Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tudor Lodge - Tudor Lodge (1970)

Ενόψει η δεύτερη επίσημη και πολύ προσεγμένη επανέκδοση (η πρώτη ήταν το 88 από Zap) του μοναδικού Lp των Tudor Lodge το 1990, από την Repertoire (RR 2064-LX) την οποία γενικά βλέπω να παραλείπεται στις δισκογραφίες του group.
Εκτιμώ πως όσοι ακούν και τους αρέσει folk είναι αδύνατον να μην έχουν ακούσει τον συγκεκριμένο δίσκο. Είναι στην κυριολεξία πανέμορφος. Μία γλυκύτατη και συνάμα ονειρική δημιουργία, η οποία παίρνει αυτά τα χαρακτηριστικά λόγω των εξαιρετικών γυναικείων φωνητικών αλλά και του φλάουτου που δένει απόλυτα αρμονικά.
Όσοι φίλοι δεν έχουν ακούσει το δίσκο ας μπουν στον κόπο να το κανουν.

ANN STEUART gtr, piano, vcls, flute A

1(A) TUDOR LODGE (Vertigo 6360 043) 1970 R3

NB: (1) reissued on Zap! (ZAP 4) in 1988; and on CD (Red Bus RR 4064-CX) 1990 and on Repertoire (REP 4064-WP) 1991. Recently, three new CD's have been released by the band. It All Comes Back (Scenescof SCOFD 1005) 1998, is a collection of previously unissued recordings from 1970 - 97, including their 1971 non-LP 'B' side. A reformed band have also released Let's Talk (Cast Iron CIRCD 010) 1998, and Dream ( ) 1999.

1 The Lady's Changing Home/The Good Times We Had (Vertigo 6059 044) 1970

A progressive folk-influenced trio whose album is now very rare and sought-after. They were named after a Reading pub and became a popular folk attraction, appearing at the 1971 Cambridge Folk Festival.
The album sleeve folds out into a striking poster. The 'A' side of their 45 was one of the better tracks from the album. The flip side was a not on the album making the 45 of interest too.
The group's vocalist was born in the States. The material on the album is rather delicate and whimsical. It contains nice vocal harmonies and its finer moments include a version of Ralph McTell's Kew Gardens, John Stannard's It All Comes Back To Me, Lyndon Green's Recollections, the traditional instrumental Madeline, as well as the opening cut, Willow Tree, a fine slice of acid-folk which captures Stewart's vocals at their best. This last-mentioned track was also included on Vertigo's 1971 Heads Together, First Round compilation.


It All Comes Back To Me (Stannard)
Would Yoy Beleive (Stannard)
Recollection (Green)
Two Steps Back (Steuart)
Help Me Find Myself (Stannard)
Nobody’s Listening (Stannard)
Willow Tree (Green/Stannard/Steuart)
Forest (Green)
I See A Man (Stannard)
The Lady’s Changing Home (Green/Stannard)
Madeline (Green)
Kew Gardens (Ralph McTell)


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Τέλειος δίσκος όντως...Τον έχεις βλέπω από vertigo κιόλας. Εύγε!

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beautiful of my favourites!