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Micky & Tommy - State Of Micky & Tommy (1965-71)

Ωρα για κάτι που επίσης δεν παίζει πολύ στα blog ετσι ώστε να μπορεί να το ακούσει ο κόσμος. Αξιολογότατη συλλογή που περιλαμβάνει ότι έκαναν οι Μικ Τζόουνς (μετέπειτα στους Σπουκι Τουθ και στους Φόρινερ) και Τόμι Μπράουν.
Είναι βέβαιον ότι μέσα από διάφορες συλλογές όλο και κάτι θα έχετε ακούσει. Όπως για παράδειγμα τα πανέμορφα With Love From 1 To 5, The Bird, There She Goes ή και το εξαιρετικότατο δείγμα Βρετανικής ψυχεδέλειας I Know What I Would Do. Εδώ τουλάχιστον είναι μαζεμένα. Προσωπικά μου άρεσε και το Carry My Lord που δεν είχα ακούσει. Στο αρχείο συμπεριέλαβα φωτό και ότι άλλο κυκλοφορεί στο νετ.

Καλή ακρόαση σε όλους σας και να προσέχετε την υγεία σας.  

Nimrod - The Bird

State Of Micky and Tommy

It's not well known, but long before he joined Foreigner -- and even before he was in Spooky Tooth -- Mick Jones made quite a few records with Tommy Brown, the pair working in France for much of the period. This French CD collects 24 tracks in which they were involved between 1965 and 1971, encompassing recordings billed to several different monikers, including the State of Mickey & Tommy, the Blackburds, Nimrod, the J&B, and Thomas F. Browne. It may be that the singles they released as the State of Mickey & Tommy, obscure as those 45s are, are the best known of the lot, especially "With Love from One to Five," which has shown up on a few relatively high-profile U.K. psychedelia compilations.

That does happen to be one of the better numbers, but generally this CD has fair, though not exceptional, music that reflects the British mod, pop/rock, and psychedelic trends of the time with occasional hints of French and Continental influences. "With Love from One to Five" is typical if classy 1967 orchestrated psychedelic pop; "Nobody Knows Where You've Been" strongly recalls the arrangements on Sgt. Pepper's cuts like "Within You, Without You"; and "Frisco Bay" is nice dainty, dreamy pop with beatific Summer of Love lyrics and the lightest hints of raga-rock.

Micky and Tommy - I Know What I Would Do

All of those songs were found on singles credited to the State of Mickey and Tommy; the ones billed to the Blackburds are more like soul-flavored British mod rock that could serve as incidental film music, while Nimrod's 1969 single "The Bird" (previously included on several collector-oriented comps of rare British psychedelia) is a fairly strong relic bridging psychedelia with early progressive rock. The best track, however, is the relatively unheralded 1966 single "There She Goes" by the J&B, a quite haunting, dramatic song that's a bit like a mini-soundtrack to a story of Swinging London heartbreak.

As a whole, this will hardly qualify Jones and Brown as lost masters of mid- to late-'60s British rock, but there's pleasant period music of the genre to be heard, virtually all of it from extremely rare recordings (including soundtracks).


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