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Trees - The Garden Of Jane Delawney (1970)

Ένα εξαιρετικό δείγμα Βρετανικής folk από το πρώτο lp των Trees (έδρασαν από το 1969 έως το 1972) που μάλλον γνωρίζετε. Τους ανεβάζω διότι καλό είναι, κάποιος που δεν πρόλαβε να τους κατεβάσει καθώς το σβήσιμο στο νετ πάει αβέρτα.

Επηρεασμένοι και αυτοί  από τους Fairport Convention ακούγονται κατά την γνώμη μου πιο ψυχεδελικοί. Και μόνο το άκουσμα του πρώτου κομματιού (η εισαγωγή αρκεί) θα σας πείσει για τον ήχο τους που συνοδεύεται από την εξαιρετική φωνή της Celia Humphris. Ακούστε το She Moved Thro' the Fair και σκεφτείτε τι σας θυμίζει.

Ο δίσκος κυκλοφόρησε τον Απριλη του 1970, συνεπώς είναι χρωματιστός, δροσερός και ανοιξιάτικος.
Καλή σας ακρόαση.
Trees -  Nothing Special

BIAS BOSHELL                             gtr, vcls, bs             A B
UNWIN BROWN                           drms, vcls               A B
BARRY CLARKE                            gtr                          A B  C D
DAVID COSTA                              gtr                          A B    
CELIA HUMPHRIS                         keyb'ds, vcls           A B  C D
PETE CLARKE                               drms                              C
ROBBIE HEWLETT                        bs                                  C
ALUN EDEN                                  drms                                 D
CHUCK FLEMING                         violin                                 D
JOHN LIFTON                               vcls, electronics                 D
BARRY LYONS                              bs                                     D
(TONY COX                                 bs                              B)  
(MICHAEL JEFFRIES                     harp                           B)  

1(A)         THE GARDEN OF JANE DELAWNEY     (CBS 63837)    1970 R2
2(B)         ON THE SHORE                                 (CBS 64168)    1970 R2
NB: (1) and (2) reissued by Decal (LIK 15 and LIK 12) respectively, 1987. (2) reissued on CD (Beat Goes On BGOCD 173) 1993 and (Columbia 484435-2) 1996.  
1        Nothing Special/Epitaph                    (CBS5078)     1970

A very pleasant folk-rock outfit. Celia Humphries' vocals are extremely appealing. Both albums are now sought-after. Of particular note was the first one, especially the title track, a delicate and mysterious acoustic song which really was rather special. The remaining material wasn't quite as good but it showcased Humphries' lovely vocals, which were mostly accompanied by sparse instrumentation. Other highlights include good arrangements of the traditional numbers, She Moved Thro' The Fair and Nothing Special, which was also put out on 45.
The second album is better overall. Tracks like Fool, Murdoch, Streets Of Derry and Sally Free And Easy showcase Humphries' gorgeous vocals and the instrumentation is fuller and more ambitious. Sally Free And Easy, probably the album's highlight, has a lovely piano intro and the final track, Sally On The Shore is well worth a listen.
After the second album, Costa, Brown and Boshell left the band, with Boshell joining The Kiki Dee Band. They were replaced by Robbie Hewlett (bs) and Pete Clarke (drms - ex-Liverpool Scene), but the Trees soon split in May 1971. Hewlett then went on to Parrish and Gurvitz and Clarke to Stealer's Wheel. The following November, Celia Humphreys and Barry Clarke put together a new line-up, with Chuck Fleming (ex-JSD Band), Barry Lyons and Alun Eden (both ex-Pisces); but this too was short-lived.
Clarke was subsequently a session player and played with Vigrass and Osbourne. Eden joined Matthew Ellis and together with Lyons later played with Mr. Fox; Unwin Brown achieved some success in Japan with Capricorn; Lyons went onto Spencer's Feet and Five Hand Feel; whilst Fleming later rejoined the J.S.D Band.
The superb title track, The Garden Of Jane Delawney, was also included on CBS's budget-priced double compilation, Fill Your Head With Rock, in 1970, whilst Fool from the On The Shore album got further exposure on Together!. There's also a totally different version of Polly On The Shore included on the CBS sampler, Rockbuster. Little Black Cloud appears on The History Of U.K. Underground Folk Rock 1968-1978 Vol. 1 (CD).
 (Vernon Joynson/Jim McMaster) 

Trees - Snail's Lament

Α1. "Nothing Special" (Boshell, Unwin Brown, Barry Clarke, David Costa, Celia Humphris) – 4:31
Α2. "The Great Silkie" (traditional) – 5:15
Α3. "The Garden of Jane Delawney" – 4:19
Α4. "Lady Margaret" (traditional) – 7:14
Β1. " Glasgerion" (traditional) – 5:18
Β2. "She Moved Thro' the Fair" (traditional) – 8:09
Β3. "Road" – 4:36
Β4. "Epitaph" – 3:26
Β5. "Snail's Lament" – 4:40

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