Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Jim Morrison Seance Tapes

Via a medium, stoner college jam band We’re Late For Class performed a 14 minute improvisational space jam along with the disembodied voice of Jim Morrison, the late singer of The Doors.“Why not!?,” said a We’re Late For Class spokesman. “It's cheaper than a living singer, what with classified ads, lodging and alcohol... and besides, you know how lead singers are to deal with.”It’s entitled The Jim Morrison Seance Tapes and is their 30th.
It’s available for free at the band’s blog,“So you don't think this is just something we slapped together with old recordings and ProTools... (you can hear) the engineer ask Jim for the ‘post-death stuff... the stuff without copyrights,’” the spokesman persisted. “In the end,” he said, ”it went smoother than our Screamin' Jay Hawkins seance.”The free download also includes a 14 minute instrumental version for those that don’t buy the


RickK said...

I don't understand why this release was posted on so many sites at once. One or two would have been sufficient. This smacks of desparation and really puts me off. sorry, I had to vent.

psych-Spaniolos said...

Perhaps you are right. As you so they please me to do a post so there wasn't problem for me.

We're Late For Class said...

Hey Psych,
Thanks for the support. We really appreciate the plug.
All the best,

For rickk,
The reason it's on so many blogs at once is because we just released it and we are promoting it. It's a time honored tradition. We just didn't realize promoting one's free music smacked of "desparation," as you've put it. Since we're not signed and don't have record company money, we're just trying to get the word out the best we can. We're a blog band... so we share with other bloggers.

We give all our music away (this is our 30th release). As in FREE! Not even any downloading guilt. Been doing it for awhile now. And we think this one wound up on so many blogs for two reasons...

1) We asked. And...
2) We'd like to think that bloggers who are (how should we say this) sharing the well known music of others, kind of LIKE the idea of helping artists (us, in this case) who aren't in it for the bucks. We just like to make music and give it away. We are a band that is TOTALLY into the spirit of blogging because we do it ourselves.

So maybe... guys like psych, who see that we are doing all this ONLY for the love of music and sharing, think "why not give them a little space?"

We only hope psych, and other bloggers like him, don't take your comment too much to heart. Because they could STOP promoting new bands that don't have many other avenues. You don't really advocate that, do you?

When you give your music away... you're automatically outside the system. Blogs and bloggers ARE OUR system. And we're mighty happy that they choosen to devote a fraction of their space to us, instead of yet another, already well-promoted U2 or Hold Steady.

Just out of curiosity...

We're you put off by us because of the music? The concept? Or just because you saw it on maybe a dozen blogs? You say "one or two would have been sufficient," which would be true if EVERYBODY visited the same two blogs. But, they don't!

Question: Can you name or did you see any of our previous 29 releases? If not... then you know why we're trying to promote it outside just our blog and asking guys like psych for help.

And finally... have you considered giving us a listen to see WHY we are being posted on all these blogs? It's kind of the purpose in the first place.

There's also a 3rd possible reason we're getting posted in other places, though we can't allow ourselves to modestly think it. MAYBE... some of the bloggers actually like it. When we promoted our first release a year ago, it was not mentioned anywhere. The next time we tried, on our 20th release, we got picked up in a number of places. Now... promoting our 30th, we're getting noticed even more (thanks to all). We're sure that a lot of that is simply the fact that bloggers are starting to recognize our name and see, after 30 posts, that maybe we're serious about what we're doing. Maybe they even like it. Maybe... they're just being nice because we asked. We're not sure.

And, so you don't think we're just publicity sluts. We didn't even try to promote numbers 2 thru 19 or numbers 21 thru 29 on ANY other blogs. Lucky for us... a few bloggers took it upon themselves to promote us even though we didn't ask. How's that for the spirit of giving and sharing?

But "venting" about our release being on other blogs confuses us. Maybe you could help explain. If that's all it takes to put people off, do you think we should just shut up and HOPE people find our blog? Which, we can tell you already... very few do... unless we promote it.

Hope that helps and thanks once again to psych for giving some no-names some space.