Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Fredric - Phases And Faces (1968)

Ένα ευχάριστο άκουσμα μας προσφέρουν οι Fredric στο μοναδικό έργο τους που κυκλοφόρησε πριν 40 χρόνια. Μπορεί να μην είναι ΤΟ συνταρακτικό Lp, εντούτοις σε τραβάει να το ακούσεις μέχρι το τέλος αφού περιέχει όμορφες συνθέσεις σε γενικά soft-pop ρυθμούς με κάποιες ψυχεδελικές αποχρώσεις. Το «γενικά» κολλάει στο γεγονός ότι υπάρχουν και λίγες συνθέσεις σε πιο δυνατό τέμπο, εξίσου όμως ευχάριστες. Τα κομμάτια που ακούγονται ευχάριστα είναι αρκετά όπως το The Girl I Love ή το All About Judi ή το γλυκήτατο Red Pier.
Απορίας άξιον αποτελεί το γεγονός που βρήκε η Arf! Arf! το 17ο κομμάτι που αναγράφει στο οπισθόφυλλο του cd για να μας το πει και μας. Σύνθεση με το όνομα Country δεν υφίσταται μέχρι στιγμής.

RON BERA keyb'ds, trumpet, horn A
DAVE IDEMA drms, clawes, bongos A
JOE McCARGAR vcls, perc A
STEVE THRALL gtr, melodica, sitar, olivefte A

1(A) PHASES AND FACES (Forte 80461) 1968
NB: (1) has been repressed and issued on CD with bonus tracks (Arf! Arf! AA 061) 1996.

1 5 O'Clock Traffic/Red Pier (Evolution 1001) 1968
2 5 O'Clock Traffic/Red Pier (Forte 3001) 1968

Pleasant minor league soft pop-rock with some psychy moments. From Grand Rapids, Michigan, this outfit would evolve into Rock Garden (who cut one 45 - Johnny's Music Machine/Love Is A Good Foundation on (Capitol 2806) 1970) then Garden (The Winds Of South Chicago/The First Day Of My Life (Capitol 2919) 1970). Both these 45s are best avoided.
Lead vocalist Joe McCargar and guitarist Bob Geis were high school mates playing in a local band. When their existing drummer and guitarist quit, shortly before a gig, they drafted in Steve Thrall, with whom they immediately struck up an accord. In the days that followed, David Idema - a family friend - and Ron Bera were added, and the band began to rehearse extensively.
They soon caught the eye of a booking agent, who got them a support slot for U.K. duo Harper and Rowe, who were doing a U.S. promotional tour. Harper and Rowe, didn't want to be upstaged by a local support, so the band changed their name to The Fredric on their way to the first gig in Fredric, Michigan. They soon developed a good local reputation, and opened shows for The Box Tops, Tommy James and The Shondells, and Yellow Balloon amongst others.
The oft-hyped-as-a psych-megabuck-rarity LP has seen a boot reissue, but even better is the Arf! Arf! CD reissue, which includes the non-LP Five O'Clock Traffic plus three cuts recorded for an aborted second album.
It should be said that, while the LP may not blow your mind, the music is of a consistently high quality throughout.
Compilation appearances have included: Federal Reserve Bank Blues on The Arf! Arf! Blitzkrieg 32 Track Sampler (Dble CD); Five O'Clock Traffic on Echoes In Time Vol's 1 & 2 (CD), Echoes In Time, Vol. 2 (LP), Filling The Gap (4-LP) and Gathering Of The Tribe (CD).
(Max Waller).

1. Federal Reserve Bank Blues
2. Girl I Love, The
3. All About Judi
4. Henry Adams
5. Morning Sunshine
6. Taggin'
7. Cousin Mary Knows
8. My Yellow Tree
9. Red Pier
10. Old Fashioned Guy
11. Born in Fire
12. Saturday Morning With Rain
13. Five O'Clock Traffic
14. Postmarks
15. Bob's Songs
16. Lori Lee Loveland



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Can you please re-post this one whenever you get the chance? Have heard such great things about it and would love to give it a listen! Thanks so much and God bless you for sharing the music.


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Anonymous said...

I thought there was a 1980s comp LP (or two, there were two volumes) of GR bands that included Frederic, but it wasn't among those named here and I cannot recall the comp title. By the way, the GR psych-style comps are really, really worth searching out.