Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giles Giles and Fripp - Cheerful Insanity (1968)

Ενδιαφέρουσα δημιουργία του Φριπ που μάλλον πέρασε στα ψιλά.

(IAN McDONALD woodwind, keyb'ds, vcls A)
(JUDY DYBLE vcls, keyb'ds A)

1(A) THE CHEERFUL INSANITY OF... (Deram DML/SML 1022) 1968 R1
NB: (1) reissued on (Deram SPA 423) 1970 (R1) and on CD (Deram 820 965-2) 1992 with bonus tracks.

1 One In A Million/Newly Weds (Deram DM 188) 1968
2 Thursday Morning/Elephant Song (Deram DM 210) 1968

Formed in Bournemouth in August 1967 after the Giles brothers had left Trendsetters Limited. In September of that year, they moved up to London but found gigs hard to come by. Eventually, they got a residency at a restaurant in Jermyn Street, backing an Italian singer but it only lasted a few days and they found themselves gigless again. In June 1968, Ian McDonald and former Fairport Convention singer Judy Dyble were recruited to their ranks. The same month, they put out their debut 45 but the punters just didn't seem interested in them. Both their 45s were decidedly weird and may well appeal to fans of freakbeat or psychedelia. Dyble only hung around for a month before moving on to Trader Horne, although, with her departure in July, Pete Sinfield became their lyricist. Over 25 years on, this and their second effort have become minor collectables, as has their album, which sold only in very small quantities at the time. It was actually quite a good amalgam of sunshine pop compositions like North Meadow and more offbeat tracks which owed more to Syd Barrett. There were also two narrations, Fripp's The Saga Of Rodney Toady and Giles' Just George. Their break-up was by now inevitable but Fripp went on to much greater things with King Crimson and the Giles brothers were both briefly involved in the band too. Robert Fripp later married Toyah.
The recent CD reissue of their album also includes both sides of their two previous non-album 45s and two previously unissued tracks:- She Is Loaded and Under The Sky. The See For Miles compilation Psychedalia - Rare Blooms From The English Summer Of Love (CD) also includes Thursday Morning.

1. Saga of Rodney Toady: North Meadow
2. Saga of Rodney Toady: Newly-Weds
3. Saga of Rodney Toady: One in a Million
4. Saga of Rodney Toady: Call Tomorrow
5. Saga of Rodney Toady: Digging My Lawn
6. Saga of Rodney Toady: Little Children
7. Saga of Rodney Toady: The Crukster
8. Saga of Rodney Toady: Thursday Morning
9. Just George: How Do They Known
10. Just George: Elephant Song
11. Just George: The Sun Is Shinging
12. Just George: Suite No. 1
13. Just George: Erudite Eyes
14. She Is Loaded
15. Thursday Morning [Mono Single Version]
16. Under the Sky
17. One in a Million [Mono Single Version]
18. Newly-Weds [Mono Single Version]
19. Thursday Morning [Mono Single Version]



Psicodelia pura said...

A superb album. For those who don't listen it yet, download it, mixing of psychedelia, jazz and some airs of classic music. An exquisite piece that everybody must have!

jeff said...

thanks much!

Anonymous said...

sounds interesting, looking forward to trying - thanks, steve.

Jim said...

Thank you dearly. "I Talk To The Wind" is gorgeous, immediately one of my favorite songs, and I'd never hear this version before (GGF). Makes me very happy. Appropriate that it's sunny outside today, and now I can enter that brightness with a beaming smile.

Schizoid said...

Can someone please re-upload this album? I can't find it anywhere!