Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cy Timmons - World's Greatest Unknown (1976)

Με ιδιαιτερη χαρά ανεβάζω αυτο το αρχείο του CyTimmons. Δίχως πολλές φλυαρίες πρόκειται περί ενός εξαίρετου  του δίσκου απο την αρχή ως το τέλος. Απολαύστε τον. 

As a young Alabama man born to a musical family, Cy Timmons was destined to have music in his veins. Everywhere he went Cy seemed to have a song resonating in his head.

Cy was thrilled when he discovered his dad’s guitar sitting in the back of a closet. It had been sitting idle for years but a new set of strings and the enthusiastic attention of a young music enthusiast gave the guitar new life. Once Cy felt that he had mastered this steel stringed acoustic guitar, he set his sights on an electric guitar. He lobbied his parents until he got the guitar he wanted as a gift for his nineteenth birthday. From the electric guitar Cy migrated to the classical guitar. That has been his mainstay from then on.
Cy Timmons - Moonshine Wine (1976)

Over the years Cy has developed a repertoire of jazz, old standards, and contemporary pop, as well as his original compositions. Followers of Cy will attest to the fact that he has a special gift for invigorating you with his music. In addition to his music, Cy has a flair for comedic interaction.  He’ll mellow you out with a song and then liven you up with a joke.

If you have been around Highlands for several years, you are sure to have heard Cy perform in one venue or another. He doesn’t limit himself to the Plateau either.  Clubs on both the east and west coast have seen Cy perform as he has pursued his study of the guitar.

The soft melodic tones of Cy’s voice are the result of natural talent and studies with the late Judy Davis in Oakland, voice coach to many vocalists including Barbara Streisand.  He has worked many musical venues in San Francisco and in Los Angeles.  He was even the opening act for folks like Joan Rivers, Peter Nero, Al Jarreau and David Steinbereg.

Lucky for us, in 1970 Cy decided to move back to Atlanta and eventually opened Café Erewhon where he wowed audiences for eleven years before moving to Highlands, in 1993. He and his wife, Carolyn, reside in the Scaly Mountain community.

Cy Timmons grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, graduated from North Fulton High School and attended what is now the University of Montevallo in Alabama. His love of music led him to pursue a career in entertainment as a guitarist/singer. Having performed in Atlanta for several years he moved to San Francisco to study music at the same time performing in the city’s many caberets and clubs, including the famed Purple Onion.

Cy Timmons - Mama Let Go (1976)

His career led him to Los Angeles, where he had continued success. But his love of the South brought him back to Atlanta and he opened Café Erewhon in midtown Atlanta, entertaining his fans for eleven years. He performed in Cashiers, North Carolina at the popular Market Basket restaurant for almost ten years and continues to entertain his fans at the Hummingbird Lounge in the Old Edwards Inn most weekends.

While living in Atlanta, Cy and his wife, Carolyn, purchased and renovated several homes, an endeavor they found both challenging and satisfying and confirming their belief in the value of real estate ownership. In the late 1980’s Cy purchased a small farm eight miles outside of Highlands in Scaly Mountain, North Carolina, where he and Carolyn spent most weekends. In 1993 they left Atlanta to make it their permanent home.

Track listing
A1 Sunny Times 3:37
A2 Moonshine Wine 3:03
A3 How Could I Ever 2:04
A4 Never Ever 3:33
A5 Mama Let Go 3:47
A6 It's Over 3:10
A7 I Can Still Smile 3:11
B1 Wake Up 4:06
B2 Judy 3:48
B3 Nowhere 9:35
B4 The World's Greatest Unknown 5:38


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Michel C. Johnson – Echoes (1978)

Καλημέρα στους φίλους το blog μου. Μη με ρωτήσετε που και πως το βρήκα αυτό διότι δεν θυμάμαι. Τυχαία το βρήκα χτες αργά το βράδυ σκαλίζοντας τα αρχεία μου που προσπαθώ (μάλλον μάταια) να νοικοκυρέψω.

Έχουμε να κάνουμε με ένα Αμερικάνικο private press του 1978 μία κυρίας που ονομάζεται Michel C. Johnson.  O δίσκος ηχογραφήθηκε στο East Lansing του   Michigan, περιέχει μόνο δικά της κομμάτια, με το εξώφυλλό να έχει δημιουργηθεί από την ίδια. ΧΙΑΝ folk η κατηγορία που ανήκει. To Lp ηχογραφήθηκε το 1978 αλλά κυκλοφόρησε το 1981.

Θα πρότεινα ανεπιφύλακτα το Lp στους φίλους αυτού του είδους της μουσικής καθώς το βρίσκω πραγματικά πανέμορφο από την αρχή ως το τέλος. Να είστε όλοι καλά και να προσέχετε την υγεία σας.

Michel C. Johnson – You Are Jesus (1978)