Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love - False Start (1970)

The second and final Love album for Blue Thumb Records saw bandleader Arthur Lee heavily influenced by his friend, Jimi Hendrix, even going so far as to coax Hendrix into appearing on the opening track of the album, "The Everlasting First", supposedly one of several tracks that Hendrix recorded with Love. No further tracks have surfaced, however, possibly due to copyright restrictions or because the tapes have been lost.
Replacing Jay Donnellan with Gary Rowles and adding second rhythm guitarist Nooney Rickett after the session with Hendrix brought no great change to the sound of the group. There are shades of blues, funk, country and soul all based in rock and roll.
Success would continue to elude the group who disbanded shortly thereafter. Arthur Lee would issue his debut album, Vindicator, for A&M Records in 1972.
False Start was issued as part of the May 2007 Hip-O Select release The Blue Thumb Recordings.

The Everlasting First – 3:01
Flying – 2:37
Gimi a Little Break – 4:10
Stand Out – 3:35
Keep on Shining – 3:50
Anytime – 3:23
Slick Dick – 3:05
Love is Coming – 1:24
Feel Daddy Feel Good – 3:15
Ride That Vibration – 3:34


Record Fiend said...

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Anyone ever hear that 'summer of love anniversary' gig? I had it (maybe still do?) on tape. There was a really sweet Lee/Love performance, as well as material from others. Can't seem to find it mentioned online. Not sure if it was '87 or perhaps '92. Was held somewhere in Southern CA.

Sam said...

Hey Man, Thanks so much for posting all this awesome Love music. I was lucky enough to see Love in 2004 in Seattle when I was 16. My dad turned me on to them and they are by far some of the best music I've heard. Arthur is my number one inspiration as a musician. Thanks for putting all these lps out for people to find. Have you ever heard the Love record Black Beauty? It's produced by Paul Rothchild and sounds amazing. Cheers. - pingback said...

[...] Lee reminisces about his friendship with Jimmy Hendrix. The two worked together on “The Everlasting First” which appeared on Love’s False Start. The album came out early in 1970 [...]