Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lost-In-Tyme Updates

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lost-In-Tyme Updates
Hallo All !!!
Since blogger delete (without warning) the 3 working pages of Lost-In-Tyme plus my account...we're trying to find a better place to host our posts...
The first part is the "100 Mirrors project" (we working on it when is possible)...and the second part is to find another host (we working also on some projects)We need from you to have patience and give us some time before we start making new posts regularly...You can send invitations for "Mirror blogs" to the known e-mails...step 1 :create a blog > settings > permissions > add authorsstep 2 :settings > permissions > grand admin privileges*even if you have done this, please check one more time your permissions page....Thank you all for the Support !
the Lost-In-Tyme team

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PaulNZ said...

First thank you for the Far East Family Band second thank for the letting me and other know what happened to Lost In Time and the update on the possible Resurrection of this Blog.

Yours Paul