Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thorinshield – Thorinshield (1967)

- Terry Hand - vocals, drums (1967-69)- Bobby Ray - vocals, bass (1967-69)- James Smith - vocals (1967-69)

1(A) THORINSHIELD (Philips PHS-600251) 1967
NB: (1) a mono pressing also exists (PHM 200-251).
1 The Best Of It/Life Is A Dream (Philips 40492) 1967
2 Family Of Man/Lonely Mountain Again (Philips 40521) 1968
NB: Some copies of (1) came in an art sleeve which advertised the album.

This obscure Los Angeles trio had its roots in the folk movement but at times paid lip service to some of the psychedelic trappings of the era. Musically the album is hard to peg, though if you enjoy the sunshine pop characterized byCurt Boettcher and groups like Sagitarrius, it's something you may want to check out. Tracks such as Wrong My Friend, Here Today and Life Is A Dream offered up a highly commercial mix of folk-rock and soft psych. The combination of great harmonies (check out Pleasure Time), coupled with occassional psychedelic touches (nice backwards guitar on One Girl) and attractive orchestration (Prelude To A Postlude), were quite impressive. Hardly 1967's most original debut, but well worth hearing, particularly if you can find it relatively cheap. The first 45 was on the album which was produced by the famous L.A. sax player Steve Douglas and arranged by Perry Botkin Jr. All their songs were written by Bobby Ray and James Smith.
Bobby Ray may be the same guy who played bass on Donovan's May 1966 sessions in L.A., including Season Of The Witch, The Trip and two unreleased pieces: Super Lungs (different version) and Breezes of Patchulie. Drummer Terry Hand had previous played in a number of surf bands and released a couple of singles as a member of Everpresent Fullness.
Compilation appearances include: Life Is A Dream on Electric Food (LP); Lonely Mountain Again on High All The Time, Vol. 2 (LP).
(Vernon Joynson/Stephane Rebeschini/Bob Brainen/Scott Blackerby)

1. Life Is A Dream
2. Brave New World
3. Wrong, My Friend
4. Here Today
5. Pleasure Time
6. The Best Of It
7. Daydreaming
8. Light That Love Brings
9. Prelude ToA Postlude
10. One Girl
11. Collage Of Attitudes
12. Family Of Man
13. Lonely Mountain Again


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Keith B said...

Yes Bob Ray did play on Donovan's first album (and allegedly on the road with the Mamas and the Papas), he wrote and sang on a 45 by Bob & Kit, post Thorinshield Bob released an excellent solo album "Initiation Of A Mystic", and early versions of two of the tracks from the Thorinshield album can be found on the "Sing Me A Rainbow" comp.