin’s Symbols record) with fellow British act Brinsley Schwarz, where they also recorded their second album. They also performed on the All Good Clean Fun tour in 1972 along with MAN and other British acts.
Amid a number of lineup changes Ken Whaley returned to the band in 1973, and his return was marked by the band’s fourth and final seventies release ‘The Return of Ken Whaley’, after which the group quickly disintegrated, but not before recording several tracks which would become the 2004-issued compilation known simply as ‘5’.Morley and Whaley would join MAN, a band to which HELP YOURSELF had been associated for most of their existence. Morley would also do a stint with BEES MAKE HONEY.
Treece recorded with ICEBERG as well as forming the short-lived HEALY TREECE BAND in the late seventies with GRATEFUL DEAD drummer Bill Kreutzmann and soundman Dan Healy. He would also record with MAN, as well as THE FLYING ACES, THE ARCHERS, THE NEUTRONS, SPLENDID HUMANS, and THE TYLA GANG before joining GREEN RAY in 1988. HELP YOURSELF’s rather brief and rocky career left us a collection of decidedly American-sounding folksy, blues and psychedelic recordings.
Most of the band members would pursue full-time music careers, and while none managed to find significant commercial success, their discography of Helps albums are widely admired by progressive and psych fans the world over."We were also incredibly stoned all the time."
- Richard Treece
1 Strange Affair
2 Brown Lady
3 Movie Star
4 Deanna Call and Scotty
5. Heaven Row
6 Experpts from "The All Electric Fur Trapper"
7 Many Ways of Meeting

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Gandalf the Grey - The Grey Wizard Am I

For our friend Christos

The Grateful Dead - The Grateful Dead

Προφανώς δεν υπάρχουν πολλά να πούμε για αυτό το δίσκο. Ουσιαστικά δεν υπάρχει τίποτα να πούμε. Εγώ απλά να πω τους ευχαριστώ πολύ για όσα μου πρόσφεραν με τη μουσική τους.
Να εκφράσω όμως και ένα παράπονο.
Μερικές φορές λέω ότι γεννήθηκα σε λάθος τόπο και σε λάθος εποχή. Ας ανακάλυπτε κάποιος επιτέλους την μηχανή του χρόνου να πάω μια βόλτα σε εκείνα τα μέρη τότε. Είναι η μόνη λύση που μας έμεινε.

1. The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
2. Beat It On Down The Line
3. Good Morning Little School Girl
4. Cold Rain And Snow
5. Sitting On Top Of The World
6. Cream Puff War
7. (Walk Me Out In The) Morning Dew
8. New, New Minglewood Blues
9. Viola Lee Blues

Cream Puff War Lyrics
No, no! She can't take your mind and leave
I know it's just another trick she's got up her sleeve
I can't believe that she really wants you to die
After all it's more than enough to pay for your lie

Wait a minute, watch what you're doin' with your time
All the endless ruins of the past must stay behind, yeah

Well, can't you see that you're killing each other's soul
Well, you're both out in the streets and you got no place to go
Your constant battes are getting to be a bore
So go somewhere else and continue your cream puff war

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Earth Opera - The Great American Eagle Tragedy (1969)

Δεν θυμάμαι πως έπεσαν αυτές οι δύο κόπιες στα χέρια μου. Η μία είναι ανατύπωση από την Edsel συνεπώς πρέπει να την αγόρασα λίγο πριν πάω φαντάρος διότι οι ανατυπώσεις αν θυμάμαι καλά άρχισαν για τα καλά κάπου στα μέσα δεκαετίας 80. Η άλλη original Electra με στοιχεία EKL – 4038 MONO, χωρίς νομίζω ιδιαίτερη χρηματιστηριακή αξία.
Από τους δύο δίσκους των Earth Opera μου αρέσει περισσότερο ο πρώτος ενώ από τον δεύτερο ξεχωρίζω βέβαια το Alfie Finney αλλά και το All Winter Long.

Home to You 4:27
Mad Lydia's Waltz 3:47
Alfie Finney 2:34
Sanctuary From the Law 2:54
All Winter Long; 5:57
American Eagle Tragedy 10:41
Roast Beef Love 3:16
It's Love 4:09

Earth Opera - Earth Opera (1968)

PAUL DILLON drms, vcls, perc, gtr A B
DAVID GRISMAN mandolin, piano, sax, vcls A B
JOHN NAGY bs, cello A B
PETER ROWAN gtr, sax, vcls A B
BILL STEVENSON vibes, keyb'ds A
(HERB BUSHLER double bs B)
(JOHN CALE viola B)
(RICHARD GRANDO sax, bass recorder B)
(BILL KEITH pedal steel gtr B)

1(A) EARTH OPERA (Elektra EKS-74016) 1968 -
2(B) THE GREAT AMERICAN EAGLE TRAGEDY (Elektra EKS-74038) 1969 181
NB: (1) and (2) also released in France (Vogue/Elektra EKS74016 and CLVLXEK 354 respectively). (2) reissued (Edsel ED215) 1987. (1) reissued on CD (Wounded Bird WOU 4016). (2) reissued on CD (Wounded Bird WOU 4038).

1 American Eagle Tragedy/When You Were Full Of Wonder (Elektra 45636) Mar. 1968 -
2 Home To You/Alfie Finney (Elektra 45650) 1969 97

Another of the Boston wave of rock groups, Earth Opera certainly possessed talent. However, they arrived on the scene a little too late to make a sustained impact.
The origins of the group lay in the rich Boston folk scene in the early sixties with the first experiences of Rowan and Grisman. A gifted songwriter, singer, mandolin and guitar player, Peter Rowan began playing in the early sixties doing bluegrass and string band music with Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys and the Mother Bay State Entertainers. A master of mandolin, David Grisman had similar roots and played with Siegel, Grisman, Rose and Lewinger. Some recordings of these early Rowan and Grisman bands can be found on The String Band Project (Elektra EKS-7292) 1965.
Earth Opera was formed at the end of 1967 by Rowan and Grisman and their first album was housed in a strange gatefold sleeve with pictures probably taken inside an Indian temple. All the songs were credited to Rowan (Time And Again being co-written with Grisman) and the use of vibes, harpsichord or mandocello help creating a gloomy atmosphere on songs like Death By Fire or As It Is Before. The following year The Great American Eagle Tragedy pursued a similar direction. Bill Halverson had left but the four remaining members were helped by various guests, including Velvet Underground's John Cale on viola, Jim Kweskin Jug Band's Bill Keith and Jefferson Airplane's friend Jack Bonus. Once again the sleeve was notable, this time with a collage combining a skull with the American Eagle symbol.
Both albums were produced by Peter Siegel, formerly with The Even Dozen Jug Band and Siegel, Grisman, Rose and Lewinger.
Commercially unsuccessful, Earth Opera broke up in 1969. Grisman and Rowan went to California and joined two bluegrass outfits: Muleskinner with Clarence White of the Byrds and Old And In The Way with Jerry Garcia (Grisman also played on The Grateful Dead's American Beauty).
Peter Rowan would later join Seatrain and form the Rowan Brothers with his brothers Chris and Lorin. He also released several solo albums mixing rock, bluegrass and country. In the mid seventies, David Grisman formed the David Grisman Quintet and spearheaded the Dawg Music movement, mixing bluegrass and jazz. Both are still recording.
John Nagy became a studio musician and also played with Michael Hurley.
You can also find Home To You and The Red Sox Are Winning (from their first album) on the compilation Elektrock The Sixties (4-LP), Close Your Eyes And Shut The Door on the Elektra compilation Elektrifying; The American Eagle Tragedy on Hallucinations, Psychedelic Underground (LP) and Home Of The Brave on Kings Of Pop Music Vol. 2 (LP). Retrospective compilation appearances have included The American Eagle Tragedy and The Red Sox Are Winning on The Best Of Bosstown Sound (Dble CD).
(Stephane Rebeschini/Vernon Joynson)

The Red Sox Are Winning 3:30
As It Is Before 7:21
Dreamless 2:50
To Care At All 3:34
Home Of The Brave 4:46
The Child Bride 4:40
Close Your Eyes And Shut The Door 2:45
Time And Again 5:45
When You Were Full Of Wonder 3:55
Death By Fire 6:05

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Kenny and The Kasuals - Journey to Tyme (1966)

Το κομμάτι που ανέβασα δεν προορίζεται προφανώς για πληροφόρηση στους «παλιούς». Αυτοί βρήκαν τις άκρες τους.
Αφιερώνεται όμως σε δύο άλλες κατηγορίες ανθρώπων. Πρώτα στα νέα παιδιά που έχουν (ευτυχώς) μουσικές ανησυχίες όπως εμείς στην ηλικία τους. Ανησυχίες που πανάθεμα με τότε ήταν δύσκολο να καλύψουμε. Το νετ πλέον έχει τα πάντα. Ψάξτε νέοι μου για να μάθετε την μουσική και γυρίστε προκλητικά την πλάτη στα απορήματα που σας σερβίρουν μέρα νύχτα, οι κάθε λογής καραγκιόζηδες εμποράκοι της κουλτούρας του κώλου. Διαβάστε λίγο τους στίχους του κομματιού και κάντε τις συγκρίσεις σας με ότι βλέπετε γύρο σας.
Όσον αφορά την άλλη κατηγορία. Οι εποχές άλλαξαν πολύ. Η μουσική που αγαπάμε όχι μόνο ξεχνιέται αλλά προκαλεί και δυσφορία μερικές φορές όταν ακούγεται σε πολυσύχναστους χώρους. Ο κόσμος δεν «ανταποκρίνεται» με συνέπεια τα «αφεντικά» να σαλτάρουν όταν οι «πελάτες» φεύγουν νωρίς για άλλα κέντρα «πολιτισμού» αφού οι ταμιακές δεν δουλεύουν με τον ρυθμό που ίσως θα περίμεναν. Και στους μεν αλλά και στους δε αυτής της κατηγορίας, αφιερώνω το γέλιο που ακούγεται (τι νόημα μπορεί να έχει αυτό το γέλιο ε?) στο τέλος αυτής της κομματάρας.

Artist: Kenny & The Kasuals
Song: Journey To Tyme
Date: October 1966
Location: Dallas, Texas

All meaning faded away
A journey to tyme
Nobody cares if I ever return
It'll be a quick trip that never end
It's been such a sad sad day
I'm on my way
Collideoscope path
Said a trip
I won't turn back
I won't turn back
I'll never come down
I'm on my way
I've reached my destiny
To be
Trapped in the walls of time
Held a captive
I can't turn back
I won't turn back
I can't turn back
Yeah now I
I've reached my sad destiny
Come on
Ahh ha ha ha!
Journey to tyme
Journey to tyme

Mortimer - Mortimer (1968)

Personnel incl:


1(A) MORTIMER (Philips PHS 600-267) 1968

1 Dedicated Music Man/To Understand Someone (PS) (Philips 40524) 1968
2 Slicker Beauty Hints/Ingenue's Theme (Philips 40567) 1968

A trio from upstate New York. Their poppy-rock mix comes from a folk-rock direction, with some psychy moves reminiscent of the Beatles and the Hollies. Their album contains one good psych track Where Dragons Guard The Doors, but the remainder (including tracks like Singing To The Sunshine and Life's Sweet Magic) is more in the soft-rock/Bee Gees vein.
All the songs written and arranged by Smith/Masson/Van Benschoten/Conga and their album was produced by Daniel Secunda for B.B.&D. Productions.
(Stephane Rebeschini/Vladimir Zhigulun/Max Waller)

1.Dedicated Music Man
2.Where Dragons Guard The Doors
3.Would You Believe
4.Singing To The Sunshine
5.Mortimer's Theme
6.Take Your Troubles
7.To Understand Someone
8.Waiting For Someone
9.Life's Sweet Music
10.Yes We Know
11.Dedicated Music Man
12.To Understand Someone
13.Ingenue's Tune
14.Slicker Beauty Hints
15.People Who Are Different

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J.P. Sunshine - J.P. Sunshine (1968)

Αυτό είναι συνέχεια της προηγούμενης ανάρτησης με τους Pack, με κοινό στοιχείο τον Rod Goodway. Μία ουσιαστικά ενδιαφέρουσα ψυχεδελική Βρετανική δημιουργία που βγήκε στο φως 30 χρόνια μετά την ηχογράφησή της.
Ίσως έχετε ξαναδεί το όνομα Adrain Shaw….δεν κάνετε λάθος διότι ήταν ο μπασίστας στους Bevis Frond, Magic Bevis Muscle Frond (τουρνέ στην Ευρώπη), Crazy World of Arthur Brown αλλά και στους Hawkwind.
Ο ίδιος ο μπασίστας είπε σε μία συνέντευξή του «It was a strange situation. I was recruited into J P Sunshine by a friend of a friend. A drug dealer who was also a budding lyricist was putting a psychedelic band together and was looking for a guitarist. I had been flirting with the burgeoning folk scene at that time, playing finger-style guitar with friends when I heard about this and went along to meet him and the other people who were involved. To cut a long story short, we ended up with a surfeit of guitarists, including Rod, but no bass player. I fancied playing bass so I went out and bought a secondhand Burns Nu-Sonic and was up and running. Unfortunately, a series of busts put paid to the band but we did record an album's worth of material before we split. This finally ended up being released in the 90s to a very good response. As the band included Rod, Andy Rickell AKA Android Funnel who was a fine guitarist and myself, I suppose it had to have something going for it.»

Personnel incl:
ROD GOODWAY gtr, vcls A
ADRAIN SHAW bs, acoustic gtr A

1(A) J.P. SUNSHINE (Uncle Glitch UG 001) 1995

1) This is a limited vinyl edition issue of 500 of a privately-produced recording from 1968, which was first distributed on the Acid Tapes label in the eighties. Basically we're talking a West Coast-influenced blend of folk and psychedelia and if that's your scene it's well worth investigating. The band is also of interest in that some of them went on to greater things. Goodway formed Magic Muscle, Rickell joined Kingdom Come under the pseudonym Android Funnel and Shaw later played in Hawkwind.

2) To say that J.P. Sunshine was flower-power-era England's least-famous band would be an overstatement. During the group's lifetime, its lo-fi bedroom recordings never actually made it out of the bedroom and it was only decades after London had stopped swinging that J.P. Sunshine's homemade pop-psychedelia was released. Formed in London in late 1967, J.P. Sunshine was the brainchild of poet George Duffell, also known as Jorgy Porgy (the J.P. in J.P. Sunshine). Duffell was keen to set his poems to music, and an opportunity to do so arose when he met Rod Goodway, a former member of the English pop group the Pack, who had a hit with the Lovin' Spoonful's "Do You Believe in Magic?" Goodway penned simple arrangements for acoustic guitar and a band coalesced around the duo. Duffell (bongos/xylophone) and Goodway (vocals/guitar) were joined by Adrian Shaw (guitar), Pete Biles (bongos), and Duffell's girlfriend, Pat Morphin (percussion). In early 1968, J.P. Sunshine went electric as Goodway recruited former Pack guitarist Andy Rickell (aka Android Funnel) and Shaw moved to bass. In keeping with the spirit of the times, J.P. Sunshine was as much a scene as it was a band; its members congregated in Duffell and Morphin's apartment to listen to the latest American imports (Love, Jefferson Airplane, Captain Beefheart, the Grateful Dead, among others) and to ingest chemicals. Then, under the influence of both, they would write and play music, recording on a primitive two-track machine. J.P. Sunshine's informal, proto-lo-fi identity especially suited Goodway and Rickell since it served as a recreational project away from their work as professional musicians. Concurrently with J.P. Sunshine, they were members of the psychedelic rock outfit White Rabbit. During this time, Goodway also sang with the Artwoods, who had briefly renamed themselves the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. The demise of J.P. Sunshine was accelerated by the claustrophobic, chemically enhanced environment the band had created around itself in Duffell's apartment. Rickell became involved with Duffell's girlfriend and the increasingly morose Duffell wrote lyrics about that situation, which the band then used, only making a weird scene weirder. In late 1968, the band committed final versions of its tracks to tape and made a stab at success. Pink Floyd's management responded favorably, but suggested the material be re-recorded with a drum kit. The final nail in the coffin came in December when, following a protracted stakeout, the drugs squad put an end to the J.P. Sunshine scene. Shaw, Rickell, and Goodway went on to various bands, including the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Magic Muscle, Hawkwind, and the Bevis Frond. The long-lost J.P. Sunshine album eventually appeared on cassette in 1985 and on vinyl in 1996. ~ Wilson Neate, All Music Guide

Lyrics: J.P. Sunshine
J P Sunshine is mine and thine,
J P Sunshine on me and thee….
From light are we spun
Down there, on earth, sunshine gave birth….
To youthI am true,
And you… Are….
TruthColours of day, you say,
But they…. do not know,they are so grey
J P Sunshine is mine and thine
J P Sunshine on me and thee
From light are we spun….

J.P. Sunshine
Hey Girl
Love Scene
This Side Up
Watch Out
Eyes Are Raining
Dark Star
Swan Song
Rising Free
Hand In Hand
Dirt Blues