Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love - Out Here (1969)

Κάποιοι ίσως παραξενευτούν που βλέπουν αυτό το εξώφυλλο, καθώς του δίσκου ήταν όντως άλλο. Βάζω όμως αυτό που κυκλοφόρησε στο cd το 1990 και που έχω.

With the classic line-up of Love a memory, the group metamorphosized into a more experimental and free-flowing group, bearing little resemblance to its past except for the presence of leader Arthur Lee. Recording three LPs worth of material with his new group, Lee gave one to Elektra Records in order to fulfill the contract that had been in place for nearly four years. Four Sail, the result of Elektra's cherry-picking, was released in August 1969.
Arranging the two remaining LPs into a double album, Lee signed a new contract with EMI-distributed Blue Thumb Records and oversaw the release of the seventeen-track Out Here in December 1969, a mere matter of months after Elektra released Four Sail. Featuring Lee and company tackling funk, rock, ska and soul with ease, it proved that while Love may have been past their apex, that they were still capable of producing entertaining and thought-provoking songs.
The Out Here title came from the name of the cover painting, created by Burt Shonberg in 1969. It is considered by some to be one of Shonberg's best works.[1]
In May 2007, the album was released as the first disc of The Blue Thumb Recordings by Universal's Hip-O Select division. Its only appearance on compact disc before this was a 1990 reissue distributed through MCA. (The British label Ace put together an official compilation called Out There, featuring most of the songs from Out Here but filled the rest of the disc with songs not associated with the album.)

I'll Pray for You – 3:50
Abalony – 1:50
Signed D.C. – 5:15
Listen to My Song – 2:28
I'm Down – 4:48
Stand Out – 3:00
Discharged – 1:30
Doggone – 12:00
I Still Wonder (Jay Donnellan) – 3:05
Love Is More Than Words Or Better Late Than Never – 11:20
Nice to Be – 1:50
Car Lights On in the Daytime Blues – 1:10
Run to the Top – 3:00
Willow Willow – 3:22
Instra-Mental – 3:00
You Are Something – 2:05
Gather 'Round – 5:50

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