Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Byrds – The Essential Byrds

Χωρίς νόημα οι οποιαδήποτε συστάσεις , παρατηρήσεις ή σχόλια για τους Byrds. Η συλλογή αυτή που κυκλοφόρησε το 2006 αποτελεί ένα χαρακτηριστικότατο δείγμα του αστείρευτου ταλέντου τους. Σαφώς και η ουσία βρίσκεται για μένα βασικά στο πρώτο cd.

Disc one
"Mr. Tambourine Man" (Bob Dylan) – 2:31
"I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" (Gene Clark) – 2:32
"All I Really Want to Do" (Bob Dylan) – 2:04
"Chimes of Freedom" (Bob Dylan) – 3:51
"Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)" (Book of Ecclesiastes/Pete Seeger)– 3:51
"She Don't Care About Time" (single version) (Gene Clark) – 2:30
"It Won't Be Wrong" (Gerst/Roger McGuinn) – 1:59
"Set You Free This Time" (Gene Clark) – 2:50
"He Was a Friend of Mine" (add. lyrics Roger McGuinn) – 2:31
"Eight Miles High" (Gene Clark/David Crosby/Roger McGuinn) – 3:36
"5D (Fifth Dimension)" (Roger McGuinn) – 2:34
"Mr. Spaceman" (Roger McGuinn) – 2:10
"So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star" (Chris Hillman/Roger McGuinn) – 2:06
"Have You Seen Her Face" (Chris Hillman) – 2:41
"Renaissance Fair" (David Crosby/Roger McGuinn) – 1:52
"My Back Pages" (Bob Dylan) – 3:08

Disc two
"Lady Friend" (David Crosby) – 2:31
"Old John Robertson (single version)" (Chris Hillman/Roger McGuinn) – 1:54
"Goin' Back" (Gerry Goffin/Carole King) – 3:27
"Natural Harmony" (Chris Hillman) – 2:12
"Wasn't Born to Follow" (Gerry Goffin/Carole King) – 2:03
"You Ain't Going Nowhere" (Bob Dylan) – 2:35
"Hickory Wind" (Gram Parsons/B. Buchanan) – 3:32
"This Wheel's on Fire" (Bob Dylan/Rick Danko) – 4:45
"Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man" (Roger McGuinn/Gram Parsons) – 3:54
"Ballad of Easy Rider" (Roger McGuinn) – 2:04
"Jesus Is Just Alright" (A. Reynolds) – 2:10
"Lover of the Bayou (live)" (Roger McGuinn/Jacques Levy) – 3:40
"Chestnut Mare" (Roger McGuinn/Jacques Levy) – 5:08
"Glory, Glory" (A. Reynolds) – 4:01
"I Wanna Grow up to Be a Politician" (Roger McGuinn/Jacques Levy) – 2:02
"Tiffany Queen" (Roger McGuinn) – 2:41
"Farther Along" (trad. arr. Clarence White) – 2:57


άσωτος said...

καλη συλογη, αν και τα ειχα τα περισσοτερα. κατεβασα τα σιγκλακια των afrodite's child καταπληκτικα, δωσε χαιρετισματα στον Ντεμη...

psych-Spaniolos said...

Να βρω λίγο χρόνο (δύσκολο δηλαδη) και θα ανεβάσω και αλλα σινγκλάκια που κυκλοφόρησαν Ελλαδα.

Rochacrimson said...

Good Stuff!
Thanks Spaniolos!