Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things Vol. 1

Έναρξη εδώ αυτής της τριλογίας όπου αν είδα καλά έχει κυκλοφορήσει και τέταρτο μέρος, άρα έγινε κουαρτέτο, το οποίο ανέβηκε πρόσφατα στο νετ από «συνάδελφους».
Η πρώτη αυτή συλλογή περιέχει μερικά εξαιρετικά κομμάτια όπως το Baby Baby των Wild Cheries ή το Love Someone των Aliens ή το πολύ fuzz κομμάτι των New Directions στην Alternate Version

This compilation follows in the vein of many similar regional '60s garage/psych collections that surfaced towards the end of the 20th century, thanks to a combination of ever deeper interest in obscurities and the general proliferation of cheap CD runs for a small but obsessive market. Like the best of the bunch, from Nuggets on down, a combination of liner notes, photos, and general stories provides a good amount of the appeal. This particular disc focuses on bands from the Tidewater area of Virginia, named after three of the groups featured here. All are pretty well unknown outside of the occasional appearance on a similar comp or two, and generally speaking the performances are an obvious mix of derivative originals and good-spirited covers dedicated to raising a fun cheap racket, like so many other regional hits and misses of the era.

So coming to this for revelations isn't at all a good idea, but listening in for the heck of it often turns up some rough and ready fun. The higher octane numbers make this a good party disc and the various ballads are sweet enough, and as the compilers are proud to say, it's different from the regional "beach music" that the area is known for. Wild Thing are probably the most notable of the bunch, not only for their mighty fine "Weird Hot Nights" (dig the crazed laughs on the breaks) but their utterly insane look of huge silver pompadours and general alien decadence. It must have taken sheer chutzpah to even think of a look like that in 1966. Another noteworthy cut is from the Electrical Banana -- it's a fair cover of "There She Goes Again" by the Velvet Underground that suddenly breaks into a peppy, kick-up-your-heels ending. Not only was it probably one of the first remakes of that band ever, the actual recording was done via a gas-generator powered deck in Vietnam, where bandleader Dean Kohler, veteran of the Satellites (also featured on this collection) had ended up to serve his tour of duty! ~ Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

1. When Will You Stay - Satellites
2. Next Boy, The - Satellites
3. I Cried Once - The Wild Cherries
4. Baby, Baby - The Wild Cherries
5. Babba Diddy Baby - Heart Attacks
6. Do You Have to Ask - Swinging Machine
7. Comin' on Back Home - Swinging Machine
8. Workin' For My Baby - Lenis Guess
9. Weird Hot Nights - WIld Thing
10. Do You Have to Ask - Swinging Machine
11. Crying For Her - Proverbial Knee Hi's
12. Watch Out - Proverbial Knee Hi's
13. Certain Girl, A - Rude Awakening
14. Flight Patterns - Denis And The Times
15. 1-A - The Reactors
16. There She Goes Again - Banana
17. She's Gone - Banana
18. Gooseberry Pie - Dean Kohler
19. What Makes You Think - Beachnuts
20. Black River - The Psychos
21. Love Someone - Aliens
22. Runaway Baby - The Journey Back
23. Synthetic People - The Journey Back
24. Springtime Lady - New Directions
25. Franki'es Got It! - Steve Peele Five
26. Springtime Lady - New Directions (Alternate Version)


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Buffalo Billycan said...

I only have the vinyl release on Norton. Now I have the pleasure to listen to 8 more songs. Thanks for the share.