Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aliens, Psychos & Wild Things, Vol. 2

Επίσης Καλή συλλογή που κινείται μεταξύ Garage Rock και 60s Punk. Πολύ ενδιαφέροντα κομμάτια όπως για παράδειγμα το Reckless Ways των Smacks ή Girl You've Got to Turn Me On των Sound on Sound.

Like the first compilation in this series, the focus of this collection of regional garage/psych singles from the '60s covers Virginia, in this case looking more at the north of the state, near the D.C. area and elsewhere. As with the predecessor, it's a fun labor of love -- besides packing the disc full of goodies, including a slew of never released cuts, the compilers have a lot of photos and band stories to offer. One statement says it all: "True fans want the human side, not just the sides on old 45s." There are a few numbers that cropped up elsewhere, but the liner notes promise cleaner transfers and indeed everything sounds pretty darn good throughout, given both the recording conditions and the need to transfer from vinyl at points.

The general musical flavor remains pretty much the same -- there's nothing really deathless throughout the 25 songs on the compilation, but all the vaunted energy and good times ascribed to the American garage explosion has a fine echo here. Standout...s include the nervy "Jump, Jack, Jump" by the Miller Brothers, with some just threatening enough vocals on the verses, and a fairly echoey but still excitable enough take on the Yardbirds' "You're a Better Man Than I" by the Nite Beats. There are a lot of numbers that were clearly designed first and foremost for the local dances and gigs just about all these bands thrived on -- the Live Wires' "Scrambled Eggs" and the murkily recorded but still sharp "Let Me Take You Down" by the Uprisers are two good examples. Two brothers, Larry and Stanley Burnell, crop up in a number of bands and as producers along the way -- being a pretty good rhythm section obviously made their services in demand - Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

1. The Panics - No More
2. Live Wires - Scrambled Eggs
3. The Roaches - Someone With A Heart
4. Miller Brothers - Jump,Jack,Jump
5. Smacks - Reckless Ways
6. Smacks - Nobody Else Is Gonna Do
7. Smacks - There'll Come A Day
8. The Flys - The Way Things Are
9. Nite Beats - You're A Better Man Than I
10. HazzardsHey Joe -
11. The Barracudas - I Can't Believe
12. The Escorts - My Only Love
13. Phantom - I Want To See Her Cry
14.Minuteman - Why Do I Cry?
15.Uprisers - Let Me Take You Down
16.Uprisers - Nine To Five
17.The Changing Times - Go Your Own Way
18.The Changing Times - Keeper Of Souls
19.Kool Kuzzins - Love Can Be True
20.Sound On Sound - Girl You've Got To Turn Me On
21.Shades, Inc. - Fragile Fruit
22.Creations - Better Watch Out
23.Creations - I'm Mad
24.Creations - Soul And Feelin'
25.Creations - To Whom It May Concern
26. Bonus Track,_Psychos,_and_Wild_Things_Vol._2.rar


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I see the tracks from EP Creations are all for in this comp.!

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Aliens, Psychos & Wild Things, Vol. 3