Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Cat Came Back - USA Garage Greats 1965-1967

Με τις συλλογές όπως θα ξέρετε είναι τι θα σου κάτσει καθώς υπάρχει αρκετή μούφα. Αυτή εδώ ευτυχώς προέκυψε πολύ καλή. Ναι μεν λέει garage αλλά με αρκετά έντονη ψυχεδελική χροιά θα έλεγα. Αξίζει τουλάχιστον να την ακούσετε.
01 The Golliwogs - Walking On The Water (Scorpio)
02The Fourth Amendment - I See The Light (Four Sons) 03 The Fourth Amendment - Little Black Egg (Four Sons) 04 The Raik's Progress - Sewer Rat Love Chant (Liberty) 05 The Raik's Progress - Why Did You Rob Us, Tank (Liberty)
06 The Quarrymen - Don't Try Your Luck (Sara)
07 The Quarrymen - Why (Sara)
08 The Celtics - Time With You (Dante)
09 The Baracudas - What I Want You To Say (Downey)
10 Bill Hjerpe - Not For Sale (Columbia)
11 Bill Hjerpe - Navigation Blues (Columbia)
12 The Stingrays - The Cat (Welhaven)
13 The Young Strangers - She's Gone (T.Y.S.)
14 The Clydes - Gonna Put You Down (Maz)
15 The Nobles - Something Else (Marquis)
16 The Voxmen - You Tell Me (V-M)
17 The Voxmen - They Say (You're Gonna Lose That Girl) (V-M)
18 The Second Half - Forever In Your World (IGL)
19 The Burlington Express - One Day Girl (Cavern)
20 The Burlington Express - Memories (Cavern)
21 The Outcasts - People (Sola)
22 The Outcasts - You're Teaching Me (Sola)
23 The Torres - Play Your Games (IGL)
24 The Torres - Don't You Know (IGL)
25 The Wooly Ones - Put Her Down (Titan)
26 The Wooly Ones - Slings And Arrows (Titan)
27 Dale & The Devonaires - Take A Look At A Fool (IGL)
28 Dale & The Devonaires - Never Be Free (IGL)
29 The Tempters - It's Been A Long Long Time (Link)
30 The Tempters - I Will Go (Link)
31 The Try-Angle - Com'ing Home (Orlyn)
32 The Try-Angle - The Writing On The Wall (Orlyn)


Anonymous said...

Great cd!!!! Do you have any of the other 175 plus Garage Greats cds and could you post any of the others???? Thanks!!!!

Exeter said...

I totally agree with "anonymous" above!
Does Anybody have links to all those "USA
Garage Greats" that i missed out on a while back?

Anonymous said...

The Fourth Amendment was a band from Mobile, Alabama USA. Thank you for presenting their record to the modern age.