Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Pretty Things - Get The Picture (1965)

Get The Picture is a logical follow-up for the debut, although this time without the possibly highly necessary hit singles.They were allowed a magnificent four days to record this 2nd album. The sound is therefore more polished (guitars), and here and there influences of The Beatles can be detected. There are lots of backing vocals and the scratchy sound of the first album has disappeared. The fruits of their new familiarity with the studio can be heard on a track like "Can't Stand The Pain": echoey and atmospheric, it's ultra-sophisticated by early Pretties standards, conceived directly for recording, rather than adapted from the live set. After the bruising blues-rock of their first efforts, "Get The Picture" displays the beginnings of stylistic diversity. Taylor's "London Town" has a quasi-folk feel to it, perhaps, but the biggest new influence was soul music. Even so, as their current producer/manager Mark St John observers: "Nobody worried much about production then. These first couple of albums are real attacking, monster records. You can hear exactly what was happening, because there was no way to mask anything".

1. You Don't Believe Me
2. Buzz the Jerk
3. Get the Picture?
4. Can't Stand the Pain
5. Rainin' in My Heart
6. We'll Play House
7. You'll Never Do It Baby
8. I Had a Dream
9. I Want Your Love
10. London Town
11. Cry to Me
12. Gonna Find a Substitute
13. Get a Buzz
14. Sittin' All Alone
15. Midnight to Six Man
16. Me Needing You
17. Come See Me
18. L.S.D.

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