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The Orient Express - Orient Express (1969)

Άντε και ένα πειρατή γιατί μου λείψανε. Όπως το γνωστό τραίνο, έτσι και αυτοί ταξιδεύουν από Ανατολή σε Δύση, με ήχους που λόγω γεωγραφικής θέσης μας είναι γενικά οικείοι. Αναμφίβολα το Fruit of the desert είναι το κορυφαίο τους κομμάτι, το οποίο βάζω τακτικά στο μπαράκι, ελπίζοντας πως κάποια στιγμή θα σηκωθεί καμία κοπελιά να χορέψει.

GUY DURIS sitar, electric oud, vcls A
BRUNO GIET electric minitar, vcls A
FARSHID GOLESORKHI electric melodica, dumbek, tympani, vcls A

1(A) ORIENT EXPRESS (Mainstream S/6117) 1969
NB: (1) counterfeited on vinyl in the late eighties and on CD (Head 2796) 199?.

Originally from Europe this band moved to the States. Guy Duris was actually born on the Left Bank and later met Golesorkhi, who had been decorated by the Shah of Iran for his drumming and was interested in applying Eastern rhythms to Western music, in Iran. They met Bruno Giet, a Belgian pilot and guitarist, in Paris while travelling around Europe. Soon the three members headed for America and settled in New York's East Village initially but ended up in California where their album was recorded. It's powerful Eastern-influenced psychedelia similar to Kaleidoscope.

Particularly fine examples of their marriage of Eastern and Western music are Train To Bombay and For A Moment. This album is highly recommended. They did not release any singles on Mainstream.
This act should not be confused with Liz Damon's Orient Express, who were from Hawaii and played cabaret music. They issued one album Liz Damon And The Orient Express (Anthem) 1970, and at least three singles: Loneliness Remembers/Quiet Sound (Anthem 51005) 1970, All In All/Walking Backwards Down The Road (Anthem 51006) 1970, and 1900 Yesterday/You're Falling In Love (White Whale ).
Fuzz Acid & Flowers

01.Fruit of the dessert
02.Dance for me
04.Bird of India
05.Train to Bombat
06.Caravan of silk
08.For a moment
09.Impulse(42 Drums)
10.A little star
11.Cobra fever


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