Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ellis and Lynch -There’s a Time There’s a Moment (1974)

The most delicate of folk groups featuring Ron and Nancy Ellis together with Michael and Collene Lynch. Their debut There’s A Time There’s A Moment is a first-class charmer that melts your heart with fragile harmonies overtop gentle acoustic guitar, piano and flute. Beautiful graceful melodies are lovingly expressed through songs like ‘Look At My Gifts’, ‘Jesus Heal Us’, ‘Song Of Ruth’, ‘Sweet Sweet Sound’ and the title track. ‘Taste And See’ has some nice acoustic guitar leads, while ‘Our Father’ is enriched by cello accompaniment. Catholic I’m assuming since one of the songs is ‘Hymn To Mary’. A wonderful example of stirring mellow acoustic music. Is that a tear forming in my eye? Nah, couldn’t be.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Ellis and Lynch -Taste And See (1974)



wcpaeb said...

Thanks for this LP.
That makes 2 Jesus Music LPs in a row, hope there's more to come.

Can you repost Kusudo & Worth ‎– Of Sun And Rain LP on depositfiles?


Anonymous said...

many thanks!
And I join the request
Can you repost Kusudo & Worth ‎– Of Sun And Rain LP on depositfiles?

Psych-Spaniolos said...

i will repost Kusudo in a few days

wcpaeb said...

GREAT thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Ellis & Lynch wrote great songs, and their live vocal sound was amazing. Their flute player, Mary Lowney, and their keyboard player, Allan Loucks, really added nice touches to the live performances.