Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Nightshadow - The Square Root of Two (1968)

Ώρα για ένα πειρατή του κερατά και μάλιστα χρωματιστό που κυκλοφορεί σε πολλά ακόμα blog, που θα πει ότι δεν σας είναι άγνωστο σαν συγκρότημα και δίσκος. Η μόνη διαφορά είναι στην φωτογραφία που ανέβασα όπου δεν νομίζω να υπάρχει το μπλε του βινυλίου σε άλλο blog :)))))))) Το πρώτο κομμάτι που άκουσα από αυτούς ήταν το So Much το οποίο μαζί με τον In The Air ξεχωρίζουν από το δίσκο.


1(A) THE SQUARE ROOT OF TWO (Spectrum Stereo ) 1968
2(A) THE SQUARE ROOT OF TWO (Hottrax ST 1414) 1978
3(-) LIVE AT THE SPOT (Hottrax ST 1430) 1981
4(-) INVASION OF THE ACID EATERS (Hottrax ) 1982
5(-) A ROCK ANOMALY (Roft ) 1988

NB: (2) was remixed in stereo and is much superior in sound to (1). Consequently this reissue has become very wanted and belongs better in the R2 rather than R1 category in the rarity/sought-after scale.

1 The Way It Used To Be/So Much (Dot 16912) 1966
2 Hot Dog Man/Hot Rod Song (800 pressed) (Banned 6T9) 1966
3 60 Second Swinger/In The Air (500 pressed, 250 with PS) (Gaye 3031) 1966
4 Turned On/Don't Hold Your Breath (500 pressed) (Baja 4504) 1967
NB: (1) - (3) as Little Phil & the Night Shadows. (4) as 'Square Root of 2'.

The Nightshadows, who were also known as Little Phil And The Nightshadows, were one of the Old South's few acid punk bands, and something of a rock anomaly. They started playing in the late fifties, and their 27 or so members apparently included Barry Bailey (later of The Atlanta Rhythm Section). The artistes listed above were those who recorded their 1968 album which was pieced together from an assortment of tapes recorded on portable cassette machines. The band, who came from Atlanta, Georgia in the heart of Dixieland, never achieved the recognition they might have because of the Vietnam War, which prevented them touring for fear of losing their draft deferments.

Of particular note on their album is the psychedelic intro to In The Air and The Hot Rod Song. Another track I Can't Believe has a Spoonful-type beat and others like Illusions sounded rather a racket. Overall, the album is probably best forgotten. The most sought-after of their recordings is the original release of The Square Root Of Two on Spectrum Stereo. They recorded over a long period under various names and backed numerous other artistes so the 45s shown are highly selective and only cover their garage/psych period.


Anonymous said...

My father knew several of these players. He spoke of Al Janoulis often. One of his best friends played in other bands with Ronnie Farmer.

I lost my original 68 LP of this--Dad gave it me when I was a lad--but I still recall oohing and ahhing over the cover art. BTW, the LP we had still had its cello wrap with a sticker on that said this album featured "the voice of Electric Bob!". My fave tune was Hot Rod Man. When I was 4 or 5, I had a 45 of it (also from Dad). Had no idea it wasn't really about automobiles.

Anonymous said...

How dare you say it is "best forgotten". Square Root is the greatest acid tinged garage punk album of the 60's. It's actually a brilliant record. I have the 1978 reissue I got from Funhouse Records in Margate Kent, UK and it is a treasured album. I want to get the cd issue but that is on eBay right now at $75 which is too steep for me. If anyone reading this likes garage punk bands with a druggy overtone then buy the album, you won't regret it. Dig that wah wah on I Can't Believe !!!