Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Head Shop – The Head Shop (1969)

Απίστευτο ε? Και ένας δίσκος που δεν είναι πειρατής. Κάπου κάπου πέφταμε και σε κάτι πιο «νόμιμο» οπότε το αγοράζαμε αβλεπί. Η Νεουρκέζικη αυτή μπάντα έβγαλε μόνο ένα Lp και απότι φαίνεται αγαπούσε τους Beatles. Τελιώνουν την πρώτη πλευρά με το Yesterday και αρχίζουν την 2η με το Revolution. Μην παρασυρθείτε όμως από αυτό αφού το παίξιμό τους κάθε άλλο παρά Beatles θυμίζει. Υπάρχει επίσης και μία πολύ εκτέλεση του γνωστού Sunny του Bobby Hebb. Στο δίσκο πάντως εκτός των άλλων υπάρχει εξαιρετική κιθάρα.

Danny Prosseda, Guitar
Drew Sbordone, Bass
Joe Siano, Vocals
Jesse Luca, Drums, Percussion
Milan, Rhythm Guitars and Screams
Geoff Wright, Hammond/Farfisa Organ, Fuzz Bass (on "Heaven Here We Come" and "I Feel Love Comin' On")
Maxim, Violin Solo (on "Prophecy")
Larry Coryell, Guest Musician, Guitar Solo (on "I Feel Love Comin' On")

1(A) THE HEAD SHOP (Epic BN 26476) 1969
NB: (1) has been reissued on CD.

The above is a most unusual and underrated album which was produced and arranged by Milan. Side one, aside from an interesting version of Sunny, is notable for the intros to all its songs, whilst Side Two is memorable for the invigorating Prophecy and the cosmic ending to the final track Infinity. Original copies of the album are not easy to find, as it's now a minor collectors' item, but the album is recommended.
The band, who are thought to have come from the New York / New York City area, do not appear to have released any 45s.
Compilation appearances have included: Heaven Here We Come on Psychedelic Dream (Dble LP); Prophecy on Psychedelic Visions (CD); and Head Shop on Sixties Archive Vol. 8 (CD).
(Vernon Joynson / Max Waller)


Side 1:
Head Shop (Milan/Maxim/R. Craig), 2:56
Heaven Here We Come (Milan), 2:40
Sunny (Bobby Hebb), 3:11
Listen with a Third Ear (Milan/Maxim), 2:30
Opera in the Year 4000 (Milan), 4:25
Where Have All the People Gone (Milan)
Yesterday (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)

Side 2:
Revolution (John Lennon/Paul McCartney), 2:28
I Feel Love Comin' On (Milan), 6:20
Prophecy (Maxim/Milan), 2:17
Infinity (Milan), 4:45


Heavypsychman said...

Good exploition style Psych with monster fuzz and a experimental vibe.

Anonymous said...

Great and fantastic psych album. Favourite. Thankx for this here.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good Album.I dont know that Gary Wright made this kind of Sound.Many Thanks