Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gordian Knot – Tones (1968)

Ευχάριστα ακούσματα από τους Gordian Knot σε μία μέρα που γενικά σηκώνει ηρεμία.
Το κομμάτι The Year of the Sun είναι πραγματικά «Γόρδιος Δεσμός» και ξεχωρίζει μακράν σε ένα γενικά όμορφο δίσκο.

'The turning point of their career was a party given by Nancy Sinatra. She liked the
group so much she asked them to accompany her on a USO trip to Viet Nam.'

J. D. LOBUE keyb'ds A
1(A) TONES (Verve V(6) 60562) 1968
1 If Only I Could Cry/Year Of The Sun (Verve 10595) 1968
2 Broken Down Ole Merry-Go-Round/We Must Be Doing Something Right (Verve 10612) 1968

Originally from Mississippi, the Gordian Knot emerged in Los Angeles in 1967. They recorded this fascinating hybrid of Association-esque Soft Pop/Soft Psych/Country Rock with LA's finest studio musicians and the Hi-Lo's own Clark Burroughs in the producers chair. Jim Weatherly later would become a soft country singer, releasing several albums for Buddha circa 1974/5.

1. It's Gonna Take a Lot
2. We Must Be Doing Somethin' Right
3. Strong Wind Blowin'
4. One Way Street
5. Carnival Lights, Again
6. Carraway Stream
7. The World Keeps Spinnin'
8. The Year of the Sun
9. I Can't Be Hurt Anymore
10. If Only I Could Fly
11. Broken Down Ole Merry-Go-Round

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Fuck It I'm Done said...

I was neighbors with Dulin Lancaster in Leakesville, MS from 1998 until I moved in 2000. We remained friends until he passed away. While neighbors, Dulin and I spent a lot of time together. We talked, drew, burned candles, smoked cannabis and listened to music. Dulin told me a lot about his history with music and his life in California. I also knew Dulin's mother. She was a very good artist. I loved her paintings. Dulin was an awesome drummer. We connected because my step father was also a drummer and also smoked "Lucky Strike" cigarettes. Dulin was there for me during a life changing period of my life, when my own family was not. My ex-husband was strung out on Crack cocaine and ended up killing his uncle. Dulin was a good friend to me and helped me to understand that what my ex was doing was not my problem. Dulin talked with me about many things that I had never been introduced to such as metaphysics. My son, Austin, was also there and he loved Dulin so much. Austin picked up drumming from Dulin. There were people in the picture at the time who claimed Dulin was deaf but I'd learned Dulin to be just in his own world. I appreciated him letting me into his world. Some people thought that Dulin and I were in a relationship but it was not like that at all. We did spend a lot of time together but he wasn't interested in me like that and I was going through so much, trying to figure out what the heck was happening in my life. He helped me keep going when I wanted to die. I cried when I found out Dulin had passed away. Austin did too. Dulin impacted my life in a huge way. Since Dulin moved into the non-physical, I have felt him around me a few times. I am thankful for his friendship and I appreciate all the memories we have. Right now I'm listening to the Gordian Knot whole Album on YouTube. I've found so much info online about Dulin and his music background. Of course, he played with the band in my hometown and I worked the bar. Good memories!!