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Appletree Theatre – Playback (1968)

Οι αυξημένες υποχρεώσεις στο bar αυτές τις μέρες με άφησαν πίσω στο blog. Ώρα 5 το πρωί κλείσαμε και μέχρι να έρθει το χαλάρωμα και η νύστα είπα να ανεβάσω κάτι που είχα έτοιμο εδώ και μέρες.

Από την περίφημη California ξεκίνησαν οι Appletree Theatre που έβγαλαν ένα και μοναδικό αλλά με πολύ ενδιαφέρον δίσκο στην Verve to 68. Ποικιλία ήχων και ιδεών κυριαρχούν όπως αναφέρεται και στο κείμενο παρακάτω από το βιβλίο του Vernon Joynson. Ξεχωρίζω το πολύ καλό κομμάτι You're the Biggest Thing In My Life, για οικονομία χρόνου και μόνο αφού το άλμπουμ περιέχει πανέμορφα κομμάτια. Προτείνω σε όσους δεν το έχουν ακούσει, να δώσουν πολύ προσοχή.

John Boylan A
Terry Boylan A
(Larry Coryell Gtr A)
(Eric Gale Gtr A)
(Herb Lovelle Vcls A)
(Chuck Rainey Bs A)

1(A) PLAYBACK (Verve Forecast 3042) 1968 SC
NB: (1) also issued in the U.K. (Polydor 2353.051).

1 Hightower Square/Who Do You Think I Am (Verve Forecast KF 5071) 1967
2 Lotus Flower/What A Way To Go (Verve Forecast KF 5082) 1968

A studio project spotlighting the talents of brothers John and Terry Boylan (with support from guitarist Larry Coryell and various L.A. sessions players), The Appletree Theatre survived long enough to release one of the year's more interesting collections.

Co-produced by the brothers (Pete Spargo serving as executive producer), 1968's Playback offered up a rather weird concept piece (admittedly the plotline was largely lost on us). Written by the brothers, the collection contains a bizarre collage of interlaced vocal narratives, sound effects, song fragments, balanced by an occasional pop piece (Hightower Square, the bouncy Brother Speed and the trippy You're The Biggest Thing In My Life). One personal favorite is the backward tape instrumental Lotus Flower.

There was no doubt the Boylans' were talented. Anyone doubting this statement need merely check out the collision of musical genres compressed into The Sorry State Of Staying Awake - C&W, blue-eyed soul; they even find time to make mention of LSD! On the other hand, the album was simply to experimental for the normal listener - no matter how strung out they may have been. Hard to adequately describe, imagine The Association having overdosed on bad acid and you might get a rough feel for the set...

John Boylan, who wrote Brother Speed, was also a member of Hamilton Streetcar, and they too recorded the track.

After this project, which was a little ahead of its time, Terry Boylan later made three solo albums in 1969, 1977 and 1980 and John went into management and later became a producer, with Linda Ronstadt and Russ Giguere (who covered his Brother Speed) among his credits.
(Vernon Joynson/Stephane Rebeschini/Kurt Sampsel/Scott Blackerby)

1) In the Beginning (instrumental) (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 0:48
2) Hightower Square (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 2:27
3) Lullaby (instrumental) (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 0:23
4) Saturday Morning (John Boylan - Terry Boylan)- 0:50
5) Nevertheless It was Italy (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 2:16
6) I Wonder If Louise Is Home (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 2:09
7) Chez Louise (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 1:06
8) E-Train (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 0:59
9) Meanwhile (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 0:13
10) Brother Speed (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 3:16
11) You're the Biggest Thing In My Life (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 3:34
12) Don't Blame It On Your Wife (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 2:53
13) The Sorry State of Staying Awake (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 4:05
14) Barefoot Boy (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 3:19
15) Lotus Flower (instrumental) (John Boylan - Terry Boylan)- 2:16
16) What a Way To Go (John Boylan - Terry Boylan) - 2:47


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Can't believe no-one's posted a comment! This is truly a great lost classic album, one of my all-time favorites. Great blog!!!


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never heard of it till (Whispering) bob harris recommended it in the WORD magazine. Sounds intriguing, so will check it out..
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