Saturday, July 05, 2008

Purple Overdose - Indigo (1990)

The bands sophmore album - Indigo - was released in 1990, again on Pegasus Records and sporting a Salvadore Dali painting on the cover. Still a quartet, joining Constantinou and Triantaphilopoulos were two new members: Andreas Andriopoulos on bass and Aris Kontoangelos on keyboards. Better production, a fuller sound, and rife with progressive rock influences, Indigo showcases a band that had clearly developed and matured in both composition and musicianship in the two years since Exit #4.

A much welcome element of Indigo is the inclusion of more instrumental passages and even an entire instrumental track in the form of "Suite For A Sunshine Day". One of the more prog rock oriented songs on the album, the music moves through multiple themes, touching on bits of trippy jazz and includes some organ sounds that will make fans of late 60's/early 70's prog-psych drool. "Moonlight Sunshine" is a floating psychedelic song with dancey, almost tribal rhythms and includes a beautiful singing guitar solo. "Cosmic Ladder" is a sweeping mildly acidic song with yet another seductive guitar solo from Costas and mind-bending organ from Aris. "Golden Eyes" is a standout song being an easy-paced journey with shimmering guitar blasts and slow cosmic solos.

The music reaches subtle levels of intensity but gently cradles the listener at all times. "Rain Without Storm" is another flowing prog-psych song with a Renaissance sound and flute embellishment from guest Tolis Labouris. "White Colours" is an excellent song that sets a psychedelic Beat jazzy groove lead by the organ and another flute contribution from Labouris. Finally, "(shady reflections at the) Magic Forest" features more Renaissance influences including violin and harpsichord. The band then take off into one of the heaviest rockin jams on the album that closes the set on ultra high note.

1. Moonlight Sunshine
2. Cosmic Ladder
3. Suite For A Sunshine Day
4. Rain Without Storm
5. White Colours
6. (shady reflections at the) Magic Forest


dreams-dxt said...

no comments for this great album... dead link also... it deserves a better future here... thnx!

Anonymous said...

Μπορείς σε παρακαλώ να ανεβάσεις ξανά το Indigo?

Ανδρέας Βαραγγούλης said...

Μπορείς σε παρακαλώ να το ξανανεβάσεις;

Anonymous said...

Can you please re-post the lp Purple Overdose - Indigo please. I cannot find this great lp anywhere. Please