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Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things Vol. 1

Έναρξη εδώ αυτής της τριλογίας όπου αν είδα καλά έχει κυκλοφορήσει και τέταρτο μέρος, άρα έγινε κουαρτέτο, το οποίο ανέβηκε πρόσφατα στο νετ από «συνάδελφους».
Η πρώτη αυτή συλλογή περιέχει μερικά εξαιρετικά κομμάτια όπως το Baby Baby των Wild Cheries ή το Love Someone των Aliens ή το πολύ fuzz κομμάτι των New Directions στην Alternate Version

This compilation follows in the vein of many similar regional '60s garage/psych collections that surfaced towards the end of the 20th century, thanks to a combination of ever deeper interest in obscurities and the general proliferation of cheap CD runs for a small but obsessive market. Like the best of the bunch, from Nuggets on down, a combination of liner notes, photos, and general stories provides a good amount of the appeal. This particular disc focuses on bands from the Tidewater area of Virginia, named after three of the groups featured here. All are pretty well unknown outside of the occasional appearance on a similar comp or two, and generally speaking the performances are an obvious mix of derivative originals and good-spirited covers dedicated to raising a fun cheap racket, like so many other regional hits and misses of the era.

So coming to this for revelations isn't at all a good idea, but listening in for the heck of it often turns up some rough and ready fun. The higher octane numbers make this a good party disc and the various ballads are sweet enough, and as the compilers are proud to say, it's different from the regional "beach music" that the area is known for. Wild Thing are probably the most notable of the bunch, not only for their mighty fine "Weird Hot Nights" (dig the crazed laughs on the breaks) but their utterly insane look of huge silver pompadours and general alien decadence. It must have taken sheer chutzpah to even think of a look like that in 1966. Another noteworthy cut is from the Electrical Banana -- it's a fair cover of "There She Goes Again" by the Velvet Underground that suddenly breaks into a peppy, kick-up-your-heels ending. Not only was it probably one of the first remakes of that band ever, the actual recording was done via a gas-generator powered deck in Vietnam, where bandleader Dean Kohler, veteran of the Satellites (also featured on this collection) had ended up to serve his tour of duty! ~ Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

1. When Will You Stay - Satellites
2. Next Boy, The - Satellites
3. I Cried Once - The Wild Cherries
4. Baby, Baby - The Wild Cherries
5. Babba Diddy Baby - Heart Attacks
6. Do You Have to Ask - Swinging Machine
7. Comin' on Back Home - Swinging Machine
8. Workin' For My Baby - Lenis Guess
9. Weird Hot Nights - WIld Thing
10. Do You Have to Ask - Swinging Machine
11. Crying For Her - Proverbial Knee Hi's
12. Watch Out - Proverbial Knee Hi's
13. Certain Girl, A - Rude Awakening
14. Flight Patterns - Denis And The Times
15. 1-A - The Reactors
16. There She Goes Again - Banana
17. She's Gone - Banana
18. Gooseberry Pie - Dean Kohler
19. What Makes You Think - Beachnuts
20. Black River - The Psychos
21. Love Someone - Aliens
22. Runaway Baby - The Journey Back
23. Synthetic People - The Journey Back
24. Springtime Lady - New Directions
25. Franki'es Got It! - Steve Peele Five
26. Springtime Lady - New Directions (Alternate Version)

Aliens, Psychos & Wild Things, Vol. 2

Επίσης Καλή συλλογή που κινείται μεταξύ Garage Rock και 60s Punk. Πολύ ενδιαφέροντα κομμάτια όπως για παράδειγμα το Reckless Ways των Smacks ή Girl You've Got to Turn Me On των Sound on Sound.

Like the first compilation in this series, the focus of this collection of regional garage/psych singles from the '60s covers Virginia, in this case looking more at the north of the state, near the D.C. area and elsewhere. As with the predecessor, it's a fun labor of love -- besides packing the disc full of goodies, including a slew of never released cuts, the compilers have a lot of photos and band stories to offer. One statement says it all: "True fans want the human side, not just the sides on old 45s." There are a few numbers that cropped up elsewhere, but the liner notes promise cleaner transfers and indeed everything sounds pretty darn good throughout, given both the recording conditions and the need to transfer from vinyl at points.

The general musical flavor remains pretty much the same -- there's nothing really deathless throughout the 25 songs on the compilation, but all the vaunted energy and good times ascribed to the American garage explosion has a fine echo here. Standout...s include the nervy "Jump, Jack, Jump" by the Miller Brothers, with some just threatening enough vocals on the verses, and a fairly echoey but still excitable enough take on the Yardbirds' "You're a Better Man Than I" by the Nite Beats. There are a lot of numbers that were clearly designed first and foremost for the local dances and gigs just about all these bands thrived on -- the Live Wires' "Scrambled Eggs" and the murkily recorded but still sharp "Let Me Take You Down" by the Uprisers are two good examples. Two brothers, Larry and Stanley Burnell, crop up in a number of bands and as producers along the way -- being a pretty good rhythm section obviously made their services in demand - Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

1. The Panics - No More
2. Live Wires - Scrambled Eggs
3. The Roaches - Someone With A Heart
4. Miller Brothers - Jump,Jack,Jump
5. Smacks - Reckless Ways
6. Smacks - Nobody Else Is Gonna Do
7. Smacks - There'll Come A Day
8. The Flys - The Way Things Are
9. Nite Beats - You're A Better Man Than I
10. HazzardsHey Joe -
11. The Barracudas - I Can't Believe
12. The Escorts - My Only Love
13. Phantom - I Want To See Her Cry
14.Minuteman - Why Do I Cry?
15.Uprisers - Let Me Take You Down
16.Uprisers - Nine To Five
17.The Changing Times - Go Your Own Way
18.The Changing Times - Keeper Of Souls
19.Kool Kuzzins - Love Can Be True
20.Sound On Sound - Girl You've Got To Turn Me On
21.Shades, Inc. - Fragile Fruit
22.Creations - Better Watch Out
23.Creations - I'm Mad
24.Creations - Soul And Feelin'
25.Creations - To Whom It May Concern
26. Bonus Track,_Psychos,_and_Wild_Things_Vol._2.rar

Aliens, Psychos & Wild Things, Vol. 3

Η πιο ψυχεδελικη και μάλλον η ποιοτικότερη από τις τρεις. Για παράδειγμα τα κομματια των Morning Disaster ειναι εξαιρετικά psych.

The third installment of Arcania International's exhaustive overview of Tidewater/Richmond Virginia garage and psych from the mid-'60s is chock-full of bands that -- well -- no one has ever heard of. Like the folks at specialty labels like Gear Fab and Norton, Arcania recognizes the appeal of unknown, unsigned bands from yesteryear. And though much of this material is extremely lo-fi (Velvet Haze's fuzz-drenched "Last Day on Earth") and amateurish (Banana's disastrous "I'm a Man"), there are several gems to be found. Some tunes, like Wilson Castle's "Party" and The Bosom Blues Band's "Hippie Queen" reveal legitimately sincere attempts at musical sophistication, posing the question; what could some of these bands have accomplished with a skilled producer and first-class recording gear?

The surprisingly good CSN&Y-soundalike psych-ballad, "Cherry Road," by a band called Plauge is just another fine example of this. What is, perhaps, most interesting about these bands, though, is to hear their imitation of the more popular sounds of the day. Shades of the Animals, Yardbirds, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly, and the Byrds are clearly evident. And while this collection proves that a fuzz box in the wrong hands -- or at the wrong feet -- can be a room-emptying disaster, there is no denying the exuberance, innocence, and bittersweet naivete of rock's under-the-radar bands of the 1960s. Compilations such as this, however, are perhaps most interesting to the un-initiated as -- at best -- social anthropology. This is not for the average vintage rock enthusiast, but dive right in if you are looking for something slightly strange but surely fun. ~ John Duffy, All Music Guide

1. Shades, Ltd. - Frog Hunt on Mars
2. Del-Fi's - Now It's Time
3. Perpetuated Spirits of Turpentine - I'm a Lucky Guy
4. Perpetuated Spirits of Turpentine - I'm a Double Naught Spy
5. Rejects - Just a Little Bit of You
6. Wanted & Co. - Why
7. IV Pak - Whatzit
8. Lost Souls - Minds Expressway
9. Lost Souls - For You
10. Changing Tymes - The Only Girl I Love
11. Banana - I'm a Man
12. Clover - Way She Smiles
13. Baracudas - Days of a Quiet Sun
14. Bosom Blues - Hippie Queen
15. Morning Disaster - Song of Innocence
16. Morning Disaster - Black Leather Books
17. Morning Disaster - Urban 44
18. Velvet Haze - Last Day on Earth
19. Shirley Hughey - Pink and Green
20. Plague - Cherry Road
21. Wilson Castle - Party
22. Wilson Castle - The Greatest Moments
23. Wilson Castle - Instrumental,_Psychos_and_Wild_Things_Vol._3.rar

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Live in Tripolis - Greece

Saturday 17 Oct 2009
-Doorsopen 21:00
-Admission 8 euro
-Psych DJ set by the 3 TimeLords
Καλή επιτυχία παιδιά.

Mastin and Brewer - Need You/Rainbow (1966)

Δεν υπάρχουν πολλά σημεία στο νετ για να ψάξεις και να βρεις τέτοια ποιοτικά σινγκλ. Θα έλεγα πως είναι μετρημένα στα δάχτυλα του ενός χεριού. Ένα τέτοιο είναι το garagehangover όπου τον περασμένο Μάιο ανέβασε αυτό το σινγκλ. Κατεβάστε το από δω ή από το garagehangover και ακούστε ιδίως το Need You. Ένα πραγματικά πανέμορφο τραγούδι όπως και το Rainbow.
Μόλις άκουσα το σινγκλ το μόνο που σκέφτηκα ήταν να το μοιραστώ μαζί σας διότι είναι πιθανό να σας ξέφυγε.
Το κείμενο εξηγεί γιατί το 45αρι αντί για Mastin and Brewer γράφει Brewer and Brewer.
Αντιγράφω από το garagehangover την πρόταση … «Columbia duly released the single, albeit in limited numbers, as Brewer & Brewer that autumn, but it failed to attract much interest». Καλύτερα, συμπληρώνω εγώ.

MIKE BREWER gtr, vcls A
TOM MASTIN gtr, vcls A

1 Need You/Rainbow (Columbia 4-43977) 1966

In December 1965, after a few years playing together on the folk-circuit, Mastin and Brewer arrived in L.A.. Here they stayed with producer Barry Friedman and New Christy Minstrel, Randy Sparks, recording a three-song demo, comprising originals Need You, Sideswiped and Bound To Fall. The latter track was later covered by Stephen Stills's Manassas.

In early 1966, they formed a group with ex-Skip Battin Group drummer Billy Mundi and Tim Buckley sideman Jim Fielder. Rehearsing in the same house as Buffalo Springfield, they joined The Byrds and Buffalo Springfield on a tour of Southern California and also played at L.A.'s Whisky A Go Go and Ash Grove clubs.
In mid-1966 they changed name to the Elesian Senate and began work on an album. Mastin however, left during the sessions and the band subsequently fragmented. Mundi joined The Lamp of Childhood for a few months and then The Mothers of Invention, Fielder too joined The Mothers at the suggestion of Mundi, whilst Mastin moved to San Francisco to work in bars and later committed suicide.

Left without a band, Mike Brewer brought in his brother Keith to overdub his voice over Mastin's (who later committed suicide) on the duo's lone single. The two brothers then began work on new material; Mike's Truly Right, written about Mastin was covered by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and the brothers' collaboration, Love, Love and Mike's Truly Right were later rerecorded by Brewer and Shipley on their debut album.
In the Summer, Mike took up a songwriting post at Good Sam Music which ultimately led to the formation of Brewer and Shipley.
(Nick Warburton)
1. Need You
2. Rainbow

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The Mystic Tide - Solid Sound (1965-67)

JOE DOCKO gtr, ld vcls A B
PAUL PICELL bs, vcls A B
JIM THOMAS gtr, vcls A

1(A/B) IT COMES NOW (Distortions DB-1 006) 1991
2(A/B) SOLID SOUND/SOLID GROUND (Distortions ?) 199?
NB: (2) is an eighteen track CD compilation, including all single tracks and an unreleased acetate of their first song from 1965. Seven songs are not on (1) which is now out of print.

1 Stay Away/Why (Esquire 4677) 1965
2 Mystic Eyes/I Search For A New Love (Esquire 719/720) 1966
3 Frustration/Psychedelic Journey Pt 1 (Solid Sound 156/7) 1966
4 Running Through The Night/Psychedelic Journey Pt 2 (Solid Sound 158/9) 1967
5 Mystery Ship/You Won't Look Back (Solid Sound 321/2) 1967

Out of the Woodbury suburb of New York City, this band made some outstanding recordings. They started life combining their own compositions with Them, Searchers and Zombies originals. They went very much against the tide of most Long Island bands, who were heavily into soul. By early 1966 they were becoming more adventurous. For their second 45, they covered a Them song, Mystic Eyes. Indeed, this slow punk ballad was party responsible for their name, as their leader Joe Docko liked it so much. Their third 45 was their magnum opus. Frustration was a haze of dementia with superb guitar leads from Docko. They played 10 minute versions of it live and each was different. The flip, Psychedelic Journey Pt 1 was a stunning psychedelic instrumental which once again contained some superb guitar playing from Docko. The song continued on the flip to their fourth 45, which featured fine discordant clashing guitars and a striking ending. After this Jim Thomas left and they continued as a trio for one final effort:- Mystery Ship, another punk ballad - a tale of death and the futility of life, backed by the more optimistic, You Won't Look Back. This lacked the 'fullness' of sound of their previous two, now they were only a trio.
The band are well represented on compilations. You can find Psychedelic Journey Pts 1 & 2 on Endless Journey - Phase One (LP) and Endless Journey - Phase I & II (Dble CD); Frustration on Acid Dreams, Vol. 1 (LP); Mystery Ship and Mystic Eyes on Sixties Archive Vol. 5 (CD) and The Finest Hours of U.S. '60s Punk (LP); Psychedelic Journey, Part 1 on Son Of The Gathering Of The Tribe (LP); Mystery Ship on Glimpses, Vol's 1 & 2 (CD) and Glimpses, Vol. 2 (LP); Runnin' Through The Night on Ear-Piercing Punk (LP) and Pebbles, Vol. 2 (ESD) (CD); You Won't Look Back on Boulders, Vol. 11 (LP); Stay Away on Psychedelic States: New York Vol. 1 (CD); and finally You Know It's True on Psychedelic Crown Jewels, Vol. 1 (Dble LP & CD). The band also appear on Eva's E-Types vs Mystic Tide 1984 retrospective with the following tracks:- Frustration, Psychedelic Journey (Pts 1 and 2), Running Through The Night, Search For A New Love, and You Won't Look Back. All tracks were written by Joe Docko.
The recent Distortions retrospectives include all their 45s plus an early effort, I Wouldn't Care, a gentle Merseybeat-influenced song. The later CD release includes seven extra tracks. Forget all the compilations and get this excellent legitimate collection of their 45s.
An absolute 'must' for connoisseurs of psychedelia, they were at the forefront of experimentation and ahead of their time.

01. Wouldn’t Care
02. Why
03. Stay Away
04. I Search for New
05. Mystic Eyes
06. Frustration
07. Running Through the Nigh
08. Psychedelic Journey pt.1
09. Psychedelic Journey, Pt. 2
10. Mystery Ship
11. You Won't Look Back
12. You Know It's True
13. It's Simple Sistero
15. Frustration
16. Silver Rails - Going Home
17. See the Light
18. Solid Ground

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Jennifer's Friends - Visions / Land Of Make Believe (1968)

Τυχαία άκουσα ένα κομμάτι, έψαξα για αυτούς αλλά όπως συνήθως συμβαίνει σε αυτές τις περιπτώσεις οι πληροφορίες είναι ανύπαρκτες. Διαμάντι το Vision και πολύ ευχάριστο το Land Of Make Believe.

Very little is known about this band. They are believed to be from the New Haven, CT area due to their sole single charting on a local radio station there in the summer of 1968. Both sides of the 45 are excellent, with the A-side being more of a well crafted pop-psych orchestration and the B-side a slower, more moody piece.

1) Visions
2) Land Of Make Believe