Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Electric Banana – Blows Your Mind (1967)

Οι Pretty Things κάτω από το όνομα The Electric Banana κυκλοφόρησαν διάφορα Lp το πρώτο εκ των οποίων είναι αυτό ή μάλλον περιεχόμενα από τα Lp ως Electric Banana

In their later days they turned to the sideline of supplying music for film soundtracks, under the name Electric Banana. Their first album, a 10" Electric Banana (de Wolfe DW/LP 3040) recorded in early '67, featured five songs, with various instrumental and vocal variations, and all of which featured brass accompaniment by Tilsley Orchestral. Two of the tracks, Cause I'm A Man Free Love were supplied by a resident songwriter at De Wolfe, but the remaining three songs, If I Needed Somebody, Walking Down The Street and Danger Signs were group compositions. By late '67 they'd also completed a second album More Electric Banana (de Wolfe DW/LP 3069), which included Street Girl, Love Dance and Sing, I See You, A Thousand Ages From The Sun, I Love You and Grey Skies. This last track was included in the Hammer film The Haunted House Of Horror.

Other recordings under the Electric Banana personna include Eagles Son, Alexander and Blow Your Mind - all are excellent. These date from 1968, and were originally released on Even More Electric Banana (de Wolfe DW/LP 3123), along with What's Good For The Goose, Rave-Up and the epic It'll Never Be Me. This third album was recorded for Norman Wisdom's What's Good For The Goose film, in which they also appeared. Collectors, need not fret too much however, as all the material featured on these three albums have now been compiled on The Electric Banana Blows Your Mind (Tenth Planet TP031) 1997, which also includes detailed sleeve notes. Finally the last two Electric Banana albums, recorded in 1973 and 1978 featured harder rock material...


1. Alexander
2. It'll Never Be Me
3. I Love You
4. Gray Skies
5. What's Good For The Goose
6. If I Needed Somebody
7. Street Girl
8. Blow Your Mind
9. Eagle's Son
10. I See You
11. Love, Dance And Sing
12. Danger Signs
13. Walking Down The Street
14. A Thousand Ages From The Sun
15. Rave Up


jeanbernardfrance said...

It will be good to listen these tracks again.As I read somewhere the tracks on the cd are the songs from the 3 first" electric banana" albums;all other tracks on the albums were intrumentals.

Mark said...

My brother has the first 2 Electric Banana albums, and yes you're quite right. Those tracks on the CD are from the albums' A-sides. The B-sides were instrumentals of the same tracks. Be nice to have those B-sides on CD as well actually, as some of them worked very well as instrumentals, as I recall...