Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Foul Dogs - The Foul Dogs No. 1 (1966)

Το ξεχασμένο και άσημο αυτό γκρουπάκι μάλλον είχε την ίδια αγάπη με μένα για τους Rolling Stones.

1 THE FOUL DOGS NO. 1 (Rhythm Sound 481) 1966 R3
NB: (1) reissued in the early-mid eighties on Resurrection (CX 1296) and more recently by Distortions.

A Concord, New Hampshire group whose album comprised typical local R&B/prep rock. One cut, I'm A Man, also appears on Oil Stains (LP). The album sounds very Stones-influenced but had a couple of self-penned numbers.

01 2120 S.Michigan Ave.
02 The Singer Not The Song
03 Suzie-Q
04 Blue & Green
05 Gloria
06 Tell Me
07 I'm A Man
08 Baby I Know
09 Hang On Sloopy
10 Not Fade Away


henry said...

looks like it could be pretty good. some of those "local" bands were actually quite good. thanks for the chance to hear some of this older material.

Dmitry said...

Are you maybe give download CD The Foul Dogs?
I'll be grateful!