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The Lemon Drops - Crystal Pure

Δεν έχω δει να κυκλοφορεί στα πέριξ αυτό το cd με τους The Lemon Drops οπότε καλό είναι να ανέβει. Σημαντικότερο κομμάτι τους το μάλλον γνωστό και πολύ καλό I Live In The Springtime, αρκετά ψυχεδελικοί στο Sometime Ago, πιο garage στο The Theatre Of You Eyes και sunshine στο Paperplane Flyer. Δεν θα τρελαθείτε ακούγοντας τους αλλά πιστεύω ότι δεν θα αδιαφορήσετε μαζί τους. Φωτο από το εξώφυλλο στο νετ δεν βρήκα, οπότε σας έβαλα αυτή από το cd που έχω από την Thunder Bolt του 1995.


1(-) CRYSTAL PURE (Cicadelic CIC 984) 1985
2(-) SECOND ALBUM (Cicadelic CIC 982) 1987
3(-) CRYSTAL PURE (Collectables COL-CD-0517) 199?
NB: (3) is a 24 track CD compilation.

1(B) I Live In The Springtime/Listen Girl (Rembrandt 5009) 1967
NB: I Live In The Springtime was issued on Rembrandt 5009 in two different ways:

The more common issue (if a rare single like this could be considered common) is missing the drums and bass. The lesser seen pressing has the exact same label, but it has the drums and bass and the guitar is further down in the mix. We can only summise that they took the stereo mix and issued the left channel (in mono) on one pressing and the right channel (in mono) on the other pressing. It's not known if the two variations share the same dead wax markings.

This band formed in the Chicago, Illinois suburb of McHenry in 1966. Despite its repetitive lyrics the band's only 45 I Live In The Springtime, has a strong enough melody to suggest that better things could have laid ahead.... but as it turned out, none of their other 1967-68 recording sessions were released on record until the mid-eighties.

Ricky Erickson (ex-The Nuchez) was brought in to do guitar on the 45 after the band's original guitarist (George Sorenson) had quit prior to the recording and I Live In The Springtime did get some airplay in New York. Consequently the Lemon Drops recorded a second 45, the hard rockin' It Happens Everyday backed by a Ricky Erickson composition Alone, at the RCA Studios in Chicago, but it was never released. They then recruited a new 17 year old singer Dick Sidman and began working on an ambitious new project with tablas, flowery harmonies and numerous special effects ran up a studio bill of $1,200 that Reggie Weiss, the owner of Rembrandt Records couldn't pay. Only in 1985 were the master tapes from this session released as Crystal Pure.
In their quest for major label interest the band proceeded to record a live album over two evenings at Weiss' home. They took the tapes to several Hollywood labels but none were interested and losing heart the band actually split in 1968. However, the following month the Weiss family moved to Phoenix, Arizona and by chance played their tape for Buena Vista Productions who offered to put up $250,000 to promote the group. Obviously they were thrilled and the Lemon Drops reformed with just Ricky Erickson missing from the new line-up. They recorded lots of new songs in Chicago's Sound Studios during November and December 1968, but ironically these efforts too proved to be in vain, for the owner of Buena Vista died in his sleep and the deal was cancelled! Devastated the band split up for good.
Gary and Eddie Weiss later formed Watermelon and then Buzzsaw. In 1972 Reggie Weiss, frustrated by their lack of success issued a stereo mix of I Live In The Springtime as Buzzsaw.

Compilation appearances include: I Live In The Springtime on Nuggets Box (4-CD), Psychedelic Patchwork (LP), Pebbles, Vol. 8 (LP) and I Wanna Come Back From The World Of LSD (CD); Talk To The Animals, an unreleased cut with loads of fuzz guitar, on Psychedelic Crown Jewels, Vol. 1 (Dble LP & CD); Listen Girl on Time Won't Change My Mind (LP); Flowers On The Hillside, I Live In The Springtime, Listen Girl, Nobody For Me on Chicago Garage Band Greats (CD); Sometime Ago, My Friend (Theatre Of Your Eyes), Jennifer Ann, Crystal Pure, Maria and (Flower) Dream (demos) on The Cicadelic 60's, Vol. 5 (CD); I Live In The Springtime (unreleased version culminating in a guitar solo), Alone, Jennifer Ann on Chicago Garage Band Greats (LP); It Happens Everyday and I Live In The Springtime on Green Crystal Ties Vol. 9 (CD). Buzzsaw’s version of I Live In The Springtime can also be found on Highs In The Mid-Sixties, Vol. 4 and Pebbles, Vol. 6 (CD).
(Vernon Joynson/Max Waller/Barry Margolis)


1. I Live In The Springtime 3:03
2. It Happens Everyday 2:18
3. Sometime Ago 3:41
4. The Theatre Of You Eyes 3:22
5. Popsicle Girl 5:19
6. Flower Pure 4:00
7. Paperplane Flyer 2:34
8. Talk To The Animals 4:20
9. Fairytales 2:26
10. Hi, How Are You Today! 3:11
11. Alone 1:32
12. Sleeping In Colors 4:55
13. Sometime Ago (Acoustic) 0:22
14. Guinvere 4:02
15. Learn To Fly 2:05
16. Flowers On The Hillside 4:06
17. Flower-Dream 2:41
18. Flower Child Eyes And Arms 2:27
19. My Friend 0:33
20. To The Tower 1:58
21. Death Calls 2:05
22. Saturday Be-In 2:54
23. Love Is A Word 2:42
24. I Like You 2:06

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