Thursday, February 25, 2016

All Day - York Pop Music Project (1973)

This LP was recorded by Students at York University in 1973.  Some of those involved went on to become highly important and influencial names in experimental music, jazz, contempory classical music, etc... Most notably, perhaps, Trevor Wishart and Steve Beresford. Only 100 copies of this LP were pressed, most copies  being given to those involved and sold to other students at the university, etc.... The style of the music here is very varied, as is the quality, but it's certainly not without historical and musical interest. This was also the first release on the York Electronic Studios label, best known for a couple of Trevor Wishart LPs, but also for the extraordinary (and highly sort-after) 'Electronic Music From York' 3LP box set.  Many of those involved in this LP also contributed to Electronic Music From York set,  and also Trevor Wishart's 'Journey Into Space' LP.

All Day - I Want You Back (1973) 

All Day - Wordgame (1973)



A1 Dawn Of Day                   
A2 Changes                          
A3 I Want You Back              
A4 All Day                            
A5 Baker                              
B1 Rumblin'                          
B2 Wordgame                      
B3 No Time Left To Cry        
B4 The Tree We Called Our Own         
B5 Sunset                            
B6 Over Again                      

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Anonymous said...

I was studying history at York in 1973 and knew nothing about this... thanks very much!