Monday, March 24, 2008

Bohemian Vendetta - Enough

Ότι μας λείπει από το Lp και το cd παραπάνω είναι εδώ, οπότε είμαστε άρχοντες με κυριλέ cd πλέον (DR 1038). Τις ηχογραφήσεις ως σκέτο Bohemians, τα demo, τα ακυκλοφόρητα, όλα εδώ.

They started life as The Bohemians with the line up as follows: Arthur Muglia(aka Brian Cooke), vocals/organ; Victor Muglia, bass; Randy Pollock, rhythm guitar; Richie Sorrento, drums; Richard Martinez, lead guitar. The name was changed in '66 around the time they recorded their first demo, Like Stoned/Irresistible.

Richard Martinez left to join The Cats Meow (who had a few singles on Decca) and Richie Sorrentino quit. They were replaced by Chuck Monica(drums) and Nick Manzi (guitar) from The Rustics. Three songs were recorded at Ultra-Sonic Studios on Long Island around the fall of '66: How Does It Feel, Enough, Half the Time.

In '67 United Artists released Enough and it got a spot on Dick Clarks 'Rate a Record'. Also in '67, they recorded demos and played various gigs at places like the Action House with bands like The Vagrants and Vanilla Fudge.
They recorded an album for Mainstream in early '68 which took almost a year to be released and got no help from the label.
While waiting for the release of the album, they worked on Faine Jade's Introspection Lp. About this time they called it quits.

Distortion Records released a niffty little album called Enough!. This great package includes the demo versions, unreleased acetates, and their recordings as the Bohemians.

01 - Like Stoned
02 - Irresistible
03 - All Kinds Of Lows & All Kinds Of Highs
04 - I Don´t Go That Way
05 - How Does It Feel
06 - Enough
07 - Half The Time
08 - I Wanna Touch Your Heart
09 - Images
10 - Charity Killjoy
11 - House Of The Rising Sun
12 - Riddles & Fairytales
13 - (She always Gives Me) Pleasure
14 - All Kinds Of High
15 - Satisfaction
16 - Paradox City
17 - Love Can Make Your Mind Go Wild
18 - House Of The Rising Sun
19 - Images (Shadow In The Night)
20 - Deaf Dumb & Blind
21 - I Wanna Touch Your Heart
22 - Riddles & Fairytales (45 Version)

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