Thursday, September 24, 2009

American Revolution - American Revolution (1968)

EBBIE HADDAD keyb'ds, vcls A
JOHN KEITH bs, vcls A

1(A) AMERICAN REVOLUTION (Flick-Disc FLS 45,002) 1968
NB: (1) promo copies issued in mono with sticker.

1 Cold Wisconsin Nights / Come On And Get It (Flick Disc 902) 1968

A late sixties Hollywood hippie type rock band. Barcelona and Keith later played in Edge, who issued an album in 1970. The American Revolution album, produced by Harley Hatcher, is quite heavily orchestrated with pleasant vocal harmonies, particularly on In The Late Afternoon, Rainbow In The Rain and Love Has Got Me Down. Some of the songs have a psychedelic taint, but it's predominantly rather good psych-pop.
Producer Harley Hatcher, was an exploitation film composer, member of Mike Curb's gang and as an army buddy of Elvis he sang in ad-hoc groups with the King.
(Vernon Joynson/Joe Foster/David Jaffe)

1. Cold Wisconsin Nights
2. Rainbow in the Rain
3. Prelude to Love
4. Show Me How to Cry
5. Crying Eyes and an Empty Heart
6. Come on and Get It
7. In the Late Afternoon
8. Keeping Your Love
9. Opus 1
10. Love Has Got Me Down


psych-Spaniolos said...

Κωστα συγνωμη που δεν απαντησα τοσο καιρο άλλα ειλικρινα δεν ειχα χρονο ουτε για υπνο.
Καταρχην η επικοιωνια ειναι ευκολη με το

Απο κει και μετα οτιδηποτε υλικο υπαρχει διαθεσιμο σαφως και μπορουμε να το ανεβασουμε. Μην ξεχνας οτι κανουμε τη τρελλα μας.

Nick Drake να ανεβασω ξανα με χαρα. Δυστυχώς διαφορα λινκς "πεθαινουν" οποτε καλο θα ειναι οποτε σας ενδιαφερει κατι να το ανεφερετε στο τελευταιο ποστ στα κομεντς που εχω ανεβασει να το βλεπω.
Δυστυχως εχω ξεχασει αρκετους φιλους που μου εχουν κανει αναφορες για παλιοτερα dead links.
Ας κανουν παλι τον κοπο εφοσον το επιθυμουν.

Anonymous said...

Spaniolos, sacáchesmo da boca neno.

J_Mateo said...

Where can I get that song on your player"Everybody's Gotta Live"????

Incredible song. I cant seem to find it. I need that song on my Ipod and if possible on vinyl!

Also do you know any other songs like that with a guitar and just people singing in the same vein with the sort of chants in the background?

Cheers man. I love yor Blog. Best regards


mitches said...

Φοβερό μπλογκ συνάδελφε. Μπράβο!

Flowerpower said...

Is there a chance you can re-upload this LP? Thanks!