Thursday, March 31, 2016

Peter Harris - Ruby (1975)

Peter Harris was a school teacher within the NSW school system and was posted to the area around 1974. He wrote a song about the PS Ruby and recorded a full album back in Sydney which was released on Ritz records, a subsidiary of Festival. Ruby was the title track of the album (and we have a copy at HOT FM)

When I was on the tourist Board we had two goes to get a good song on Mildura. In 1975 we got the late Tex Williams to record locally a single "The Paddleboat Song" and "The Mildura Song". It was recorded at the Norco Studios in Mildura by the late Brian Norris and issued as NCP 208. Both sides were written by Tex and Paul Williams, who were living out at Ruby Hayles place at Trentham Cliffs.

Around 1977 we did a similar experiment with Peter Harris and he wrote and recorded "The Murray Song" and "The River Bird Cries" It was recorded at Nor-Co and issued with the catalogue number of NCP 243.

Soon after that Peter left the district and from memory went to the Casino area of NSW [...] Peter did a lot of work with school kids on both sides of the Murray River during his time here.

Peter Harris – Legend (1975)

Peter Harris - Beautiful Woman (1975)


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dan Lewis - Towards The Light (1979)

Dan Lewis (1953- ) songwriter, composer, instrumentalist, audio engineer, recording artist, arranger/producer with complete recording studio & mobile recording. On the Asheville music scene since 1974, Dan Lewis writes Americana songs flavored by the traditional old- time mountain music, folk tunes and bluegrass that he grew up with in the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina.

A music veteran who has performed hundreds of times for thousands of people in the US and the UK over the last 40 years, Dan helped organize early Bele Chere festivals in Asheville, produced many concert events, performed with 1st generation blues musicians Walter & Ethel Phelps, concerts and recording with synthesizer inventor Robert Moog (Mr. Synthesizer died in 2005), fronted the 1950s-60s dance band "Johnny & the Jokers". Twelve CDs of various original music. Acoustic guitar (finger-style, flatpicking and rhythm), electric guitar, synthesizers and other instruments. 

Creates/performs original songs, instrumental music, electronic, dance, pop, folk/traditional, Americana, traditional blues, etc. Awarded 3 artist grants from the North Carolina Arts Council. Recent shows with classic bluesman Ironing Board Sam, playing blues and 1960s soul music. Also currently performs traditional old time and Americana music with Sheila Kay Adams and the Scofflaws.

Audio engineer at Acoustic Audio Recording. Also specializes in transfer and conversion of old analog recordings on vinyl and tape to digital Cd and Mp3 format, with state-of-the-art noise reduction and digital re-mastering.

Dan Lewis - Time (1979)

Dan Lewis - Right Here (1979)

Friday, March 18, 2016

My radio show tonight…

My radio show tonight…
….and every Friday starts at 20:00 UTC (22:00 Greek time)


Excerpt of tonight’s playlist
1. Beethoven's Fifth - The Last Thing On My Mind (2:49)
2. Calliope - Awosting (The Truth) (3:03)
3. Candy Store Prophets - You're A Teaser (2:11)
4. Days of the Week - Home at Last (2:17)
5. Fallen Angels - Have You Ever Lost A Love (2:53)
6. Fargo - Promises Of Love (2:14)
7. Illusions - Tell Me No (2:14)
8. Intruders - Now That You Know (2:37)
9. Marty's Misfits - A Misfit (2:28)
10. Masterminds - Taken My Love (2:47)
11. MG & The Escorts - Remembering (2:32)
12. Pauline Scribner & The Peppermint Triangle - Hey Baby (1:47)
13. Polo's People - Take Care Of Our Love (2:55)
14. Prince & The Paupers - Shoulder Of A Giant (2:44)
15. Psycho - You Think You Got Me (2:39)
16. Richie's Renegades - Don't Cry (2:04)
17. Soul inc - Ode To A Girl (2:35)
18. The 4 M’S - First Day Of Your Life (2:51)
19. The Blue Condition - Once There Was A Girl (2:26)
20. The Brutes - Baby Come Home (2:39)
21. The Kee-Notes - Please Don't Tell Me No (2:32)