Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dave Atkinson - Atkinsongs (1975)

"...I have been singing, playing and writing for over 40 years - and the music has always been a key part of my life and for me the songs capture life's moments in a way that no picture, memory or physical souvenir can do. I love the fellowship with others it brings and, I love song as an art form and delight in the many manifestations of the form I encounter along the way. There are of course enough songs out there already and no need for more from me, but, sometimes seemingly driven by a force outside me, the songs have kept coming. 
A survey of the songbook would find some favorite material originating from 1970-73 and a steady output continuing until 1990 by which time there were 320 songs. For the next 10 years there was virtually nothing and it appeared to be over, then late in 2001 my mischievous muse woke again and since then has supplied me with another 50 plus songs - but quantity was never a guarantee of quality, was it? - but there really are people who like some of them, and some of the older stuff has endured well.

Sadly (perhaps) money remains one of the main ways we register value in the world. But as for me I am richer every time someone says 'I like that song', and enriched many times over by songs and performances I hear from others.
I have recorded quite a few songs, now all collected on 10 separate CD's. I have also got sheet music (top line, chords and words) for around 50 of the songs. Just e-mail me on dave.atkinson27@googlemail.com if you are interested. Thank you!..."
Dave Atkinson

Dave Atkinson - Mary Allen (1975)


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