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Paul Revere and the Raiders – Like Long Hair (1961)

Το ξεκίνημα των Raiders από το Portland του Oregon. Το 1959 που σχηματίστηκαν είχαν το όνομα The Downbeats, μετά για δύο βδομάδες (to 1960) γίνανε Paul Revere and the Nightriders και μετά οι γνωστοί. το πρώτο δισκάκι ήρθε και το πρώτο χιτ, το Like Long Hair που έφτασε στο νούμερο 38. Ο χαμός βέβαια έγινε όταν αργότερα (το 66-67 πούλαγαν ατέλειωτα) πήγαν στην Columbia ως το πρώτο ροκ γκρουπ που έκανε συμβόλαιο με αυτή την ιστορική εταιρεία.

Paul Revere is an enterprising young man with an unbelievable name. However, unlike the original Paul Revere who worked out of Boston and rode a horse, this one hails from Caldwell, Idaho and rides a piano.

Paul Revere who was a master barber at age 17, owner of 3 barber shops at 19, presently a drive-in-restaurant at the age of 21 is now making big noise in the record business. In a national DJ poll, by one of the lead trade magazines, his group was voted as one of the top up-and-coming instrumental groups in the nation.
Paul Revere, who had never performed in public, was persuaded to sit in at a local teenage dance sponsored by the Elks. He was so enthused, he decided to continue playing dances with the local group.

It was the spring of 1960 that Paul decided to record on tape a song called "Beatnik Sticks" and take it to Hollywood with the hope of some record company putting it on wax. When he arrived in Hollywood he discovered he was one of many trying to do the same thing. He was persistent and after a week of what seemed to be nonsuccess, he was suddenly offered contracts by 5 different record companies. After some thought he accepted Gardena Records as being the most promising.
After the success of his single "Like Longhair", here is his contribution to th L.P. field with an all instrumental dance album that has the typical drive! drive! drive! of "Paul Revere & The Raiders".

Paul Revere - keyboards
Mark Lindsay - vocals/sax
Richard White - guitar
Robert White - guitar
Bill Hibbert - bass
Jerry Labrum - drums

1. Like Long Hair
2. All Night Long
3. Summer Time
4. Tall Cool One
5. Wabash Blues
6. Concert in "F" Sharp
7. Beatnik Sticks
8. Swinging Shepherd Blues
9. Groovey
10. The Last Mile
11. Road Runner
12. Moon Dawg

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