Friday, May 16, 2008

The Jacks - Vacant World (1968)

Και αφού ξεκινήσαμε Γαλλικά ας τελειώσουμε Ιαπωνικά. Οι The Jacks θεωρήθηκαν ένα πετυχημένο ψυχεδελικό συγκρότημα στην πατρίδα τους, με καλύτερο δίσκο τους τον πρώτο που βλέπουμε. Προσωπικά δεν έχω ακούσει και κανένα από τους υπόλοιπους που έβγαλαν για να μπορώ να κρίνω. Εκτιμώ ότι είχαν ταλέντο διότι μουσικά είναι σε πολύ καλό επίπεδο ωστόσο εμένα η γλώσσα με ξενίζει αρκετά. Αν κάποιοι «ειδικοί» λένε ότι η Ελληνική γλώσσα δεν ταιριάζει με το ροκ (διαφωνώ κάθετα διότι δεν είναι δυνατόν η πιο εύηχη γλώσσα του κόσμου να μην ταιριάζει), τι θα λέγανε για τα Γιαπωνέζικα?

The Jacks were a 1960s Japanese psychedelic rock group who released their most well known studio album Vacant World (or 'No Sekai' in Japanese) in 1968. The Jacks, originally known as Nightingale, began their career in 1966 as a folk trio. After jazz drummer Takasuke Kida joined the group they headed into a new musical direction. Though internationally obscure, the group was successful in Japan. Vacant World, which yielded the hit single 'Marianne', is widely seen as one of the most important Japanese rock albums of the era. The song 'Vacant World' (or 'Karappo no Sekai' in Japanese) was famously banned from Japanese airwaves due to lyrical content. The Jacks' musical legacy has carried on in Japan despite the fact that their career was quite short, disbanding shortly after the release of their second studio album Super Session (or 'No Kiseki' in Japanese).

Vacant World ('No Sekai' in Japanese) released in 1968, is the first album released by the 1960s Japanese rock band the Jacks. It is generally seen as a high mark for the band and an early classic amongst the 1960s & 1970s Japanese psychedelic rock movement that followed. During the late '60s, the album enjoyed success within Japan. It is currently in print by Toshiba/EMI and available internationally by import only.

Yoshio Hayakawa – vocals, rhythm guitar
Haruo Mizuhashi – lead guitar, vocals
Hitoshi Tanino – Fender bass, upright bass
Takasuke Kida – drums, flute, vibraphone

1. "Marianne" - 5:20
2. "Stop the Clock" - 4:16
3. "Vacant World" - 4:57
4. "In the Broken Mirror" - 3:23
5. "Gloomy Flower" - 3:20
6. "Love Generation" - 3:36
7. "Hara-Manji" - 2:29
8. "Where?" - 3:10
9. "Love" - 4:23
10. "500 Miles from the Sky" - 3:02

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