Thursday, June 26, 2014

Skip and The Creations – Mobam (1966)

Μία μπάντα φάντασμα από το Colonial Heights, λίγο έξω από το Richmond της Virginia. Από το σεξτέτο αυτό, ξέρουμε μόνο τα μικρά τους ονόματα και αυτά  τα λόγω του οπισθόφυλλου. Εμφανίστηκαν από το πουθενά,  κυκλοφόρησαν αυτό τον σπάνιο πλέον δίσκο το 1967 και εξαφανίστηκαν λίγο μετά. Περίεργος ο τίτλος του δίκου «Mobam” που κατά μερικούς σημαίνει Makers Of Bad Ass Music.

Επιρροές από r&b, soul και βέβαια garaze παίξιμο στο ρεπερτόριό τους το οποίο περιλαμβάνει και μερικές διασκευές (πραγματικά πολύ καλή αυτή του «Turn On Your Love Light»). Αξίζει να ακουστεί ξανά μετά από χρόνια το εξαίσιο «I'm Calling You Baby».

Skip and the Creation - I'm Calling You Baby (1966)

Skip and the Creation

Band members:

1 MOBAM                    (Justice 152)                                                 1966
NB: (1) reissued on CD by Collectables (COL-CD-0602) 1995.  
From Colonial Heights, just outside of Richmond, Virginia. This band's album is a rare and sought-after collectable. The album is garagey frat-rock of the soulful sort - covers include Harlem Shuffle, 99.5, Double Shot, Turn On Your Lovelight, Respectable, Gimme Some Lovin' and I'm So Lonesome I Could. "Mobam" supposedly means Makers Of Bad Ass Music. They had a fan club based in Colonial Heights, Virginia, outside of Petersburg.

1 Respectable        2:32
2 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry           2:47
3 Harlem Shuffle    3:04
4 Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)    2:47
5 Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)     2:13
6 I'll Go Crazy        2:53
7 I'm Calling You Baby     1:54
8 Try Me      3:51
9 Turn on Your Love Light          2:54
10 Gimme Some Lovin'   1:59
11 Terry      2:36


Salaok said...

Πολύ καλο το 'Mobam" εμενα μου αρεσε πολύ η εκδοχή τουs στο Harlem Shuffle Ακομη ποιο ενδειαφερουσεs είναι οι επιλογεs σου στο ''Summer Tunes '' [boozetunes ]

Pete Cost said...

Να προσθέσω κάτι λίγα για τους Skip & The Creations:

From Colonial Heights, just outside of Richmond, Virginia.
Practically nothing is known about "Skip & The Creations", apart from the fact that they were a sextet, that their first names were Walter, Brute, Jeffrey, Skip, Rick, and Tommy, and that Skip was their lead singer, Jeffrey was the lead guitarist, Walter may have been the organist, and Brute played a Fender-model bass.

"Skip and The Creations" cut their "Justice Records" Lp in 1967 (Justice 152) and disappeared sometime after that.

The album is Garage Frat-Rock of the Soulful sort - covers include "Bob & Earl"'s "Harlem Shuffle", "Wilson Pickett"'s "Ninety-Nine and A Half", "The Swingin' Medallions"'s "Double Shot", "Deadric Malone" and "Joseph Scott"'s "Turn On Your Lovelight", "The Isley Brothers"'s "Respectable", "The Spencer Davis Group"'s "Gimme Some Lovin'" "Hank Williams"'s "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry".

"Skip and The Creations" seemed bent on becoming Virginia's answer to "The Outsiders".

These boys really tried hard, mixing R&B and gospel influences in a surprisingly effective fashion, and their concert performances must've been awesome in the context of the times.
Their cover of "Double Shot" was no threat to "The Swingin' Medallions", nor was their "Respectable" going to make "The Outsiders" worry about losing gigs-but even here "Skip and The Creations" did sing with a demented, soulful snarl that makes their work entertaining and animated, and puts these performances over.

"Mobam" supposedly means Makers Of Bad Ass Music.
They had a fan club based in Colonial Heights, Virginia, outside of Petersburg.

Anonymous said...

Ακριβως. Μονον αυτα τα ελαχιστα υπαρχουν δυστυχώς για αυτους.