Saturday, April 26, 2008


It’s Easter time for the all the Orthodoxies

See you again on Monday


jeanbernardfrance said...

Happy Easter to you.For us it was a month ago and all chocolates are eaten ,so when I see your beautiful egg,miam,miam.But it's tea time...

Heavypsychman said...

Happy Easter to you

Best to you and your blog

Haris said...

Καλή ανάσταση και καλό Πάσχα σε εσένα και την οικογένειά σου.

Anonymous said...

1)Happy Easter to you and yours.
2)thank you for sharing your GREAT LP Collection with us -- i was buying as much psych in the 60s as i could find -- i can't comprehend the volume of LPs i missed -- and i was buying in nyc -- i coulda bought a dozen beatle butcher cover LPs @ $2.50, but the albums had water bubbles from being soaked -- and, they were STEREO -- and i was crusin' with MONO -- so much for b~a~d trips. at any rate, i personally appreciate your labor and vinyl.
3)some of your writings are just plain "Greek to me" -- i don't know if that translates properly to you -- which leads me into
4)a Greek tragedy has occurred, or at the very least, a Greek Mystery ! "Lost-in-tyme" blog has DISAPPEARED, replaced by a sparse site -- balık hafızası --with just a few Greek words -- perhaps you can investigate/translate the problem for us all -- i sure hope e/t is ok, though it seems ominous. i saw janisfarm.blogspot was a contributor on that site -- her site is open but inactive. Lost had a large and ambitious site -- i hope that he is not under dmca or riaa attack -- if so, we're all vulnerable. best regards from the states -- Another Anonymous Weasel

psych-Spaniolos said...

I dont know what happend with Lost In Tyme blog. All i can see is some turkish words not Greeks.
But you can try it this way

Thursday, April 24, 2008
Lost-In-Tyme Updates

Hallo All !!!

Since blogger delete (without warning) the 3 working pages of Lost-In-Tyme plus my account...we're trying to find a better place to host our posts...

The first part is the "100 Mirrors project" (we working on it when is possible)...and the second part is to find another host (we working also on some projects)

We need from you to have patience and give us some time before we start making new posts regularly...

You can send invitations for "Mirror blogs" to the known e-mails...

step 1 :
create a blog > settings > permissions > add authors
step 2 :
settings > permissions > grand admin privileges
*even if you have done this, please check one more time your permissions page....

Thank you all for the Support !

psych-Spaniolos said...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008
It's all about peace, love and sharing (and fighting if needed) - The 100 Mirrors project

Three months ago, we got warnings from Blogger and we decided to hide the blog(s) for a while. After a short break, we went back in business. Apparently, this made some people unhappy, and, although our posts were very carefully selected (and some of them were in fact donated by the artists themselves), these people continued to sent complaints to Blogger. The result was that Blogger deleted the Lost In Tyme main page (or garage/psych/folk etc).

We will continue. The music posted there is too rare and too good to let it vanish. Anyone, who has visited Lost In Tyme more than once, knows that our only motive is our love for music. We are not seeking money or fame or anything else (except for a comment now and then). We just want to let the music we love be heard from more and more people.

We had many messages from our visitors/friends: it is clear that you also want Lost In Tyme to continue.

To keep Lost in Tyme alive, we need your help, now.

You don't have to do much: all we're asking from you is to make a google account (if you don't have one) and to create a blog - don't worry it's the most easy thing to do: just chose a name and an url and that's it!. Then you'll have to invite one of us (Rainy Day Sponge's e-mail: or Lost In Tyme's e-mail: to contribute in your blog and after your invitation is accepted, to give him administrator rights (so he could post and fix the layout of the blog). That's all! A few hours later the blog you created would be an exact mirror of the Lost In Tyme blog, containing all the posts of Lost In Tyme from its very start till 3.31.2008.
Note that you don't have to do nothing more - it doesn't need maintenance, and the comments will be deactivated. Just create the blog, let us post the LiT archive and leave it be.

We call this the 100 Mirrors project. What we have in mind is this: If we have 100 mirror blogs, nobody would think about delete anything.
We will post the links of the mirror blogs here, so anyone who's looking for something posted in Lost In Tyme, would easily find it.
This way the music posted in LiT will continue to be available.

This way we will go on - together.

Lost-In-Tyme team.

Edit - several hours later
We already have 11 mirrors up and running! More are on the way! You can see them at the sidebar on the right, under the title 100 Mirrors. We will update the list, as more blogs are ready.
A big thank you and we're waiting for more invitations.

P.S. A note for our friends who send invitations: if you don't want to give us administrator permission, please take a look at the posts. There will be a draft post in there with instructions for the layout (the background should be rather dark) and the number of posts per page (it should be 1 only). Thank you.

100 Mirrors continues
Seems there were some problems opening/viewing the mirrors, due to the huge posts. We're working on it. Most blogs on the 100 Mirrors list should open fairly easy now.
We have to repeat our request to the fellow bloggers (who didn't give us administrator rights) to change the number of posts per page to 1 (path: settings/formatting/show)

Rochacrimson said...

Happy Easter to you and Dj-Kit and DJ-Janis!

Rochacrimson said...

Sorry not DJ-Janis but DJ-Fanis!