Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nick Drake - Pink Moon (1972)

Ο παρουσία του Nick στο blog συνδέεται από το γεγονός πως την Δευτέρα το βράδυ (νομίζω 3 το πρωί), ήρθε κάποιος κύριος στο bar, ρωτώντας τι είναι αυτό που ακούγεται και πως μπορεί να βρει το δίσκο. Έπαιζε το ανεπανάληπτο Things behind the sun. Τον παρέπεμψα εδώ όπου και του υποσχέθηκα να το ανεβάσω.

Το Αγγλικό κείμενο αναφέρει συμπυκνωμένα τα τραγικά γεγονότα που ακολούθησαν το Pink Moon. Προφανώς από μεριά μου είναι παντελώς άχρηστη οποιαδήποτε «κριτική» στο δίσκο. Ποια κριτική δηλαδή, έλεος. Σχολιάζονται κομμάτια σαν το Free Rind?

As he became ill Drake quit London to return to his parents' home. He recovered enough to rent a flat in Muswell Hill to record his third album, Pink Moon. Recorded in just two sessions the album was short and very stark compared to his earlier efforts. It just consists of his vocals, guitar and a piano overdub on one cut. Far less accessible than his earlier two albums it inevitably sold in small quantities and is consequently the hardest of his three albums to find. The songs are full of impending doom and depression, but full of creativity and some of his finest guitar playing. Get to hear From The Morning and Place To Be. Another stunning track was the unnervingly delightful Thing Behind The Sun.

After recording Pink Moon Nick suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalised on a voluntary basis for a few weeks. He had become withdrawn from society and was increasingly difficult to communicate with. He recovered sufficiently to record four tracks for a future album, which he later decided to scrap. He possibly intended to re-record them later, but after a short break in Paris he returned to try out new material but tragically died from an overdose of Tryptizol, which he may well have taken to try and get off to sleep.

(Οι τίτλοι και πάλι παραπέμπουν στους στίχους)
1. Pink moon
3. Road
5. Horn
7. Know

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