Monday, January 12, 2009

Thomas and Richard Frost - Visualize

Of all the known or rumoured "lost" albums from the odd pop era when everyone wanted a go at a Superpop classic a la Brian Wilson, (and more succeeded than one might think) this is perhaps the most thoroughly the only essay in this style by the artist, it was a case of never before and never again!..... Richard and Tom Martin were mainstays of The Art Collection aka Powder, America's closest shot at the Pop-Art sound of The Who or The Creation.....after a number of classic (and now ruinously expensive!) singles failed to set the charts alight, a change of direction was clearly called for.
Calling themselves Thomas and Richard Frost, the brothers signed to Imperial Records and made a number of classic pop singles, some of which indeed hit the lower reaches of the charts....all in preparation for their masterwork, "Visualize".....unfortunately, reorganisation at Imperial after their acquisition by Liberty Records meant the album was such a late stage that production masters complete with catalogue number and half-completed artwork have languished in the vaults until now.....Tom and Rich's next project was an accomplished country-rock album for UNI Records.....the breathtaking pop experiment of "Visualize" remaining a closed chapter.....until now..

1. Prelude/She's Got Love
2. Where Did Yesterday Go
3. December Rain, April Laughter
4. Woodstock
5. Gotta Find A New Place To Stay
6. With Me My Love
7. Where Are We?
8. Come Clap Your Hands
9. The City
10. The Word Is Love
11. On Our Way Home
12. If I Can't Be Your Lover
13. Hello Stranger
14. Fairy Tale Affair
15. Open Up Your Heart
16. Everyday Judy


Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear this!!
Will you give the link please?

Thanks and best regards,

Anonymous said...

What a great album!! Thank you for this treat!!!!

Dave said...

Thanks for sharing this. I found it every bit as good as the promotional blur

Archimidis P. said...

Ένα μεγάλο μπράβο...

Anonymous said...

Love this album,Thank You

lobok75 said...

Hi! I think this is the post I have publicated in trashsistors:

I say this because the archives dates, and its weigth are the shame. I don´t care you use my post but at least be agreement with the work we do and leave a comment in my post or leave the reference where you take it in your post .

psych-Spaniolos said...

I understand you point.
Would you please go there you know the old Lost and Tyme…so what? Are you the only one that you use 320 or archive? The best bloggers (I’m not) are using archive all the time ( Chris is a teacher) in the same way and some others maybe are learning from them (as me).So none from now on can do the same. Anyway the next few days I will post the photos from the cd and you know, you are not working alone.
Thanks a lot.

lobok75 said...

Hi! only to say that my post from Richard and Thomas Frost is a ripper from my original copy and includes all the artwork from this album. We don´t usually take albums from others blogs and in the case we do , we left the original source, for example this one:

That we took from chrisgoesrock post but in this case the link was down .
I only warned you because not the weight of the archive is the shame, the modify dates are the shame of my post(05 of september 2008, the date that I posted it),and the id3 tags are the shame

Ruben said...

Any newer links? Can't find this anywhere!