Friday, March 27, 2009

The Dark Horsemen - You Lied/Girl, Stand By Me (1966)

Και ένα τελευταίο και άντε να δούμε πως θα ξυπνήσουμε για σχολείο. Αξίζει να ακούσετε και αυτούς. Μόνο αυτό έβγαλαν. Και τα δυο κομματια νομίζω ότι τα έχω δει στην συλλογή Psychedelic States – Florida in the 60’s.

The Dark Horsemen truly started in the garage, and the living room, D.W. Roof opened 'The Stable' south of L.C. where they played on weekends when they weren't on the road. When they were on the road 'The Allman Joys' and a few other bands from Fl. and Ga. would fill in. Dave continued with the band while attending F.S.U., I for one believe they may have influencent Jim Morrison, since he was also attending F.S.U during this period.
Sadly this was the only record for them. Mack Lane was killed in a tragic auto accident. Mack Bently died of hepititis from a blood tranfusion, Tom joined the Navy in 1968 during the Vietnam War, played some back up while living near Atlanta in the 70's and 80's, Dave played with The Jades, Seth, and Let's Honk. Dave Roof and Tom Roof now reside in Boiling Springs N.C.
Writen and sang by Mack Lane, Mack Bently (guitar), Tom Roof (keyboards), Dave Roof (drummer and founder) from their 1966 record, flipside 'Girl Stand by Me'; From Lake City, Florida

1. You Lied
2. Girl, Stand By Me