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The Creation - How Does It Feel To Feel

Περνάμε στο Βρετανικό νησί για να ακούσουμε μία έκδοση της πανέμορφης εταιρείας (πολλές καλές ανατυπώσεις) EDSEL (ED 106) από τους Creation που κόστισε τότε μόνο 1780 δραχμούλες. Κυκλοφορεί βέβαια και το We Are The Paintermen με bonus κομμάτια, ωστόσο αυτό το δισκάκι περιέχει το The Girls Are Naked που δεν είναι στο δίσκο. Συνεπώς αξίζει να «αποκτηθεί» ώστε να υπάρχουν τα «άπαντα».
Ας βάλετε στο μυαλό σας τους Who, τους Kinks και τους Small Faces θα καταλάβετε τι εστί The Creation.

BOB GARNER bs, vcls A B C

ALBUMS: 1(A) WE ARE PAINTERMEN (Hit-ton 340037) 1967 R4
2 BEST OF (Pop-Schallplatten 101678) 1968 R3

NB: (1) and (2) German only releases. (1) was reissued in 1982 (OutLine OLLP 5234 AS). A companion volume of their non-LP cuts and rarities entitled The Rest Of The Creation (Outline OLLP 5242 AS), collected together most of their other recordings using a similar cover to (2). Other compilations have included: Creation '66-'67(Charisma CS 8) 1973 R1; The Mark Four/The Creation (Eva 12005) 1983; How Does It Feel To Feel (Edsel ED 106) 1983, later reissued on CD (Edsel EDCD 106) 1990 with four extra cuts; Painter Man (Edsel NESTCD 904) 1993 - a mini-CD which duplicates much of the superior How Does It Feel To Feel compilation. Finally there's Creation - The Complete Collection, Vol. 1 (Making Time) (Retroactive RECD 9002) 1998 and Creation - The Complete Collection, Vol. 2 (Biff Bang Pow) (Retroactive RECD 9003) 1998 which collect together all the existing Creation recordings from the '60s, including rare stereo mixes, previously unreleased and live material.

45s:1 Making Time/Try And Stop Me (Planet PLF 116) 1966
2 Painter Man/Biff Bang Pow (Planet PLF 119) 1966
3 If I Stay Too Long/Nightmares (Polydor 56177) 1967 -
4 Through My Eyes/Life Is Just Beginning (Polydor 56207) 1967 -
5 How Does It Feel To Feel/Tom Tom (Polydor 56230) 1968 -
6 Midway Down/The Girls Are Naked (Polydor 56246) 1968 -

Reissue 45s:
7 Making Time/Painter Man (Charisma CB 213) 1973 -
8 Making Time/Painter Man (PS) (Raw RAW 4) 1977 -
9 Making Time/Uncle Bert (PS) (Edsel E 5006) 1984 -

This group evolved out of The Mark Four, which featured Phillips, Pickett and Jones, with John Dalton on bass. The Mark Four recorded four singles, which are now very sought-after, primarily because they were the first recordings by this personnel. When Dalton departed to join The Kinks, Bob Garner joined from Tony Sheridan's Band as a replacement.
The group then changed their name to The Creation and had two minor UK hits with Making Time, which reached No 49 in July 1966 and Painter Man, a No 36 in November 1966. Both featured fine guitar work from Phillips who was the first musician to use a violin bow on his guitar. Both were reissued on a double-sided single in 1973 and 1977. They appeared at the 14-Hour Technicolour Dream in London's Alexander Palace in May '67.
Kenny Pickett now left the group for a while. Bob Garner took over on vocals and Kim Gardner (from The Birds) came in on bass.
After Planet folded they switched to Polydor for whom they released four further singles. All of The Creation's singles are sought-after.
The Creation made far more impact on the Continent, where two albums were issued, than in the UK. Both albums are good, containing many of their singles and other strong material such as Hey Joe, Nightmares and Can I Join Your Band?:-
'Can I join your bandI'm a hippy guyAlways stonedAnd eight miles high'(from Can I Join Your Band?)
In 1968, Ronnie Wood (later of The Faces and Rolling Stones) replaced Phillips on guitar, although later that year the whole group disintegrated. They made a further single, For All That I Am/Uncle Bert, which was not released in Britain, before splitting in the Summer of 1968. Both of their Continental albums are extremely rare, particularly copies of We Are Paintermen. However, for the less affluent, there have been a number of compilations, and any of these will serve as a good introduction to the band.
The Creation were rather special and this explains collectors' interest in them. They were innovative and talented. Pickett's vocals were powerful, Phillips' guitar work was inventive and they composed some excellent songs. They were a theatrical live attraction, too, Pickett often sprayed aerosol paint onto a white screen and burnt it. It is surprising that the success they achieved on the Continent eluded them here - perhaps they spent too little time in the UK.
After they split, Kenny Pickett co-wrote Clive Dunn's 1970 No 1 Grandad! and was a roadie for Led Zeppelin. Gardner later became part of Ashton, Gardner and Dyke who had a 1971 hit with Resurrection Shuffle.
The Creation reformed in May 1987 and issued a single, A Spirit Of Love, backed by an update of their sixties hit, Making Time. They reformed again in the nineties (line-up Bob Garner, Eddie Phillips, Kenny Pickett and Jack Jones) issuing a live album, Lay The Ghost (Cohesion COCRE 1) 1993, which captures their excellent re-union gig at London's Mean Fiddler venue that year. The CD package comes in an LP-sized sleeve, with a pop-art poster and detailed liner notes by Kenny Pickett. The band also recorded a single Creation, in 1994 and started recording an album of new studio material in 1995. They've also did some further gigs and had a BBC Radio One session on 'The Mark Radcliffe Show'.
Sadly, Kenny Pickett, the band's much loved singer and principal songwriter died on 10th January, 1997.
Compilation appearances have included: Painter Man and That's How Strong My Love Is (both live from German TV) on Made In England, Vol. 1 (CD); Making Time on Psychedelic Visions (CD); That's How Strong My Love Is (live on German TV) on Sound Of The Sixties (Dble LP) and Sixties Archive Vol. 1 (CD); Sweet Helen (prev. unreleased) on Artefacts From The Psychedelic Dungeon (CD); Making Time, Try And Stop Me, Painter Man and Biff Bang Pow on The Best Of Planet Records (CD).
(Vernon Joynson / Wolfgang Duringer)

1. How Does It Feel to Feel
2. Life Is Just Beginning
3. Through My Eyes
4. Ostrich Man
5. I Am the Walker
6. Tom Tom
7. The Girls Are Naked
8. Painter Man
9. Try And Stop Me
10. Biff Bang Pow
11. Making Time
12. Coll Jerk
13. For All That I Am
14. Nightmares
15. Midway Down
16. Can I Join Your Band


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