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Dwayne Cannan - Spare Change (1980)

Θέμα αυτή τη φορά ο Καναδός Dwayne Cannan, ο οποίος το 1980 έβγαλε αυτό το Private Press (χωρίς label), στο Edmonton. Βγήκαν 300 κόπιες οι οποίες δόθηκαν χέρι με χέρι. Folk περιεχόμενο όπως οι τελευταίες δημοσιεύσεις μου.

Dwayne Cannan picked up his first guitar at ten but set it down again, concentrating instead on an odd combination of bull riding and boxing. His interests were renewed at 17 when a friend from his youth, who had moved away, returned to the area having developed incredible talent at the guitar during his absence.

The two hitchhiked around the United States for a year before returning home to Canada to form a band that featured Cannan on drums. The guitar, however, kept calling his name. Scraping together money from his construction job, Cannan entered Edmonton’s Homestead Recorders in June 24-25 1980, with his newly-bought Gibson acoustic in hand.

Dwayne Cannan - Spare Change (1980)

The resulting ten-song album was pressed in a quantity of 300, all of those sold hand-to-hand from the stage. The album was never broadcast and never reviewed, prompting Cannan to take a 25-year break from recording. For Cannan, learning fingerstyle guitar was merely one small project in developing an extensive repertoire of techniques.

He was disconnected from the movement of guitar players who followed in the footsteps of John Fahey, but he shared with them a spirit of independence, rigorous discipline, and love of the guitar.

Recorded at Homestead Recorders, Edmonton
All songs written, played and sung by Dwayne Cannan

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Great folk artist

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