Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Jeremy Harmer - Idiosyncratics And Swallows Wings (1967)

Για σήμερα έχουμε το πρώτο Lp του Jeremy Harmer που είναι private press και τυπώθηκε σε μόλις 99 κόπιες με την τιμή του από οτι είδα πριν λίγο να ξεπερνά τα 400 γιουρος. Ηχογραφήθηκε στο Νόριτς σε ένα στούντιο του BBC. Πανέμορφος δίσκος, όπου θα καταλάβετε αμέσως το τι άκουγε τότε ο αξεπέραστος Nick Drake, πριν κυκλοφορησει τα μεγαλουργήματά του.

Μακρά η πορεία του. Η οποία ξεκξίνησε στα 11 όταν του έκαναν για Χριστουγεννιάτικο δώρο μία κιθάρα, για να γράψει το πρώτο του τραγούδι στα 14. Στο Λύκειο ήταν σε μπάντα αλλά μόλις πήγε στο Πανεπιστήμιο και άκουσε Bert Jansch, το νερό μπήκε στο αυλάκι και ως φοιτητής πλέον έβγαλε αυτό το δίσκο. Διάβασα οτι έχει και ένα άγνωστο δίσκο τυπωμένο στο Μεξικό διότι μάλλον έζησε εκεί ως καθηγητής Αγγλικών.

Απολαύστε τώρα το δίσκο διαμάντι με την άνεσή σας και καλή ακρόαση.  

Jeremy Harmer is as a singer-songwriter, musician and performer of the spoken word but also a writer, presenter, teacher and trainer in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT).

Jeremy Harmer has a long history as a singer/songwriter and as an actor/performer, quite apart from his work in the field of English language teaching.

He was given his first guitar as a Christmas present when he was 11. He wrote his first song (Together in love) when he was 14. During his school years he was a member of a Shadows-inspired pop group The Four Squares. But it was when he got to university and heard players like Bert Jansch that he started to take the guitar seriously.

After university (during which time he wrote music for shows by playwright Snoo Wilson, played in folk clubs around East Anglia, and appeared on Anglia TV to showcase songs from his LP Idiosyncratics and Swallows Wings), Jeremy played in clubs in and around London before heading out to Mexico to work as an English language teacher. In Mexico he played in clubs and theatres in both Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Acting (at school an university) took him, via the University of East Anglia, to the Edinburgh Festival. Later he had leading roles in the Bar Theatrical Society (London) and Theatre Workshop (Mexico City).

Since returning to the UK Jeremy has continued to play and write songs, and he has recorded two CDs of songs: More than ever (2015) and Other Loves (2013). He sings regularly in and around Cambridge UK, and abroad. He also performs regularly with violinist Steve Bingham with whom he recorded Touchable Dreams Ð a collection of music and poetry. He has narrated works in performance with The Ely Sinfonia, City of Peterborough Symphony Orchestra and the Bingham Quartet.

His oratorio Island (written in conjunction with Phil Toms) had its premiere in Ely cathedral (UK) in March 2015. --otherloves.co.uk

A1     Pastiche    
A2     Josephine  
A3     A Sad Song       
A4     A Happy Song    
A5     People Smile With Ghosts In The Land Of Make Believe    
B1     Tuesday P.M.     
B2     Home of Years   
B3     A Captain's Apprentice
B4     With You Each Day     
B5     Self-Contained   
B6     Melanie


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