Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ladies W.C. - Ladies W.C. (1969)

Σύμφωνα με όσα λέει το υποτυπώδες ένθετο του cd της Essex (1009 CD) ο χίπης μπασίστας Stephen Scott άρχισε να γυρνάει τις ζούγκλες της Λατινικής Αμερικής σε μία περίοδο που κάποιοι άλλοι γύριζαν τις ζούγκλες του Βιετνάμ. Ως μπασίστας άκουγε Stones, Beatles και Dylan αλλά μάλλον γούσταρε περισσότερο τους Kak, Wizards from Kansas και Fairport Convention. Κάποτε βρήκε την παρέα που ταίριαξαν μουσικά για να βγει αυτό το καθόλα συμπαθέστατο δισκάκι από την μακρινή μας Βενεζουέλα.

Adib Casta: Guitarras, Organo, Efectos especiales y VozStephen Scott: Bajo, Harmonica, organo y VozMario Seijas: Batería y percusiónJaime Seijas: Guitarras, Organo y Voz
con: Hector Fuenmayor: Flauta
Ingenieros de Grabacion: Ricardo Landaeta
Grabado en Estudios Continental, Caracas en 1968

1(A) LADIES W.C. (Souvenir SLP-13-50) 1970 R5
NB: (1) reissued on Essex (1009 CD) 199?

A stunning album and, prior to its reissue, one of the rarest and most sought-after in the World. Original pressings appeared on translucent coloured vinyl. It was made by American Stephen Scott and a group of Venezuelan musicians, whilst hippie musician Scott was on his travels through South America.
The opening cut People, also featured on the Love, Peace And Poetry: Latin American Psychedelic Music compilation, sets the tone for much of what follows with some superb fuzz guitar work, which is also most evident on the other stand out cut And Everywhere I See The Shadow Of That Life. Other highlights include To Walk On Water, a laid back number with some lovely woodwind and, in a similar style, The Time Of Hope Is Gone with its ethereal vocals. Heaven's Coming Up and W.C. Blues are more bluesy. The finale is interesting too, opening with sounds reminiscent of The United States Of America album. The track ends in a sorta freeform mayhem. All lyrics on this album are sung in English. Recommended.

1 People
2 I Can't See Straight
3 To Walk On Water
4 Heaven's Coming Up
5 And Everywhere I See the Shadow of That Life
6 Searching for a Meeting Place
7 Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It
8 The Time of Hope Is Gone
9 W.C. Blues
10 I'm Gonna Be


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psych-Spaniolos said...

Ξεκινω να το ανεβασω παλι. Γενικα αυτα τα ανεβαστηρια μας εχουν σκισει. Ποτε δουλευει το ενα ποτε το αλλο. Κουραγιο γαμωτο.

aldo said...

This is a great album and kind of unique for Venezuela...also available in other blogs...
Anyone interested in Garage-Beat from Venezuela, I posted a 30 track comp here: