Monday, October 06, 2008

A Whole Lot of Rainbows: Soft Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults

Δευτέρα…η ωραιότερη μέρα της βδομάδας καθώς έχουμε έξοδο (η μοναδική τη βδομάδα) μετά μουσικής που βάζουμε οι ίδιοι. Μια αξιόλογη συλλογούλα λίγο πριν φύγω (το αρχείο θα ανέβει κατά τις 5 το πρωί που θα γυρίσω καθώς απ΄ότι βλέπω θέλει καμιά ωρα να ανέβει ακόμα). Ο χρόνος μου παραμένει εξαιρετικά περιορισμένος αφού τρέχω να προλάβω και δεν προλαβαίνω. Υπομονή έως τα Χριστούγεννα.
Να περνάτε όσο μπορείτε καλά.

There's an old adage that during the '60s anything seemed possible. Certainly, the unlikely group of middle-aged producers, studio vocalists, and reformed folkies featured on this collection proved this to be true. They sang of sunshine, cotton candy, and, of course, love in a totally irony-free context. One must remember, it was a time when The Mamas & The Papas were actually considered a rock band, and The Association claimed they played "bluer blues than The Rolling Stones." Sure, there were dark days ahead: People got heavy, rock became adult, and the music contained herein was deemed suitable only for those "other adults." Nevertheless, a critical reappraisal of these sophisticated sounds has provided a beautiful afterlife for sunshine pop. It is now widely coveted, collected, and consumed. Heck, nowadays, soft disciples can openly exclaim that "Kites Are Fun" without fear of a hippie hitting them over the head with a bong, and there is no shortage of hipsters who can correctly spell the name of Curt Boettcher. So, join us in the park, at the beach, or wherever your soft dreams usually transpire. We've got a whole lot of rainbows to find!
(Andrew Sandoval)

1. Come to the Sunshine - Harpers Bizarre
2. Candy Apple, Cotton Candy - Pat Shannon
3. Whole Lot of Rainbows - The Salt
4. Love-In - Morning Glories
5. Talking to the Flowers - The Everly Brothers
6. Our Dream - The Munx
7. Take My Hand - Lee Mallory
8. Come on In - The Association
9. Just What I've Been Looking For - The Vogues
10. Silver and Sunshine (How Wonderful Is Our Love) - Looking Glass, Looking Glass
11. Happiness - Anita Kerr, Anita Kerr, Anita Kerr Singers
12. If You Know What I Mean - The Gas Company
13. Wounded - The Cookies
14. Hung Up on Love - The Other Voices
15. For All That I Am - The Tokens
16. Summer Days, Summer Nights - The Street Corner Society
17. Discrepency - The Bonniwell Music Machine
18. Scorpio Red - The Holy Mackerel
19. Beverly Hills - Uncle Sound
20. Tell Someone That You Love Them - Dino, Desi & Billy
21. Time to Love - Addrisi Brothers
22. Someday Man - The Monkees
23. Trip to Loveland - Los Coronados
24. No One Was There (Requiem) - Gates of Eden


esmenard.victor said...

Thank you. Very nice set of pop songs.

N.D. said...

thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...


many thanks for this post - link stil active after 2 years, which is great too.

hoever, I think the link is for the wrong album - it's for a similar comp called "Come To The Sunshine", not the one in the header.


jeff in sydney