Monday, July 21, 2008

The Sunshine Company - Happy Is The Sunshine Company (1967)

MAURICE MANSEAU vcls, keyb'ds, gtr A B
DOUGLAS MARK gtr, violin, vcls A B
MARY NANCE vcls, perc A B
LARRY SIMS gtr, vcls A B

1(A) HAPPY IS THE SUNSHINE COMPANY (Imperial 12359) 1967 126
2(A) SUNSHINE COMPANY (Imperial 12368) 1968
3(B) SUNSHINE AND SHADOWS (Imperial 12399) 1968
NB: There's also a compilation The Sunshine Company (Rev-Ola CREV 061CD).

1 Up Up And Away/Blue May (unreleased) (Imperial 66241) 1967
2 Happy/Blue May (Imperial 66247) 1967 50
3 Back On The Street Again/I Just Want To Be Your Friend (Imperial 66260) 1967 36
4 It's Sunday/Reflections On An Angel (unreleased) (Imperial 66278) 1968 -
5 Look Here Comes The Sun/It's Sunday (Imperial 66280) 1968 56
6 Let's Get Together/Sunday Brought The Rain (Imperial 66298) 1968 112
7 On A Beautiful Day/Darcy Farrow (Imperial 66308) 1968 106
8 Willie Jean/Love Poem (Imperial 66324) 1968 111
9 Only Thing That Matters/Bolero (Imperial 66399) 1969

This Los Angeles-based harmony pop group's music was characterised by happy harmonies. They enjoyed some minor chart successes including Back On The Streets Again and Happy.
Produced by Joe Saraceno and arranged by George Tipton, their third album offered 14 tracks including covers of Chet Powers's Let's Get Together and Hoyt Axton's Willie Jean and On A Beautiful Day, a song penned by Gene Stashuk before he formed The Unspoken Word. Larry Sims and Maury Manseau wrote most of their original material.
They won't be of interest to garage and psych fans though.
Doug Mark had earlier recorded one 45 with The Grains Of Sand, whilst Merle Brigante and Larry Sims went on to form Loggins and Messina's rhythm section. Dave Hodgkins' next venture was Red Eye.
Compilation appearances include: Back On The Street Again on Nuggets, Vol. 10 (LP) and Even More Nuggets (CD); Happy on Nuggets, Vol. 11 (LP).
(Vernon Joynson/Stephane Rebeschini/Gary Myers)

1.Children Could Help Us Find The Way
2.Up,Up And Away
3.I Need You
4.Just Beyond Your Smile
5.I Just Want To Be Your Friend
6.Four In The Mornin'
7.Warm In My Heart
8.A Year In Jaine Time
10.Love Is A Happy Thing
11.Back On The Street Again


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