Thursday, October 01, 2009

Jennifer's Friends - Visions / Land Of Make Believe (1968)

Τυχαία άκουσα ένα κομμάτι, έψαξα για αυτούς αλλά όπως συνήθως συμβαίνει σε αυτές τις περιπτώσεις οι πληροφορίες είναι ανύπαρκτες. Διαμάντι το Vision και πολύ ευχάριστο το Land Of Make Believe.

Very little is known about this band. They are believed to be from the New Haven, CT area due to their sole single charting on a local radio station there in the summer of 1968. Both sides of the 45 are excellent, with the A-side being more of a well crafted pop-psych orchestration and the B-side a slower, more moody piece.

1) Visions
2) Land Of Make Believe


TOM said...


nikos_paleo_faliro said...

Pano, kalimera! Prospatho na ertho se epikononia mazi sou, alla den xero pos na sou steilo mail mesa apo edo...
an thes grapse mou sto mail mou
tha thela na se rotiso kapoia pragmata.

thanks, perimeno.

Anonymous said...

great music!! these guys are good thanks

Esmenard Victor said...

Nice single. Thank you.

Bob Conkling said...

Maybe I can help. Their live performances were wonderful!! Full use of Da-Glo face paint with a lead singer that had a complete Charlie Manson thing going. Matt Laughton, the guitarist had a career as a dept. head at Bridgeport Hospital. The record could have been a hit. I wish I had a quiet copy. At 15, I followed them around Southern Ct. and sat in twice on guitar. The Fire Marshall was always on hand as their big thing was setting their amps on fire!!!. I was there...Bob

Bob Conkling said...

I have never seen the Astor yellow and black label before. I have the U.S. MGM-Buddha label single.

•O•A•T•S•T•A•O• said...

Jennifer’s Friends had Ben Mochan who later went on in the band , Smokey John Bull. He passed away on a sailing accident a few years back.

Thanks for offering. It was said by a relative that they were signed to Arista, but nothing was released, only on on Buddah in the states, so possibly tapes in vaults, once again.

Matt Lawton said...

Hi. This is Matt Lawton, lead guitar for Jennifer's Friends. I can set the record straight, highlight the band members, and provide any other innuendo as I was there from beginning to end. Email me at!
thanks for keeping the band's spirit alive after all these years.