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The Buckinghams - In One Ear And Gone Tomorrow (1968)

Ο δίσκος περιέχει το I Know I Think που εκτιμώ πως είναι το καλύτερο τους κομάτι. Συνθέτης, ο Γιάννης Πούλος δηλαδη ο Jon Jon Poulos που υποθέτω πως ήταν πατριώτης μας. Γεννήθηκε στο Ιλινόις αλλά δυστυχώς πέθανε νεότατος από υπερβολική δόση.
The Buckinghams had freed themselves from Guercio and consequently moved in more adventurous directions, as their brand of clean collar pop-rock was becoming fast outdated. Yes, the band explored new territory, but it was only new territory for them. In One Ear has a pile of songs that sound like second-rate tunes from other bands, either Love's orchestrated and acoustic dreams (the hushed "Simplicity"), or Paul Revere and the Raiders pop ("Till the Sun", "Are You There", "The Time of My Life"). Some sound like a deliberate attempt to break with their earlier sound (the country-rock attempt at humor "Our Right to Be Wrong" with phony vocals and massive amounts of slide guitar). Psychedelia only gets a few passing nods (the hazy, contemplative "I Know I Think" written by Grebb and Poulous, and the lame opening to "Song of the Breeze").

Giamarese did get to solo, but he does not show any of the exuberance displayed on their debut (the distorted guitars on "I Can't Find the Words" are a frustratingly missed opportunity). Still, In One Ear has plenty of "regular" Buckinghams materials, even though they had run out of Holvay/Bieber songs. Guercio's last work is here (Grebb's bluesy "What Is Love"), but even with Guercio gone, Grebb and arranger Sam Andrews know how to put major 7th chords, and horn and string arrangements together to copy the Buckingham's finer moments (the intro to "Back in Love Again" sounds eerily like Chicago). Their pre-Guercio style shows up only intermittently, such as on the fun soul flashback "Can I Get a Witness?". Still, the band, or really Grebb (who wrote or co-wrote with other members nearly every tune) knows how to write some good material, and "I Can't Find the Words" boasts a good sing-along chorus. In One Ear produced no hits, and is inconsistent, but the Buckinghams made their own mistakes, and not Guercio's. Produced by Jimmy "the Wiz" Wizner.

1. Back in Love Again
2. Simplicity
3. Can I Get a Witness
4. Our Wrong to Be Right
5. Can't Find the Words
6. Song of the Breeze
7. What Is Love
8. I Know I Think
9. Till the Sun Doesn't Shine
10. Are You There (With Another Boy)
11. The Time of My Life

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In One Ear And Gone Tomorrow (1968)


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